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In the Absence of Excellence

By Jim Kirwan


Excellence is the free-floating open window on real-possibilities,

While Mediocracy is the absence of all real value.

We are facing a truth that has been building for thousands of years. This cancer has been slowly taking over generation by generation, until they’ve managed to get to this flashpoint where all the debts we have incurred, have now come due.

Most people have no idea of how such a colossal-catastrophe could have ever happened. Try this on for size.

In this place that was founded by thieves and colonists; they began their rein by declaring a four-hundred year long war on the native-population, the blacks, the slaves, and the downtrodden when they first began to implement their version of “The Chosen Ones”. They slaughtered over 70 million natives, consisting of 5,000 ‘native-nations’ along with an unknown number of slaves and blacks without even admitting to those who came later; that this was indeed our real heritage. They called it: “Manifest Destiny”!

This is what’s causing the 80 million-casualties that are coming from Obama’s Deathcare. This was made possible because this country has spent all the years between the crash of 29 till now; addicting people to health-care plans that will be abruptly ended by DEATHCARE. Without access to the drugs and services that people have gotten addicted to, millions will die: That’s exactly what this-criminal-plan was created to accomplish!

What’s gonna happen when 80 million Americans suddenly lose their health-care plans later… that’s not only an expectation, that’s increasingly looking like reality… 80 million policies from small and large employers are getting canceled along with those (5 million private-policies)…” (1)

The march toward this moment was enabled by the slumbering-public that failed to see any connection between the wars to the past and what we’re living in today. Humanity has been whittled-down, generation by generation, with hundreds of contrived-wars that’ve been going on since biblical days. This began when the current war was declared, on nature and on women the world over. (2)

The true-facts about what’s always been ‘at-stake’ were almost permanently blurred because these wars were concealed from the future, by various deceptions, that range from religions to isolated political movements: All the way down through the decimation of nation after nation, obscured from the long-march of history which routinely just ‘disappears’ between the generations—until we arrived in “the future” wherein no one ever-expected that the long-dead-past could demand Payment in Full: For the blood-drenched past that we and the rest of the planet still refuse to “own”.

The flash points behind the confusion that’s killing us.

Jeff: …Why would ‘they’ want to destroy something they allegedly want to take over? That’s the part that makes no sense. Has evil simply run rogue off the ranch, the plantation and gone crazy ­ and is destroying its own ‘golden goose’ with the lust for greed that has no end ­ or is there something else going on here?”

Gerald: “People believed all their lives in a lie, and they don’t want to believe they’ve been conned.” … by the con-mander-in-chief. It’s the greatest-show-on-earth and they (With too many of us) bought into it and still… believe his lies… When Bush lied they would rip him apart. But when their guy lies, it’s okay they’ll make excuses.

The future is that people don’t want to find the truth within themselves… And what do the people do? They take it!” (3)

Actions that can be done immediately ­ if we still care!

We are 'of nature' not above or outside it. We go forth and we return. That is the Tao. Universal forces all dance to this tune. Breath, ocean waves, cycles of birth and death, growth and decay, all is in motion and at rest, all the time. There is no contradiction.

Outward action and inward contemplation are two halves of one whole. They are synonymous. One should move between the two constantly and joyously.

This World is run by those of whom the great majority have absolutely no qualifications to be at the helm of anything ­not even a small rowing boat. Yet, somehow or other, there they are perched in their palaces, surveying their empires - while simultaneously engaging in the systematic degradation of planet Earth.

Doesn't matter whether they are generals, headmasters, corporate executives, CEO's of banks, media moguls, ministers or prime ministers or just about any big bosses ­ they have the distinction of all acting in unison. While by contrast, the great majority of intelligent and able bodied citizens of this planet, only manage to act ­ or react - in sporadic and discordant bursts; if at all.”

Passion & Indifference are also present throughout all the components of this war of stealth. This last chapter is far more real than most could ever imagine. We must use all the passion we can find to dislodge the enemies of all of us…

“The current controlling masters ­and it hasn't changed much over many centuries - have a commonality of intent: to extract the last ounces of profit and prestige from any and all assets and opportunities that fall into their grasp.

