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Military Blackmail & The Sanctions


By Jim Kirwan


There has been much discussion this last week over

The Deal”: that was built on nothing but Lies.

Because “The Deal” was sabotaged by the same Congress

That put the Illegal-Sanctions on in the first place,

To augment the forty-four US military bases that surround Iran.

IRAN is in the Middle Above

The Deal” is Officially “No Deal”


While the wrangling continues over the illegal sanctions that have been in place for something like 30 years. The most glaring physical fact of these “negotiations” has always been the ever growing number of US and NATO military bases that have now totally surrounded Iran. This is the little brother of what NATO and the EU would love to see happen to Russia today as well. It’s fascinating that even with this military monstrosity, the Wounded and dying West is still demanding more sanctions against Iran ­ despite the fact that Iran has not attacked any other nation in over 300 years.

A short glance at the past clarifies who is at fault in the current dispute and what needs to happen if the world is to get past this quagmire and move ahead into a world that can still read and understand the truth about how the world came to be at this seeming impasse.

With the discovery of huge amounts of oil beneath the sands of Iran, British Petroleum decided that they needed to take that ‘resource’ for themselves. ‘Regime Change’ was decided on then to affect that change, overseen by the US-CIA, in 1953. http://rt.com/usa/iran-coup-cia-operation-647/

The American puppet, the Shah of Iran, then ruled illegally for 27 years until he was overthrown in 1953, which has colored American-Iranian relations ever since.

With the takeover of the US Embassy, in Tehran, which ended with the blackmail engineered by George H.W. Bush, to “elect” Reagan to Office: A whole new chapter in American-Iranian affairs began under what has become the problem that it still is. This is also the reason for the forty-four military bases that surround Iran today (see the map above).

In between the original overthrow of the democratically elected Mossadegh, and the current leadership of Iran, the US paid Saddam to wage an eight year long war upon Iran that cost Iran in Iranian lives and treasure heavily. That was the third war against Iran waged by the West, who used Saddam to avoid direct American Involvement.

During the eight years between Iraq’s formal declaration of war on September 22, 1980, and Iran’s acceptance of a cease-fire with effect on July 20, 1988, at the very least half a million and possibly twice as many troops were killed on both sides, at least half a million became permanent invalids, some 228 billion dollars were directly expended, and more than 400 billion dollars of damage (mostly to oil facilities, but also to cities) was inflicted, mostly by artillery barrages. Aside from that, the war was inconsequential: having won Iranian recognition of exclusive Iraqi sovereignty over the Shatt-el-Arab River (into which the Tigris and Euphrates combine, forming Iraq’s best outlet to the sea), in 1988 Saddam Hussein surrendered that gain when in need of Iran’s neutrality in anticipation of the 1991 Gulf War.” http://www.history.com/topics/iran-iraq-war

All of that “war-history” was carried out against Iran and yet that nation is still standing, unbowed, to the criminal powers of Israel and USI ­ yet still the West insists that it is Iran who is trying to dominate the world?

Apparently the entire world can no longer do any research of the most basic facts behind the troubled life of the besieged nation of Iran ­ while the barbarian war-lords of the West continue to try and paint the Iranian nation as some kind of global-pariah “hell-bent on taking over the planet”? This farce is totally without any credibility whatsoever, especially given the track record of Israel’s blood-lust for conquest anywhere and everywhere that any opening might be found ­ to let them insert USI into every opportunity that will advance their Khazarian Supremacy…

So when Iran maintains that all of these illegal sanctions must be simultaneously lifted, if any “DEAL” IS TO HAVE ANY REAL CREDIBILITY, that hardly seems extreme; given the glaring track record of lies, duplicity and hypocrisy with which the West has treated Iran for over thirty years. It would seem that if any “nations” need to have SANCTIONS leveled against them that would have to be USI-ISRAHELL.

Iran and Russia need to stick to their principles of independence from the criminal demands of the still-traitorous US Congress, that has currently turned against the people of the United States and the world, while they seek to force their insanity upon the planet, because they want to keep their war machine’s going, regardless of the costs.

If the US Congress wants to declare war so badly then this effort must be led by Cotton, McCain, and all the other traitors to America who are the same creatures that defended Weapons of Mass Destruction, that did not exist in Iraq, but which they still defend to this day. Let them “LEAD the WAR Party” on the ground with their military-incompetence and their cowardice so that they can be slaughtered first and thereby spare the planet any more of their megalomaniacal schemes in any future conflicts.

The back-alley cat-fights’ being held in Washington and Tel-Aviv represent the scum of the earth fighting over the remaining scraps of “life” amid the scorched earth policies that have been tearing the globe apart for the last fifteen years ­ enough is enough we need to try these bastards for the treasons they continue to commit and end this murderous masquerade with the justifiable hangman’s noose that far too many have escaped throughout the world ­ when it is crystal clear that TREASON during WARTIME requires the Hangman’s Noose for everyone found guilty of that crime…

It’s interesting that Iran is doing this to some of the bankers that were found guilty of blatant crimes. Is this also why ‘they’ are so determined to undermine Iran?

Another Banker Dead: IRAN Executes Rothschild Billionaire On $2.6 Billion Bank Fraud ~ Used Fraudulent Funds To Implement Agenda 21 In Buying State Property.”


USSA has more lawyers’ per-capita than any other country on earth which is probably why the USI is the most criminal nation to ever claim “leadership” of the fake-free-world that has become the most lawless place to ever claim that title.

Just try and listen to the spokespeople for the USI - then try not to vomit!

Iran has already done what the US public can only dream about ­ and still hasn’t found the guts to do - even now!



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