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MERS Released On The U.S. Southwest Defense Sector:
Part 30 COV Series

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Round 2 of the virus war against the American republic just fell flat on its face, indeed boomeranged back onto the enemy Triple Alliance of China-Mexico revolucionarios, Biritish-Japan reactionaries and  the Jesuit Vatican's henchmen Tony Fauci and the Bidens. Over the past month, the deliberate spread of lethal MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or "camel virus", over the state of New Mexico was aimed at paralyzing the nation's key military defenses from the vunerable southern border strip northward to the NORAD command center at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs.

The elaborate plot involved aerosol spraying of the camel virus from a space vehicle and soon thereafter by a driverless vehicle. At the Spaceport at the White Sands missile range on July 11, just one minute after Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Space liftoff, his booster rocket veered off-course in the first minute over the New Mexican Journada de Muerto desert (arid Journey of Death region in southern New Mexico, triggering a red warning light. During descent some 90 minutes later, the space craft flew below the Spaceport's approved airspace lane and during that lower atmosphere descent  its data recorder went blank for 1 minute 41 seconds, blocking record of commands and on-board operations.

Within a month of Branson's deviances from the assigned flight path, a MERS coronavirus outbreak occurred  across the White Sands region, including the towns of San Antonio, NM, and Socorro, which are favorite areas for dining and shopping for the White Sands Missile Range's aerospace engineers and military personnel. Much of the area's livestock was subsequently evacuated from surrounding areas, out of concern that MERS, known also as the camel virus, might infect horses and cattle.

Could Virgin Galactic have sprayed MERS coronavirus over the U.S. military's primary missile test site and nearby technical-service communities from Alamagordo to Soccorro? Until the missing data is retrieved from Virgin's off-flight database, suspicion shall focus on Sir Richard and his British patrons.

Britain, along with Japan and Israel, are notably not members of the French-led World Military Games (CISM), which were hosted in Wuhan, China, in mid-October 2018. The acquatic contests at the CISM games were the target of the first Coronavirus-19 biological warfare attack, as reported in this 30-part COVID series. As discussed earlier in this series, Britain and Japan with defense funding from Zionist investors were the hegemons of the two Anglo-Japanese Alliances in the early 20 th  Century, which aimed to curtail the rising threat of American naval power. In short, those imperious Royal houses attempted to contain and control the potential threat of American democracy in order to keep the world safe for aristocracy. Branson is a KBE, Knight of the British Empire, sworn on bended knee to defend the throne.

Virgin Atlantic, which flies from Hong Kong to London, has a clear interest in close relations with China, which have massively increased following Brexit. A technology-based Chinese link with the Virgin group is detectable in the Under Armour stretchable fabric for the spacesuits worn by Branson, his two astronaut pilots and four technical staff, in addition to his three ticket-paying passengers. The counter-pressure knit material was invented at and patented by Xiangtan University in Hunan Province for China's space crews, known as "Taikonauts". About one quarter of Under Armour's clothing is manufactured in China despite repeated promises to diversify production, but the Branson-British longer term interest is in satellite and off-planet cooperation with China's space program in the asteroid belt, the Moon and Mars.  

Biowarfare impacts Indian Reservations

The second target for MERS biowarfare was the New Mexico section of U.S. Interstate 40, which runs from Tucumcari in the east, the gateway to the Permian Basin oilfields surrounding Hobbs; the populous city of Albuquerque, site of the University of New Mexico and its Isotopes sports teams (in tribute to the nuclear weapons legacy of Los Alamos and White Sands' Trinity Site); and the western section toward Gallup, the site of many Indian reservations, several with uranium ore reserves and also electricity plants that provide power to San Diego and Los Angeles in Southern California.  

Hospital staffers in the Gallup region have told me earlier this autumn of "an outbreak of MERS, which is widespread but sporadic with no apparent cases of cross-infection between patients." Here again, the infection pattern is indicative of aerial dissemination of the MERS virus. The source and means of aerosol spraying is more difficult to pin down, although infections along I-40 indicate a ground-vehicle mounted sprayer, probably a driverless truck or car (to avoid self-infection of the driver as well as for secrecy).

Coincidentally Elon Musk had just done a ground-breaking for a Tesla assembly plant at the Nambe Pueblo Indian reservation just north of state capital Santa Fe, a distance of about 60 miles from I-40. The new facility location was chosen in defiance New Mexican aws that prohibit concurrent operation of production facilities and same-brand dealerships in state. Thus, the pueblo site, one of dozens of area Indian reservations, also makes little sense in terms of a near-total lack of an experienced industrial workforce, welders, who are instead to be found at some distance further south along the border with Mexico.

The reality for Musk happens to be that Tesla is by now essentially a Chinese company, due to investors and e-car sales in China, where its major assembly and parts plants is based on the outskirts of Shanghai. Elon's presence in his adoptive home of Shanghai is firmly based on the military alliance between during his childhood under the South African apartheid regime in tandem with the People's Liberation Army of China in support of warlord Joseph Savimbi's UNITA guerrillas during the brutal Angolan War of the 1980s, which killed 2 million inhabitants of that unfortunate country. Errol Musk, the father of the boys who since own Tesla and Chipotle, was/is a Pretoria-based mining engineer and owner there of an emerald mine, as a businessman crony of the Afrikaaner militarist regime.