Yet even that isn't enough for some of them. Profits get a bit boring when they come in the tens of millions year after year and one has occupied the prime suite at Claridges for the past six months. No, there always needs to be just one more thing that can be 'owned' and brought under control, so as to satisfy the false aggrandizement that is part and parcel of an endless and ultimately fruitless attempt to become omnipotent and untouchable by ordinary mortals.

Such is the aphrodisiac called 'power'.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”

Well, injustice has become law - yet resistance remains doggedly muted and the search for an escape route remains the preferred option
.” (4)

The way to counter this nightmare is to attack the global-parasites. We must begin at the head and not be distracted by the rumblings from its cancerous roots. Without Israel the Middle-East could return to sanity and the world could begin to breathe again, without the constant beat of Israel’s global-war-drums that incessantly continue to attack the world from every angle.

NOW IS THE TIME to STOP the Jews from ruling (and destroying) America.

Just last week, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League announced that peace was “bad for the Jews.”

Bibzy Netanyahu echoed the Jewish war cry by deploring negotiations with Iran as a “bad deal for the Jews” and will be opposed by Israel and the Jewish Lobby.

Fact is, Jewish rule is the real bad deal for America and for the entire world.

Many Americans are waking up to the stranglehold the Jews have on our domestic and foreign policy.

There ARE Solutions To Stop The Jews!

1) Require AIPAC and the ADL to register as foreign agents.

2) Jews with US-Israeli dual-citizenship must give up one or the other.

Jews can then either choose to be US citizens of the Jewish faith or register as aliens if they keep their Israeli citizenship.

3) Jews who do give up their US citizenship and register as aliens must not be allowed constitutionally to hold government offices nor be allowed to vote.

Jews who retain their US citizenship must swear to and sign a loyalty oath based on the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1953 which requires:

Renunciation” of allegiance to any foreign country to which the immigrant has had previous allegiances.

4) Citizens United must be overturned by a Constitutional Amendment so as to prevent thousands of Jewish PACS from subverting elections.

5) Cut Off Foreign and Military Aid To Israel.

AIPAC claims that America and Israel must work together for the “common defense.”

But what does “common defense” mean in the preamble of the Constitution? It means that Israel is NOT the 51st State of the United States of America.

Common defense” in the preamble means creation of a military strategy in the US to protect its citizens in case of any conflict with a foreign nation.

The Constitution does not provide government the power to send taxpayer dollars overseas as foreign “aid” (welfare for parasitic Jewish warmongers).

Every penny in foreign “aid” is unconstitutional. Another way of saying unconstitutional is “illegal.” But nobody likes that ’stinky constitution’ anymore, especially Jews. So people’s paychecks are sent to the ‘Jewish state’ (even as our own government nears collapse).

6) All Synagogues with Zionist ‘non-profit’ collection boxes or issuing Appeals to financially support Israel must register as foreign agents or lose their tax deduction status.

No other religious institution — be it Church, Mosque, or Ashram — is allowed to conduct political and campaigning business on its premises, much less plot the subversion and overthrow of governments and establish a country of one’s own in a foreign land through land theft, fraud, murder and war.

WE CAN RESTORE AMERICA…but ONLY by putting the Jews OUT OF POWER.” (5)

Obviously this is not the only thing that needs to be done. But dealing with Israel would be a serious beginning blow. The FED, the IRS and the Global Rothschild’s Banking Cabal will all take heavy hits without Israel, to act as their protector in the physical-world.

However with one strong blow against the ranks of the global-outlaws, that initial action will open cracks everywhere throughout their fragile global-system that desperately wants to end our resistance now: We must stand up because as Rose said:

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”

1) Experts” Almost 80 million with Employer Health-care plans could have coverage canceled ­ 2min 44sed VIDEO

2) “The Chosen People”

3) Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente ­ ‘We need a Revolution’ - VIDEO

4) At the Point of No Return

5) 6 point plan to stop Jewish Rule



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