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Your Mind & Your Space?

 By Jim Kirwan


It was Yours once - Take it Back!

This article comes from ‘The Guardian’ of Jan 6, 2014

Until the late 19th century much of our city space was owned by private landlords. Squares were gated, streets were controlled by turnpikes. The great unwashed, many of whom had been expelled from the countryside by acts of enclosure, were also excluded from desirable parts of town.

Social reformers and democratic movements tore down the barriers, and public space became a right, not a privilege. But social exclusion follows inequality as night follows day, and now, with little public debate, our city centers are again being privatized or semi-privatized. They are being turned by the companies that run them into soulless, cheerless, pasteurized piazzas, in which plastic policemen harry anyone loitering without intent to shop.

Street life in these places is reduced to a trance-world of consumerism, of conformity and atomization in which nothing unpredictable or disconcerting happens, a world made safe for selling mountains of pointless junk to tranquillized shoppers. Spontaneous gatherings of any other kind ­ unruly, exuberant, open-ended, oppositional ­ are banned. Young, homeless and eccentric people are, in the eyes of those upholding this dead-eyed, sanitized version of public order, guilty until proven innocent.

Now this dreary ethos is creeping into places that are not, ostensibly, owned or controlled by corporations. It is enforced less by gates and barriers (though plenty of these are reappearing) than by legal instruments, used to exclude or control the ever widening class of undesirables.”

This is what’s transpiring in England and since what happens there almost always ends up becoming law here: We should pay close attention to these changes in their laws. The U.S. has lost control over our own freedoms in hundreds of small ways as it is. This insidious-invasion based solely on commercial and political mind-control, backed up by societal-intimidation is totally against the natural world and freedom of thought as well as protected speech. If this comes here, then we will have lost our rights to even have our own opinions or to be able to express anything that is not officially “approved-of” in any area of life in this war-torn nation.

The existing rules are bad enough. Introduced by the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act, antisocial behavior orders (asbos) have criminalized an apparently endless range of activities, subjecting thousands ­ mostly young and poor ­ to bespoke laws. They have been used to enforce a kind of caste prohibition: personalized rules which prevent the untouchables from intruding into the lives of others.

You get an asbo for behaving in a manner deemed by a magistrate as likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to other people. Under this injunction, the proscribed behavior becomes a criminal offence. Asbos have been granted which forbid the carrying of condoms by a prostitute, homeless alcoholics from possessing alcohol in a public place, a soup kitchen from giving food to the poor, a young man from walking down any road other than his own, children from playing football in the street. They were used to ban peaceful protests against the Olympic clearances.

Inevitably, more than half the people subject to asbos break them. As Liberty says, these injunctions "set the young, vulnerable or mentally ill up to fail", and fast-track them into the criminal justice system. They allow the courts to imprison people for offences which are not otherwise imprisonable. One homeless young man was sentenced to five years in jail for begging: an offence for which no custodial sentence exists. Asbos permit the police and courts to create their own laws and their own penal codes.

All this is about to get much worse. On Wednesday the Antisocial Behavior, Crime and Policing Bill reaches its report stage (close to the end of the process) in the House of Lords. It is remarkable how little fuss has been made about it, and how little we know of what is about to hit us.”

In the US we have already allowed this type of invasion under STEATH policies that have slipped-in under corporate-public-private partnerships that violate the very spirit of any truly free-society. In San Francisco we are already on the road to total-control over the population, by private and corporate decrees that quietly keep on changing the right of the people to gather together for any purpose other than commercial-reasons. Political speech, personal-opinions and the sanctity of social-forces that seek to totally control people to the point that virtually nothing which could ever possibly “disturb” another person will ever be allowed in any future circumstance: If these public-private-commercial-corporations get their way.

What made San Francisco a global-destination for people all over the world were the lives and customs of free-spirited people from all walks of life who once lived here. Thanks to then Mayor Feinstein who sold off the daily working life of this city to serve only the transient-tourist industry: San Francisco became just another over-priced resort and since then it’s all been downhill from there. Today San Francisco is over-run by Zionist-parasites and the spinoff rubble left over from a techie-boom that will not last through this year.

Our neighborhoods have been taken over by the nanny-state and the “we know better than you do” crowd, about how we should live our lives in San Francisco. This effort is being led by the corrupted and recently appointed city-government, supported by that totally gutless rag called The San Francisco Examiner; which cannot wait until this place is nothing more than an unattended-bedroom for the mindless fools that are mining the internet for just “A few dollars more”!

The bill also introduces public space protection orders, which can prevent either everybody or particular kinds of people from doing certain things in certain places. It creates new dispersal powers, which can be used by the police to exclude people from an area (there is no size limit), whether or not they have done anything wrong.

While, as a result of a successful legal challenge, asbos can be granted only if a court is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that antisocial behavior took place, ipnas can be granted on the balance of probabilities. Breaching them will not be classed as a criminal offence, but can still carry a custodial sentence: without committing a crime, you can be imprisoned for up to two years. Children, who cannot currently be detained for contempt of court, will be subject to an inspiring new range of punishments for breaking an ipna, including three months in a young offenders' centre.”

The garbage that will no doubt result from such “laws”: In the US we no longer have “laws” because we are bankrupt, we have only “Public-Policies” that don’t have to pass-muster in public elections!

This situation is perfect for the nanny-state and their mindless followers that have never been responsible for a single improvement in the quality-of, or the imagination, needed to keep any real society viable.

Lord Macdonald, formerly the director of public prosecutions, points out that "it is difficult to imagine a broader concept than causing 'nuisance' or 'annoyance'". The phrase is apt to catch a vast range of everyday behaviors to an extent that may have serious implications for the rule of law". Protesters, buskers, preachers: all, he argues, could end up with ipnas.

The Home Office minister, Norman Baker, once a defender of civil liberties, now the architect of the most oppressive bill pushed through any recent parliament, claims that the amendments he offered in December will "reassure people that basic liberties will not be affected". But Liberty describes them as "a little bit of window-dressing: nothing substantial has changed."

The new injunctions and the new dispersal orders create a system in which the authorities can prevent anyone from doing more or less anything. But they won't be deployed against anyone. Advertisers, who cause plenty of nuisance and annoyance, have nothing to fear; nor do opera lovers hogging the pavements of Covent Garden. Annoyance and nuisance are what young people cause; they are inflicted by oddballs, the underclass, those who dispute the claims of power.

These laws will be used to stamp out plurality and difference, to douse the exuberance of youth, to pursue children for the crime of being young and together in a public place, to help turn this nation into a money-making monoculture, controlled, homogenized, lifeless, strifeless and bland. For a government which represents the old and the rich, that must sound like paradise.” (1)

The proverbial “worm” is turning now—globally. Once that process has begun, one of the first victims of the freedoms that we will take back will be Zero-Tolerance, along with its “fellow-traveler”, the semi-official Nanny-State. Woe be unto those who cling to this filth any longer: Because this will be crushed, along with all those that have tried to ensure the end of this society in that evil-bargain with privatizing corporations who will fall as well… (2)

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