Two other notable links between the Apartheid movement and China involve how the South African Naspers newspaper group financed the China-based Tencent online gaming group. The original intent of this odd-couple alliance was the expectation in the early 1980s that China would allow Internet sports gambling, especially soccer betting, which would have been astronomically profitable. As it turned out, domestic opposition to gambling, forced Tencent and its boss "Pony" Ma Huateng (Ma translates as "horse") to make a fortune for the Tencent group by recycling obsolete Japanese computer games, enriching the Naspers, which has since shared the profits with the crooked Black politicians of the ANC government. Nelson Mandela should be rolling in his grave at these unprincipled alliances under which racial cohabiation equates with in-house profiteering.

The second area of Chinese involvement was biological warfare research, in cooperation with Zionist Israel, in the weaponization racially targeted viruses. Much of that bioscience cooperation was done in Hong Kong, where as told to me by a black African professor (I served in the faculty as a journalism lecuturer at the elite University of Hong Kong): "As independence from empire was being gained by the former British colonies, the 'old Africa hands' moved eastward to the last Crown Colony, Hong Kong." This deep-secret and often clandestine academic relationship between the Apartheid hardliners and the "People's" Republic has been more recently expressed in the massive disinformation about bat-borne coronavirus in southern Yunnan Province being the (bogus) source of COVID-19 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the "fall guy" for biowar research in the UK, Canada, USA, Japan and South African exiles. At little cost to its foreign influence, Beijing has "grudgingly" played the fall guy for COVID-19 on behalf of its friends and lackeys, including Fauci, Biden, Obama's DHS biowar tzar Jeh Johnson and Peter Daszak of the Porton Down-created EcoHealth Alliance.

Scary Bats

Since those days of perfecting Ebola to target poor blacks in Central and West Africa, the trend has been the convergence of biological warfare expertise among the leading research centers, sanitizing this field of scientific mass murder under academic cover. I recall the news reports two decades ago by a former journalism colleague from the Japan Times name Greg Hardesty, since with the Orange County Register, who covered the strange case of a South African biochemist at UC Irvine who had buried biotoxins in his backyard and then was found dead inside his home by supposed suicide. That was during the spate of all the murdered and missing biochemists from days of yore.

Indeed, there has been closest secret cooperation between Britain's Porton Down defense lab, Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg; Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Gary Splitter at the veterinarian research lab at U Wisconsin Madison; related subcontracts at University of California campuses at Davis and Irvine; the US Army at the Aberdeen Proving Ground near Baltimore; and the Army (since then the DHS) veterinary facility on Plum Island, locaed beteen Long Island and the Connecticut shore, among other sites of science-based extermination.

Thus, the piece de resistance in terms of bat-borne virus research is not to be found in Wuhan, where the notorious outfit EcoHealth Alliance along with Tony Fauci's NIH was funding MERS research in Yunnan bats (rather than COVID-19). Instead of that lame biotoxin carrier, the bat species in question linked to the current MERS outbreak in the American Southwest is the South African Neomicia Capensis insect-eating bat from the wine-grape county on the Cape of Good Hope. Years before the "first" reported case in Saudi Arabia, following the Second Gulf War, the Neomicia Capensis ba had been identified as the original carrier of the MERS virus, with 100 percent gene correlation.

My friends and colleagues, you have been sold a pack of nonsensical lies about the Coronavirus pandemic and are kept in the dark about MERS, including the origins and carriers. Indeed, as this 30-part series has shown, the MERS coronavirus sample from Saudi Arabia was mailed by an Egyptian physician  working the Saudi Arabia to Ron Fouchier at the Rothschild-funded Erasmus Institute in Rotterdam, one of the Four Horsemen of the Plague (the others being Yoshihiro Kawaoka at U. Hokkaido, U. Tokyo and U. Wisconsin; Gary Splitter of the U. Wisconsin Veterinary School and the late Frank Plummer at the Canadian Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg). MERS had long been studied at the U.S. Navy's NAMRU-3 lab in Cairo, Egypt - the camel virus is not new nor a surprise.

At I havepointed out, the MERS sample sent to Eramus was a "hot potato", tossed back and forth, since none of that Gang of Four wanted the notoriety of being involved in the deliberated spread of the camel virus on the Arabian Peninsula after the Second Gulf War. Iraq, after all, was and is a member of OPEC, the oil wealth upon which rest the fortunes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and lesser crook.

