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Mastering The Human Domain


By Jim Kiwan


H. R. Geiger

MASTER THE HUMAN DOMAIN” is the motto for this JADE HELM exercise. The literal definition of the words “JADE HELM” stands for:

Joint Assistance for Deployment & Execution Homeland Eradication of Local Militants 15

What JADE HELM turns out to be is the full implementation across the nation of the takeover of all city, county, state and ‘federal’ agencies that carry arms of any type. Officially this new ‘army’ was designed to be twice the size of the U. S. Military, overseas, that Obamanation promised us two years ago. Jade Helm is the shake-out process to insure that the new militarized state has successfully taken over from the half-assed-militarized police state that we’ve clearly had since 2008 arrived.

Objects of Surveillance

Officially, in America, there are no longer any civilian police for the people of this country: Now there are only militarized troops pretending to be police ­ who serve global-corporate interests, politically and financially for the world banks and the Rothschild’s, in their collective wars against humanity.

Here’s proof for those that might still have any doubt as to that statement.

The video below is from the Latin America Aerospace Defense Convention (LAAD) in Brazil ­

It’s just one of many Defense Expos that happen around the world. At LAAD some of the world’s largest Defense manufacturers show off some of their tools which is what you’d expect weapons manufacturers to sell - like bullets, guns armor, drones, APC’s jets and even rockets. But here’s where it gets interesting ­ the single largest group of attendees to this National Defense Expo were police organizations coming in at 26 percent of all attendees.”

The masks on display are particularly ‘interesting’ for ‘police’ to use.

The video is 2min 52sec

Now that it’s clear that the United States no longer has ‘police’ or indeed any agency that will come to the aid of ordinary people who are routinely targeted for arrest, assault, tasers, brutality, rape or who are potentially murdered in custody: Most of those detained now held without charges, all of which is contrary to the constitutional-guarantees in the first ten amendments.

What should we do?

“In a perfect world” we could force these outlaws to live in cages, away from normal people. In fact an entirely new society needs to be created for these creatures, just as the Supreme Court create a new third sex in this country for the LGBTQ’s. “The Force” needs to be segregated from all aspects of civil society.

They could be forced, by law, to only wear military uniforms at all times and they could not be allowed to possess civilian vehicles or clothing ­ ever again: Because their function in this society is no different from the State owned Gladiators in the public arena of Ancient Rome. Today’s Gladiators

are paid to murder unarmed citizens, in much the same way that the Romans used the Coliseum to entertain the elites and the public of Caesar’s time.

In 2015 we would theoretically need to make identification of these outlaws very simple for the public, to easily identify our paid enemies. Their all black uniforms ought to feature their names emblazoned on their backs, much like pro-football players, who proudly wear their names. Their various shield-identifications, by unit, should be easily seen and on the breastplates of their body armor ­ so the public can easily keep count of how many from which group of Outlaws are eliminated by the armed public every day.

For the police to appear anywhere without their military identification, clearly displayed, would mean an automatic ten years in prison, or in cases where anyone dies, the “officers” would be subject to an immediate summary courts-martial and would face the required death penalty for having killed a civilian. Said summary executions would be carried out at the scene of every “incident” in which any misconduct is witnessed by the public. This would solve the problem created by our failure to prosecute any of these uniformed thugs.

It should also be noted that the “POLICE” are officially the biggest illegal gang operating inside America. They are the organizing force that employees the gangs, the drug dealers and all the rest of the illegal forces that have destabilized the entire civilian population via immigration, drugs, both legal and illegal, forced immunizations, and the total trafficking of all that is done in this society ­ the Post Office has just joined this list with their new SCAN program ­ which identifies every second that any postal delivery person is on the streets ­ supposedly to guarantee that the mail is delivered to its proper subscriber. The reality is no different however than what was done to truck drivers who’s every second has been monitored, thru the major trucking companies nationwide ­ so that every driver is accountable for every second whenever they are on the clock.

Statements from any uniformed officers, who comment on any incident would automatically be seen as lies, because of the decades during which all police departments have lied repeatedly to the people that they were responsible for. If any department loses more than three ‘officers’ to summary execution, then their commanders would also be courts-martialed and shot… within forty-eight hours of the ruling on the crimes committed by these uniformed thugs…

The Reality

Of course none of this could ever be enacted. I mention these ‘actions’ only because that kind of treatment is what has been due to have happened, to any of the responding officers in this country since 2007 ­ much longer in the case of the commanding officers in New York, in their white shirts who have lead every outburst of massive violence against the population ­ in New York City, since 911.

But then this would mean that the city councils, the mayors of the cities and the governors of the states would also bear some direct responsibility ­ not to even mention the totally illegal government who sent the police to Israel for training in the methods that have become standard practice throughout the U.S. ­ can anyone disagree with this premise behind this continuing social problem that we have still not done anything about?

Everyone involved in this horrific take-down of the public of the United States needs to begin to understand exactly how serious their current actions have become: Because there will be ‘responsibilities’ that will have to be answered for, either under law or in the streets for everything they’ve been illegally doing to the people of this nation for decades.

This new ‘FORCE’ amounts to an American version of SA, the Brown shirts in Nazi-Germany in the thirties. But there are some things about this government that way too many people have forgotten.

Amerika Always Eats her Own.

This applies to any of their operatives, both uniformed and otherwise,

And anyone that ‘trusts’ this government

Will be prematurely dead, because the government lies

About everything they have done or will ever undertake to do.

If you want to see what they’ve been planning to do

To the entire Society since at least the 1970’s

Just Google Images for H. R. Geiger

And be prepared to be insulted.




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