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Merkel's Apes Grope, Beat German
Girl - Wake Up, America


From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - After the first savage slapped her off camera a second savage hit her so hard she fell to her knees and cried out hurt.

They are animals.  and she is dressed in a long sleeve shirt.  Guess she needs to wear a jilbab over her clothes and hijab.  or a Salwar Kameez.  I bought three of the Salwar Kameez for me, Deborah and Tiffanie.  The Salwar is actually quite comfortable. It is pants, with draw string waist and balloon out pants and a long shirt with slits on the side.  I think you saw the Pakistani women wearing them.

The Africans who hit that girl look brain damaged, really.  They must be brain damaged from all of the drugs they take.

What hypocrites.  Muslim religion, ha.  What religion tells their congregants to vandalize other churches,.  I am serious about finding alternate places to live. Many of the refugees told each other not to go to Iceland.  I guess Iceland is making them work for their keep.

BTW, I saw a Pakistani man interviewed.  He blamed the French for the assaults on them as he said he was there two years and they won;t hire him.  He was asked why by the reporter.  He said because he does not speak French. Two years and he can't learn French?

If I go to another country like Russia or Iceland I expect within two years to be able to understand and read either Russian or Icelandic. If I go to Russia I would learn enough language right away to work in the racing industry.  I do know Latvian so I could live in Eastern Russia not far from Latvian border. Many Russians speak Latvian and many Latvians speak Russian.  Latvia is a beautiful country but I do not know if they took in the savages. Finland took them/  I doubt that the Muslims would be welcome in Latvia.  Putin isn't taking them.

Check out the video again and you will see the girl get hit by the second savage.  And notice the brain damaged expression on the first idiot's face.  Brain damaged.

Drug damaged.  


Watch the video again...



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