Also, as I have reported in-depth, the South Korean outbreak of MERS in 2015 occurred when a shipping crate fell over at a military hanger at the U.S. Air Force base in Osan, South Korea. That sample from the Navy's NAMRU-3 biowarfare lab in Cairo, Egypt, was destined for World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan's WHO virus lab in Seoul (since then shut down with all records disappearing.) Ms. Chan, as pointed out repeatedly in this series, served as Hospitals Director in Hong Kong during the 2003 SARS coronvirus outbreak, when my team of biochemists and herbals clashed with her R&D restrictions on sensible methods to protect medical workers and patients from cross-infection. Chan organized massive funding from UK-based Glaxo for fruitless Coronavirus research at Hong Kong universities, which never produced a vaccine but instead later promoted the bogus Yunnan-Wuhan bat deception.

Why did Operation MERS fail in the American Southwest?

The attempted spraying  by the White Sands Missile Test Range and Indian reservations between Albuquerque and Gallup were foiled by a natural weather phenomenon known in this old Spanish colonial region as "Subud" or "whirling dervishes" (cyclonic updrafts). This term is often used in the Sufi realm to describe a protective spirit, a guardian angel, a capricious force of Nature, or as in Disney's "Aladdin" a Genie. When faced with massive biological devilry in the air, there's only one effective defense for me: I dream of Jeannie.

The horde of Subuds redirected the biological-warfare agent into the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua, where it has been infecting the Mexican assault troops of Presidente Obrero (the spiritual successor to invader Pancho Villa) and his  Venezuelan, Iranian and Chinese military advisers. This strange, indeed mysterious reversal in the globalist plot to genocide Americans took an unexpected U-turn to instead befall these nefarious enemies. As I once was fond of warning to visitors at an agrarian eco-project at the juncture of the Gobi desert and the Kumtag Sea of Death, not to venture alone into the dunes without me because "that is a murderous Monster, but it is also my pet monster."

Southwest American origins of toxic Coronaviruses

The Coronaviruses are, like Ebola, the "creme de la creme" of biotoxins, as brutally demonstrated in the Paleolithic era with the total disappearance of the Anasazi cliff-dwellers in the American Southwest and later the wiping out of the Camelid parent-species of ancient camels. For this very reason of standing at the geological brink of ecocide, I have been examining the many strands of this epic campaign to elimininate the USA from the top of the food chain and relegate Americans to their paleo-graves. The immunity conferred to my genes by my  Ainu ancestral bloodstream, the Hokkaido tribe that barely survived the impact of coronviruses and avian influenza, allows a degree of freedom from anxiety to pursue in a sportsmanlike spirit the secret history of coronavirus, assembled from hidden or disappeared building blocks of suppressed information.

To briefly summarize my research into the ancient origins of MERS and SARS:

In their beginning, Coronaviruses, and probably Ebola, evolved from harmless plant-based microorganisims into deadly terminators of mammals in the time-frame of desertification of the American  Southwest starting more than 10,000 years ago. The Ice Age froze up any cloud-borne water, resulting in salinity of the top soil and surface dessication of the southern half of North America.  The remaining springs fed by underlying aquifers, therefore, became alkaline and were often contaminated by toxic minerals, conditions that drove microorganisms to be more aggressive, that is infectious, when ingested by mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

One of the few surviving mammalian species, the Camelid (gigantic ancestors of the present-day camels), adapted to the arid climate due to their ability to survive by consuming the liquid content of desert plants and transporting away alkali chemicals in their urine. During summer when surface lakes shrank and became toxic, the camels obtained water trapped inside bitter Bufflo Gourds, Cucurbita foetidissima, the scientific name translating as "fetid cucumbers", fetid meaning repulsively stinky.

The ancestor of the MERS, COVID and other coronavirus survived thus inside the sap in the stems and seeds of larger desert grasses and, more importantly, in the wild gourds. Eventually the combination of salt and viral infections led to the extinction of the American Camelid, the ancestor of all existing camel species, as the survivors crossed over to Beringia, the land mass that connected North America and the Euro-Asian landmass.

MERS infection was the probable underlying cause of the disbandment of the U.S. Army Camel Corps. The release of imported Syrian dromedary camels, the ideal transporters in the arid Southwest, is otherwise inexplicable just prior to the Civil War.

The next major event in the history of MERS occurred on the cusp of the American entry into World War II, when British and American strategist secretly planned a U.S. Army invasion in support of British forces under General Bernard Montgomery or "Monty" in the North African campaign against the wily Desert Fox, German general Erwin Rommel. The Wehrmacht's Afrika Korps depended primary on camels for logistics, moving food, water and ammunition on the caravans in order to save diesel fuel for battle tanks and troop carriers.

Just prior to the American intervention in the Sahara, the U.S. Army opened the Dugway Proving Ground in desert Utah to identify remedies for desert diseases and, more importantly, biological warfare agents to spread a lethal contagion on camels. Conveniently, coronavirus MERS  was still present in cacti and buffalo gourds, ready for weaponization. Thus, the coronavius Made in America was one of the earliest and most secretive of all modern bioweapons.

 It is up to Tony Fauci and his collaborators, therefore, to plead "GUILTY" on behalf of their illustrious though virtually unknown predecessors at biological warfare, their nefarious research being the cause of ongoing coronavirus infections across the USA, both COVID and MERS. May you rest in peace, Tony, you old camel, for your contribution to human extinction.