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Smart Meters Mexico - People Forced To Prepay Utilities

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MEXICO SMART METER UPDATE from a friend in Mexico...

A truly disgusting development, rolled out as a big trial balloon to see if the people accept the Smart Card without mass rioting, and the people will probably accept the Smart Card . .

Mexico is a criminal state like America, run by the CIA and the Drug Cartels. Until the drug cartels and the CIA are cleaned out of Mexico there can never be any decency in their government, just like here in America - USA, Inc

This will hasten the genocide program . . . Poor people will simply NOT be able to prepay for utilities . . . FORCING the Smart Cards on EVERYONE is a move away from currency . . . and not only will they need to drastically reduce the use of energy  - the utility companies will remotely shut utilities off - at will - and attribute the shut downs to power grid over loads and lack of prepaid funds on the NEW Smart Cards.  Watch this development closely - since beyond the deployments of the Smart Grid worldwide we will get a Smart Card . . . Again, this is the incremental SWITCH from currency to the PREPAID credit/debit cards - YES, the monetary system is transitioning from currency to an energy based system of exchange as foretold in TECHNOCRACY. .

So, now beyond structuring our thought patterns of the populations through the smart meters, all disguised as promoting new energy efficiency and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, when actually the meters are a trojan horse set up for deep spying and behavior modification programs . . . We are being hooked up through the Smart Grid and the RFID chipped smart appliances to fusion centers, facial recognition software, HD cameras, attached to pulsed beam microwave emitters to "entrain moods", block thoughts, and to our share data with NSA and DHS, and MORE - BUT now we are likely to ALL get Smart Cards . . . This corporate construct is controlling ALL government agencies and even managing pulsed beam microwave emitting streetlights operating full strength during rush hour and serving as listening posts other times. . .

This is the silent weapons system using finger-printless methods to subdue the population without the people even knowing they are being manipulated and attached by a weapons system. .

As we receive more information out of Mexico we will send out updates.


Hi Deborah!
Alexander Backman here. Checking in with an update from Mexico. They are doing it!  Here in Mexico, they are beta testing the new SMART Meters with a new caveat. Without the people's consent, they are imposing or forcing on at least three states of Mexico, Veracruz, Guanajuato and Puebla, prepaid power via an 'intelligent' PREPAID POWER CARD. Can you believe this?  IUSA and the CFE teamed up to impose this bizarre new system on the populace.
People are upset, and so they should be!  This new system came into place by the Commission Defederal de Electricidad forging the citizens' signatures on their documents that allowed them to change the users' plan from a bimonthly billing system to that of a prepaid system whereby, you pay in advance for your power with a new SMART CARD instead of after receiving the service. How insane this is! Well, imagine that they cut off your power all of a sudden. Then you must go and pay as much as you need. The motto and campaign by the Fascist Government of Mexico is 'Pay as you go. You are in control of your power.'
Here is a news report on the matter.
Here is the PDF link to the original manual or user guide that the CFE is distributing.
I decided to make a Spanish version of the DEES art to make the people more aware of the dangers. See attachment .



Translation> Smart Meters kill 'inteligently'.  FREE CANCER! Do not let yourself be deceived!

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