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Is This The Mask - Or the Man?

By Jim Kirwan


In 'the true story of Papa' - Hemingway was quoted as saying:

At 44min: “The celebrated develop a technique to deal with the persons they come across, They show the world a mask, but take care to conceal their real self.

They pay the price that is expected of them, but play it very well. But you are stupid if you if you think this public performance, corresponds with the man within.” 46min.30sec.

It appears that this is the problem that we have elected in the new presidency.


Bill Clinton, 1995, Sounded Just Like President Trump. #1444

We know that Clinton lied about everything he said ­ what about Trump?

When Trump began to fill his government appointments - there are now many that were a major part of the problems, or who were connected to the criminals outright, that Trump supposedly ran to get rid of - not to just bring them back into the same government that presided over “the Swamp” he said that he would drain. Is there a Mask over the real face of Donald J. Trump ­ and how long will it take the public to discover the truth?

I think that Trump's election was a result of the true anger at - and the rejection of the multiple decades of the Clinton's continuing crimes. But the point is that we cannot elect our way out from under these massive war-crimes against the world and America, just by changing the leadership ­ especially if what we have elected is politically unproven, as yet.

What many think we have is a man who “promised” us real changes coupled with “Locking up Hillary” and “Cleaning Up the Swamp” left over from nearly 50 years of unadulterated treason. We know that these actions must be taken, if there is to be any change at all in this sewer that most of us are being forced to live in. And we have to know by now ­ after having endured all this filth for virtually our entire lives ­ because pure Treason without swift and deadly consequences is what has brought the world to this impasse.

I know that it is too early to 'judge' much of anything, but on the other hand we have all paid way too much for what has brought the world to this ­ and if we're going to go forward we cannot do that unless we clean up the obscenities we have allowed these Lawless bastards to do to us and to the world that does not deserve to be treated worse than starving-cattle ­ just because of the arrogance and greed of the very, very few.

This means that we must face the massively complex crimes contained in

in the Pizzagate Scandal ­ that is far too real to be allowed to be ignored any further. The cowards among us, Alex Jones included, refuse to face the burden of proof furnished by the Ten Part Document which is capped off by this tenth part of this report:

The Clinton Imbroglio In Haiti-Balkan Black Magic

If we were serious we would have long ago disbanded the totally-corrupt Supreme Court ­ by getting together a crowd of many-thousands to march on the Supreme Court and refuse to leave until they all resign ­ based mostly on the crimes they've been committing since 12-12-2000 when they let GW Bush's brother hijack the election that was given illegally to George W. Bush, by the criminally libel United States Supreme Court ­ that allowed themselves to illegally Intervene in a presidential election, where only the congress had that right. Instead the five justices that voted for that crime but were never charged with anything.

The result of their criminal-deceit has cost the lives of perhaps tens of millions of people the world over ­ and unbelievable horror all around the now war-torn world ­ and no one blamed the congress or the Supreme Court for these continuing crimes that have brought us to this day.

Perhaps as a footnote to all of this, we must also hold the Supreme Court responsible for what they did to enable the globally-criminal creation of the unbridled GLOBAL-CORPORATIONS that have wrecked the planet, by creating all the illegal manipulations of all the rules, by which corporations have been able to enslave us all.

At the time of the corporate voyage that created the 'discovery of the New World', that voyage was made possible by a Spanish corporation. Corporations at that time were created o accomplish only very specific things. Upon the completion of the individual-task, the corporations were always dissolved.

But then came the railroads and the Robber-barons, that wanted new rules for their private and corporate profits. This started with the railroads that demanded the right to having perpetual rights for corporations, basically a corporation can now live forever, with absolutely no responsibilities except that they MUST show a profit for their investors.

That went very well. So well in fact their next demand from the Supreme Court was that corporations should have all the “RIGHTS” enjoyed by ordinary people, but without the inconvenience of having any of the BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES that every person has to face under the laws of the nation. That was followed by the rather bizarre demand that MONEY must be equated with “speech”, so that the corporations could not be restricted when it came to how much could be spent by corporations on elections ­ because as soon as corporate profits became equated with political speech ­ that gave the corporations total dominance at the ballot box.

Yet even this was not enough. An additional series of lies (masking themselves as international laws) was crafted - to give CORPORATIONS full power to challenge the laws of any nation that might seek to restrict their illegal profits in any way ­ this is what has led directly to TPP and all of its related garbage, under another series of criminal-restrictions on the public, that if passed will virtually enslave the entire world to the secret and illegally designed TOTALLY PRIVATE & CORPORATE STATES that have now clearly decided that only they should own the entire planet.

Remember private Corporations have all the rights of human beings, but NONE of the RESPONSIBILITIES ­ They have more rights than you do and unlike people 'corporations' can live forever. Hell just Google: “What rights do Corporations have” ­ and be prepared to become enraged...

All of this was enacted into “LAW” by the criminal actions of the U.S. Supreme Court that sold out this nation in favor of the Robber Barons, way back there in time. Yet none of our supposed representatives have ever challenged any of what they continue to do to every man, woman and child, in this country, who have all become slaves to their every whim; because it's never been about the law ­ it's always been about the profits!

If Trump were serious about Clearing Out the Swamp ­ he might want to start with the US Supreme Court ­ because what they have done to the United States should not be protected from the laws or the Constitution:

Which their actions, on way too many occasions, have trod upon the rights of every American. And since there are only 9 of these blatant and totally unqualified LGBTQ criminals - sitting in just one building, they should become the next target of the public's anger that has never been addressed ­ at least not since these nine isolated creatures lost all credibility with the nation back in 2000, just to keep their crimes against the United States up to date.

It's time for real action Mr. President ­ unless of course you really are just wearing a mask ­ just like everyone else that's held that office since JFK?

However as a major corporate figurehead ­ it would not seem likely that you would ever go against anything as lucrative as the under-the table-piracy of the global corporate hypocrisy that has been the cause of every crime imaginable including the risk of global war that is still out there ­ just waiting to see if your “promises” meant anything at all.



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