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Meltdown Is Approaching

By Jim Kirwan


We're out of 'Time' and our 'Universe' is melting into Chaos,

on virtually every facet of what's left of life on earth.

Politically, militarily, socially and morally ­ the planet has entered meltdown, while we continue to lose our human-will to fight these global-treason's as their explosions continue to subsume the international-rules that once protected billions from world-wide-lawlessness.

Inside the totally conflicted mess that was the last presidential-election, the figurehead in the tarnished house, along with it's evil twin two miles from the White House has given the US a two headed government, both of which are beset with traitors and barbarity across the planet, while the answers which clear-actions could solve are trapped in a modern tar-baby of inactivity: Kept alive by the lies that surround every choice or the lack thereof ­ that only deepens with every passing hour.

Today from Robert David Steele on CrossTalk ­ we got a glimpse of the scale of what we face.

Steele, beginning at 3min 09sec:

I've written eight books on the fact that the intelligence community is a scam. It is not worth what we pay for it. General Tony Zini is on record that he got less than 4% of what he needed, as the commander of central command ­ from the 'secret world'.

What we have here is a few leaders that as Phil says are out of control. But make no mistake about it: These people and their complicit media partners are 'the best of the servant class'. The people who actually rule Washington are the 40 billionaires that own the two party tyranny.” 3min 45sec”

05min 04sec: “Can I jump in here? Let me just say here I'm the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, across 98 categories. One of the most important books I have reviewed is called “Dick Cheney ­ it's called “Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency”. The U.S. government is run by a two party tyranny on behalf of 40 billionaires. There is no difference between the Republican and the Democratic party. What's important about Donald Trump is he is the first president since John F. Kennedy, who is not-anointed by the Deep State. So yes Obama was absolutely terrible, but the Bushes and the Clintons before him were also terrible.” 05Min 4sec.

kirwan ­ Cheney also had a staff of over 600 people and ran a totally separate government for the entire time he was there.

Is this where Obama

got his idea for the 2nd White House?

9min 32sec: “... Except that's not accurate: The press was in the bag for Cheney! Nine hundred and thirty-five lies were documented by Charles Lewis, and the press was in the bag for Dick Cheney. I cannot over emphasize the fact that the Republican party is going to implode in this coming year: And its the two party tyranny, not the Democrats and not the intelligence community that is the greatest threat to American Security.” 9min 59sec

11min 20sec “Oh come on ­ You're being naive”

Peter Laval: “No I'm being honest okay ­ you're being ­ I understand the reality here, but you should be ­ if your going to break the law you should at least worry about being held to account.”

Steele: “When I was 'in service' ­ STOP. When I was in service it was known that the five “I's” prior to 911 had an agreement that they would spy on each others politicians and hand over the take so that they could technically lie to congress and say that they weren't spying on our politicians.” 11min 57sec.

k - Peter Lavelle is a terrible “host” because he's trying to steer every question down to some tripe that he wants to make points on: He's as pathetic as his bow-tie, in a time when real men and real hosts are needed, Peter is proving himself to be a very limp contributor - if the public is ever going to unravel any of this...

Steele @17min 12sec “... It already is a police state ­ Look William Bini couldn't make it ~ (but) we've had lunch about this. NSA is surveiling 100% of all U.S. politicians and judges. It is also surveilling Wall Street for insider trading purposes, it's surveillance of Americans is incidental. Now I want to make the point that NSA has NO LEGISLATIVE CHARTER. Donald Trump can shut NSA down 'tomorrow'.” 17Min 53sec.

Steele 19min “I don't agree. I previously outlined the four tracks that are trying to destroy Trump. The intelligence community, the media, Soros and the violent spring and of course David Stockman's excellent analysis of Wall Street' kicking out the props from under the American economy.

What Donald Trump is lacking right now is a serious staff that's capable of putting together a GRAND STRATEGY. He could shut down the intelligence community by turning off their money. I can shut down NSA tomorrow and suspend all CIA operations ­ including their drone assassination operations. Presidential power is seriously underestimated.

What's lacking right now is a holistic approach to an electoral reform act that builds the base and buries the two party tyranny. A Trump channel that completely by-passes the fake-news media and a counter-intelligence surge that takes out the 500 traitors that are across the U.S. government.

