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Milwaukee Blacks Attack Whites -
The Rich Won't Give Us None

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - What kind of English is the above statement? "The rich people are not trying to give us none."  Amazing trouble blacks seem to have with the English language.  They have even more trouble speaking.  This is why most blacks have minimum wage jobs - when they work at all.

As we know, Hillary and Obama want to fill the US with Third World blacks and Muslims.  How are they going to find work?  They do not respect books or learning.  As soon as the girls hit early teens they get pregnant and quit school. An uneducated mother without a husband or man in the home and it is no wonder the children grow up uninformed and primitive.

Believe me, I do not have a great command of the English language but I always try to use proper English and vocabulary when communicating.  Blacks love to blame whites for their poverty but it is they, themselves, who are usually responsible.  How many of them make the effort to even speak well?  Not very many, unfortunately. All people, no matter what color, make a better impression if they are well-spoken.  With many blacks, the peer pressure to talk their talk is enormous.  So, why study and learn proper language skills, they would ask.  Many probably fear being put down, mocked or bullied for speaking clearly and using a good vocabulary.  

I also fail to understand why blacks feel all white people are 'rich.'  That's beyond ridiculous.  Most whites, fortunate enough to have jobs, work hard to earn their living.  As do many employed blacks.  In fact, many whites who have no college work two or more jobs just to get by.  It's all about motivation and dedication which won't make whites rich...but it does give them an extra ability to find jobs...and keep jobs.

The Jews and Chinese do well even in groups that are newly-arrived in the US. The Universities are filled with Jewish and Chinese students who take engineering and sciences. Why?  Are their brains different?  No, they have been brought up to respect books and learning…and to succeed in life.  Simple as that. Most of the Chinese and Jews are born to two parent families.  Most of the parents were not under 16 when they had children.  Most of the parents of Jews and Asians are, themselves, college educated and well-spoken.  If more blacks could follow that general example, they would find it much easier to be successful in life.

As the US is intentionally filled with illegals from the Third World, we will only have more riots and more civil unrest.  This is how most of these people act back in their own countries.  We saw how one entire slum in Liberia, during the Ebola outbreak, rioted and tore the hospital up...stealing Ebola-infected bloody mattresses and equipment.  Also at the height of the Ebola outbreak men broke quarantine and went around their slum raping young women and girls.

Americans make the tragic, if not fatal, mistake of thinking that because we take in people from the Third World they will so appreciate us, they will automatically live according to our traditions and social norms and values.  No, it doesn't work that way.  Many, especially muslims, are incapable of living in a Western, civilized fashion in the First World.  No matter how much we (stupidly) give them in benefits, homes, schools, cars, medical, dental and food assistance, they want more.  In the case of American blacks, they will blame their poor circumstances on 'racism' of whites.  Truth be told, American blacks are the most virulent, white-hating racists of all racial and ethnic groups.  Perhaps the muslims will surpass them as their numbers rise.  From what we've seen in Europe, that's my forecast.

American blacks now have militant organizations like Black Lives Matter telling them it is OK to kill whites. BLM also tells ignorant blacks that all of their troubles are due to whites.  Why doesn't this organization which pretends to support black lives, tell blacks the truth?   Why don't they tell blacks to stay in school and get a good education and learn to speak well, so they, too, will have a better chance to land a good job.  The reason is simple - BLM is out for BLM and not for people it purports to represent.

Bring in Third World populations and Milwaukee is what you get.


Milwaukee Blacks - The Rich People Won't Give Us None


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