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Meta - Introduction

From Dr. Richard Alan Miller
Physicist and Writer
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In 1999 to 2001, when PC Link changed and became AOL, I was asked to offer courses in Metaphysics, and subjects related to my previous work with the military. Humboldt University had just begun on-line educational with IES, offered exclusively through AOL. This is the result of those early chat-room courses.

This Audio Lecture series contains 15 different course modules on various subjects, each with 8 classes, plus download support (rare books), recommended reading lists, and batch files filtered on specific questions.

At the time I trained Navy SEALs, the terms ESP and Hypnosis were not considered “real.” Today, hypnosis is a very powerful tool used in therapy to gate pain, or to even change addictions and behavior, or to help gate pain: ESP is now associated with intuition and getting closer to Purpose.

Magick is the next evolutional step in the advancement of consciousness. This is why Magick has been reserved for the ultra-elite of Europe for centuries. Known as Magick within Blue Lodges, the occult has always been “occulted.” As Alchemy has led to Chemistry, so too now will Magick emerge as an advanced form of Physics (as Mystery Schools).

Magick is now defined as the art of changing consciousness at will. Rather than fearing or ignoring altered states of consciousness, they now will be seen as tools in a toolbox, to be used when they allow certain realities that conscious states do not.

One example is when a mother, in distress, is able to rip a car door off to save her daughter. How is that possible, when nothing in her body is as strong as steel? And yet, we all have examples where the paranormal is always possible, when subjected to an altered state of consciousness. This is the next stage toward the evolution of man.

Meta means beyond, and the new directions in Physics. It includes the study, and use, of altered states of consciousness, where Imagination is considered Reality.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Physicist and Writer