Trump can do this. I absolutely agree with Michael, Trump is 'the man' but right now he is 'slow' to see the holistic approach that he needs to take to put the intelligence community back into a very small box.” 21min 15sec ­ there's more but you get the idea.

Who Rules

On the ever-expanding Global-Front

The U.S. has troops in over 160 nations, and we've attacked so many nations in the last 200 years that they are almost too numerous to even list: Many nations have been attacked repeatedly with absolutely no consequences. Yet we still pretend that this global INVASION by the Muslim hordes is not a threat, when for our part in this, the truth is that we've done all this to countless millions, many times before ­ look it up!


Many people in America do not know why the date of 911 is significant to the wider world—long before this place we call America was even a wet dream.

The year of “911” was the year that the Muslim hordes were stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1924. That put an end to the Muslim Caliphate that reined worldwide, for 1,400 years. And now thanks to our policies we engineered the rebirth of the Muslim Caliphate, financed by the U.S. and Israel.

1400 shocking years of Islam in 5 minutes - Muslims are scared of this!!!

And Trump is eyeball deep in the rebirth of the next Muslim Caliphate, along with the cooperation of Israel that is treating the ISIS wounded and sending them back to fight in Syria & Iraq.


Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

Between the Deceptions of Israel in cooperation with Trump and his whole damned family, the nuclear clock keeps getting closer by the minute.

Of course there's Turkey, Crimea, Ukraine, North Korea, Syria, again and again ­ And Trump sent 4,000 US troops to Kuwait, along with more tanks troops and heavy armaments to the Russian borders, even though Russia just announced a 25% reduction in their current military budget? And Trump's gaggle of over-the-hill “warriors” are just itching for a serious fight with Russia, China, and anyone else that might dare to even listen to anything besides U.S. warmongering.

How long before we move the traitorous congress to Israel and just change the U.S. flag to the Star of David?

South Africa

At the moment there are 4 million whites that are about to be butchered by the black population ­ who are screaming for the end of the white race. Trump could send an American humanitarian airlift over there and airlift the besieged 4 million whites to the USA. Then he could order that 8 million illegal blacks be sent back to South Africa where they would be much happier in that soon to be all Black place. Of course that will never happen, because America has just begun our own war against all the remaining White people in America.

I guess it's no longer illegal to call for the death or the murder, rape or torture of all people of a single viewpoint or a single color?

Still Report #462 - US Taking 100k Muslim Refugees / Year

Trump already has all the legal laws on the books to stop these lawless

Murdering rapists from coming here but he refuses to use them,

And he's paying for this with the money from Social Security


This just goes on and on, which reminded me of something a reader

sent me recently:

Hey Jim:

I've come to a possible conclusion. The only way to beat "them" is to be more barbaric than they are. We all have it in us to become brutally violent. Many of us just have great control over turning that switch on. I know if I'm cornered, then I could do some serious harm if me or my loved ones are under attack. I have no idea how people in Europe have sat back and let this happen to their children and done nothing. It's as if they are preserving themselves for their "way of life". They want to keep the nice little conveniences of life instead of fighting for tomorrow or even today. I look around in those "suburbs" of America, and all I see are weak men that won't ever fight for anything. It's despicable what many of them have become. They're extremely soft and it's the world today that let them get that way. I know we can become weak by the women in our lives to some extent, but this has become ridiculous. I can say when SHTF those people that I just discussed will only get in the way. There are probably thousands out there like me that are ready for combat whether it be hand-to-hand or otherwise. Sometimes, I think I've been waiting for that my whole life.

Thanks for the excellent articles,

k ­ Agreed Ryan. When that moment arrives, there are a great many of us that will definitely surprise a lot of those that have convinced themselves that we've all gone dormant...


But the real challenge facing all of us, of any color or belief system, is how to survive when what we were born as becomes an automatic crime.

No one gets to pick what color we are or where we were born.

So with so many different causes seeking to slaughter the white race

in order to eliminate the White Race, how will that work?

Take a look at global politics and just how many people appear to be white around the world?

Given this 'problem' will we exterminate the 40 billionaires first or will

we just torture and slaughter whites wherever they are in the world?

Will anything besides skin color make any difference?

Especially given the fact that so many “White Americans”

are the same people calling for the end of the White Race ­ worldwide?

What is coming will supposedly be determined by 'crimes'

that will directly conflict with issues that none of us have any control over, so long as we limit humanity to only these new standards?

We are facing the end of civilization as it was.