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Media War on Damning FISA Memo Continues

By Stephen Lendman

In cahoots with undemocratic Dems, media scoundrels continue going all-out to discredit important FISA memo revelations - waging war on truth and full disclosure, instead of responsibly embracing it.

 On Tuesday, the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post was especially offensive - multiple commentaries devoted to bashing Trump and discrediting the FISA memo.

 A piece headlined “The cowardice among Republicans is staggering” ludicrously claimed “(r)eleasing the (FISA) memo…clearly intended to demonstrate that the FBI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the” Dems.

 It called the document “amateurish.” Damning best describes it. Blasting Nunes, it said he “deserves his own exhibit in the hackery hall of fame” - shocking stuff, and it keeps coming.

 Another same-day commentary headlined “Trump is a modern-day McCarthy” - blaming him for a disgraceful media-supported campaign to oust him from office for the wrong reasons.

 “The Nunes memo vindicates our worst fears about the GOP” headlined another piece, accusing “the GOP (of) plung(ing) into cynicism and madness,” calling party members “(a) bunch of…lock-‘em up Republicans…”

 Ugly stuff, more evidence of the major media’s deplorable state!

 Here’s another headlined “Reality is catching up with Trump - everywhere” - among other issues cited, criticizing him for saying “the infamous Devin Nunes memo vindicated him in the Russia probe.”

 The witch-hunt investigation never should have been initiated. It should be ended straightaway with bipartisan support not forthcoming.

 Still another same-day commentary headlined “Congress should censure Nunes. Just like McCarthy.”

 For doing his job? For revealing dirty linen? For exposing FBI and DOJ wrongdoing? Can any news consumer take WaPo reports seriously?

 One more commentary headlined “Nunes paves Trump’s road to autocracy,” claiming he “cherry-pick(ed) from troves of information to feed a dangerous narrative.”

 Disturbing truths don’t go down well at Langley or its WaPo house organ.

 The road to hell was paved long before Trump entered office, notably post-9/11, multiple laws enacted, turning America into a fascist police state, discussed in detail in one of my earlier articles.

 The state of the nation is deplorable, inherited by Trump, making things worse, not better - yet unfairly targeted for removal from office for the wrong reasons.

 America operates like a banana republic. A small percent of the population enjoys a disproportionate share of wealth and power.

 Ordinary people are exploited, abused, and threatened for challenging a ruthlessly corrupt system.

 America is a plutocracy, not a democracy, waging endless wars worldwide, at home and abroad.

 Inside the bubble is paradise, outside dystopian hell. FISA memo revelations shed light on some of what’s wrong in Washington.

 Lots more memos like it are needed to make a dent in a debauched system. Nunes barely scratched the surface.

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