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Communist Bolshevik Merkel's Germany Stealing
Homes & Giving Them To Muslims For Free
Chancellor Of Germany Stealing Private Houses
To Give To Muslim Savages

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff … 'The Communist Polish Jewish Chancellor Of Germany is at it again.  As we discussed some months ago, now it is made public - Germany is stealing private homes to give to the Black African and Mideast Muslim rapist savages.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be told you have to take in strangers whose 'religion' calls for the deaths of you and your family?  It must be beyond belief to learn that you have to share the home you worked for so many years to pay for but now must share it with a foul-smelling, 50 IQ, untoilet-trained, black savage RAPIST from Somalia who is ready to sexually destroy virtually EVERYONE in your family…not to mention the sons and daughters of all white German civilians.  This is NOT 'racism'…these are the FACTS.

The Germans who have to share their homes are doing so with savages who are infected with all sorts of diseases, including HIV-Aids, HCV, HAV, TB, all sorts of resistant STDs and Measles, Leprosy, Leishmaniasis and maybe even those coming from DR Congo, Ebola.  Let us not forget the West Africans who now harbor Ebola virus in their eyes and body organs.  

How can these German families live with savages who do not use toilets and deposit their bodily wastes anywhere and everywhere.  Some homeowners are having their homes stolen and given to these illegal sub-humans.  These cretins have taken just about everything from the very same people who actually welcomed them into their country.  What do theses Germans get for those acts of extreme kindness to these miserable excuses of so-called humanity?

They get to have their children gang-raped by red-eyed devils which often results in their their children then receiving get a death sentence from that gang rape which infected them with things like Aids and TB.  Many European children and babies who are hideously raped by these savage monsters die soon after the rape.

So, the German people get to have these savages gang rape their children and BABIES, and in many instances, those children and babies die from the gang rape.

Now they get to either live with these savages in their own home or give up that home to these sub-humans.

They get to see that home wrecked by the red-eyed devils who think bathrooms are for breaking up and selling off, piece by piece.

I do have one question, "Is Chancellor Merkel going to give her home or her homes to ease the housing crunch of her own making?  Maybe she can take in a family of savages.  Let's see how she likes sharing a home with stone age vermin.  She will have to watch where she steps…

I think that it is an horrific shame that white people who built Europe, North America and South Africa are being pushed out of their own countries.  Shame on the Globalists who want to genocide the White race.  They are not even secretive about it.  They are doing it in the open and the entire world is watching and saying nothing.

The blacks of South Africa have stated they will have every white OUT of South Africa within 5 years.  Or dead.  This is proof that the South Africans were correct with their policy of Apartheid.  

The US was quite instrumental in boycotting and forcing South Africa to end apartheid.  Due to the policy which forced South Africa to integrate, we now have the blacks calling for the genocide of all white South Africans.

It is patently clear that the US should see to it that white South Africans are granted legitimate refugee status and taken into the US.  It might be beneficial to exchange populations, i.e. we will send all of the black and Muslim refugees here down to South Africa.   In turn, we will take into the US ALL South African whites. This would be a win for the blacks and a win for whites.

The US and some of its allies had no right to speak out against apartheid as we were not aware of the situation in South Africa and the hatred by blacks of whites there. Taking the South African whites before they are killed in the genocide sure to ensue is one way we can help our own country and make up for the ending of apartheid which, among other things, kept whites from being slaughtered.

We need to watch Germany's black and Muslim invasion to see what our fate will be unless the invasion here is stopped.   It's clear, Trump isn't about to do it.  

The lie we are being told is that taking in 'migrant's to work will strengthen our economy.  

I find it interesting that Michigan with the largest number of Muslims and black African refugees has to place dozens of tourism ads all over the country…because no one wants to risk their lives traveling there.   There is no doubt Michigan has lost its tourist industry since it became a Muslim enclave.  It  also need funds to bolster its failing health care industry because so muslims and blacks are sick with all sorts of contagious diseases like TB, HIV Aids, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy etc, etc.  And Michigan
has to pay for it all.

Unfortunately, the US thought these dregs would come to the US to work, however the black Africans and Muslims had other ideas.  Instead of work, they came for welfare payments, Social Security SSI, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare and all sorts of money freebies.  

In other words, they are here to sleep, eat, rape and pursue their favorite pastime, REPRODUCTION.  They will have one kid after the other and WE will pay them PER CHILD.  With each male muslim able to OWN 4 or 5, or more, wives...and each wife having 10 or more little savages…you can see how devastating the expenses are to Michigan.  

So, watch as the homes of German people are taken and either shared with savages, or in the case of a savage who has 20 or 30 children, the homes GIVEN to the invaders.  If it happened there, when we have enough Muslims and Africans, it will happen here in the US as well.

I suggest all of our citizens who fought for and built America should start to notify Congress - and notify Trump (even by Twitter) - and request White South Africans be granted refugee status.  They should also consider recommending the population exchange between taking white South Africans here and sending the black and Muslim refugees to South Africa.  This is a perfectly logical course of action.

It would be a good fit for white South Africans who are comfortable living in the US…and for Blacks and Muslims who will feel more welcomed in South Africa.  

Patty Doyle