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Mexico Helps Somali Terrorists Sneak Into America

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  -  These red-eyed devil savages have been helped by Mexico for some time. Here is an article dated September 2016 showing Mexico giving Somali devils free passes to travel to the US border through Mexico...and then helping them sneak into the US.

They are doing this with Haitians as well.  Obama has been inviting these black useless devils to come here.  It is no wonder we are seeing a rise in Leprosy in Texas.   Even Americans who have not traveled outside the US have gotten Leprosy in Austin, TX...and it ain't Armadillos.

These Africans are not vetted and not screened for diseases.  Most have HIV andor TB and are coming to a town near YOU.  IF they do not kill you outright by a terror attack, they will kill you by spreading their diseases.    This must stop.  It seems no one is listening.

Mr. Trump you were voted in for ONE REASON and that was to deport these illegals.  You once said, "America, I hear you."   Well, hear us NOW. Let us all know you will keep your promise about deporting these African and Haitian and Muslim illegals on day one.  Hear us now...or you will be a one term President.  Do not waste our vote. We voted for you on one issue - IMMIGRATION.

Yes, you saved a thousand jobs...and that is good but that is not what is important right now.  We want these terrorists gone and disease-infected illegals gone...NOW.

We do not want Muslims and the other illegals walking our streets like they own them.  Until they are deported, move them to Guantanamo.  The Australians use offshore encampments for migrants and we can make use of Guantanamo to keep these illegals safely away from society until deported.

We want NO MORE OSU type terror events.  Unfortunately, Somali immigrants have served notice on society that they cannot live peacefully among the good people who pay for their welfare.  They do not want to work or become Americans.  They do not have our values or appreciate our culture.

In short, they are not here like immigrants before them.  There have been too many OSU grade terror events by black Somalis and other Muslim blacks.  They must be deported and until the process is complete they must go to Guantanamo.  They can be humanely served at Guantanamo and enjoy many things of life like swimming and tennis, etc, until they are repatriated to their home countries.

The one thing they cannot do there is kill more Americans.  

Proof Mexico Has Been Helping Somalis Enter US Illegally.



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