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'March for Our Lives'
Is The Spearhead For A CIA Coup

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

FLASH - The sole video showing ‘suspect' Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, on February 14 taken more than an hour after the Parkland school shooting, was recorded by a security camera of the CHAI CHABAD HOUSE of the Lubavitcher-Shomrim ultraOrthodox Jewish cult on 5761 Coral Ridge Drive (located inside the northwest bend of Sawgrass Parkway - Hwy 869), just minutes before his arrest on the U-shaped Wyndham Lakes Drive, no. 4700,, which has no exit except Coral Ridge Drive. The Chai Chabad title was shown on the clip posted at CNN. This indicates that, as earlier mentioned in this investigative series, that the Jewish-born Cruz was likely recruited by the Shomrim secret society to be a patsy for the commando raid and was brainwashed at Chabad House.

Everyone should be wary when the most powerful men in America exploit the Parkland school massacre to call for gun seizures from the citizenry, especially after this same elite was directly responsible for the deaths by firearms of hundreds of thousands of civilians in their wars from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Syria, along with dozens of other countries. Their national project for disarmament of Americans is exactly why the Founding Fathers, in their prescient wisdom, drafted the Second Amendment to prevent the return of an absolutist tyranny against a defenseless public. This is the hour not to cave into emotional weakness but rather to stand strong at arms, in the common defense of a sovereign people as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

The March for Our Lives, scheduled for March 24, is being promoted by the manipulative media as an youth initiative by five Parkland school “survivors” led by the son of Kevin Hogg, who is one of James Comey’s FBI agents. In fact, the actual permit holder for the upcoming Washington D.C. rally for gun control is not the Parkland students but instead Everytown for Gun Safety, a controversial lobby group, notorious for its inflated estimates of gun-related violence.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school incident, Everytown was founded by urban mayors allied with Mike Bloomberg, former boss of New York City and millionaire publisher of Bloomberg business news. His list of advisory board members reads like an all-star list of CIA spy chiefs, warmongers and agents provocateur. What does prohibiting gun sales have to do with the murderous career of a war criminal like Admiral Mike Mullen, former head of the Joint Chiefs who launched the Afghan and Iraq Wars on a false pretext for George W. Bush? The answer is simple: To make it easier to impose a militarist regime on Americans like the pedophile regime installed in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Every town in the USA lost sons and brothers thanks Bloomberg’s advisers, notably retired Oklahoma Sen. Dave Boren, former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and mentor of CIA director George Tenet, who plotted the NATO interventions in the Balkans, the invasion of Afghanistan and then rigged the Powell report to start the Second Gulf War.

Closer to home, on that same advisory board, there’s retired ATF official Dave Chipman, who was just involved in the cover-up of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival massacre; and Chris McDonnell, who notoriously posed for a professional photographer’s “grief portrait” at Sandy Hook School, the sort of publicity stunt that convinces people about crisis actors. Not being one of those gullible believers, I try to focus instead on the reality of merciless human butchery, as gut-wrenching as that may be.

Made in Israel

Further verifying a Zionist role in the Parkland School commando strike (see Parts 1,2 and 3 of this series), two of the Everytown advisers are linked with the special-weapons program of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF): Eli Broad, founder of his namesake institute involved in biowarfare research on ebola in West Africa; and Qualcomm boss Irwin Jacobs who funds Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, which created and developed the IDF cyber-warfare program.

As discussed below, the IDF Cyberwar Command is yet another Israeli component involved in the Parkland false-flag operation, specifically responsible for jamming the Broward county police radio and hijacking Parkland school’s video-monitoring security system with insertion of fake video-clips, similar to the video-capture methods shown in the casino robbery in “Ocean’s Eleven” starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The role of Kevin Ralph Hogg in the electronic warfare operation against the police-rescue team is also exposed here.

Other Obama-Clinton cronies on the Everytown board include Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee mayor who played a key role in advocating the 2008 bailout for Wall Street; and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, founder of the Philly Rising militant group with funds from George Soros in alliance with Black Lives Matter.

George cLooney and the Hoggs

In less than a week after the Parkland school attack, George “Clueless” Clooney was the first Hollywood (CA not FL) celebrity to donate a half million dollars to the Go Fund Me account of the March for Our Lives protest movement, which was set up by student hustlers Cameron Kasky and David Hogg. The latter’s father, Kevin Hogg, has a spooky record with the FBI, indicating MFOL is not a charity for wound victims but instead a cold calculated political move for daddy Hogg’s superiors at the FBI, Justice and CIA.

A former USAF pilot, Kevin Hogg was the FBI official at LAX who released the mysterious Nigerian-American “storyteller” Olajid Oluwaseun Noibi in 2012, after he illegally boarded Virgin Airlines without a proper ticket or passport, apparently on a journey eventually headed toward Africa. After his arrest Noibi pretended to be an actor mimicking the life of Jesus, but on his booking at a police station he was wearing a black Islamic skull cap, indicating affiliation with Boko Haram.

Comey appointee Agent Hogg let him slip off the hook for a second surreptitious attempt at evading exit procedures to escape the country, apparently for plausible deniability. Nearly succeeding on his first try, Noibi was caught only because of the vigilance of a stewardess. Obama’s pro-Muslim policy, under which ISIS was created, is rife with these sorts of unregistered Islamist passengers, state-sponsored terrorists departing from Western airports into insurgency-plagued regions, like the pair who died in the explosion at a Belgian airport.

Stage Hand from the CIA

The pretty boy of TV soap operas, George Clooney owed his movie-heartthrob career to his father’s collaboration with the CIA and the Jesuit intelligence nexus on their Darfur phony-refugee project in support of heavily armed Chadian guerrillas in a pipeline war against oil-rich Sudan. His dad Nick Clooney is a journalism teacher at American University in D.C. and an active member of the Newseum, both of which are intel linked.

His actor son’s lead roles in intelligence-themed movies “Syriana”, “Argo”, “Men Who Stare at Goats” and “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” leave no doubt about George Clooney’s close connections with the CIA. A swinger (that’s only half of it), he probably had no choice but to cooperate with the Feds’ propaganda machine after disclosure of his longtime friendship with mobster Rick Rizzolo, owner of the Crazy Horse Too stripper club in Las Vegas. Mothers of Parkland, you’re allowing this whore-monger to cozy up to your kids? Another Pied Piper, he’s taking them away for a children’s crusade to help his spook bosses at Langley and the Pentagon. Sorry, Amal, you made a huge mistake falling for a con artist (did you not notice he’s a natural for the role of gambling cheat Danny Ocean?) so go back to the sanity of Beirut, where at least you know who your enemies are.

Blinding Security

Enough gossip. Now what about the gameplan for Ocean’s Eleven Redux? The Console Cowboys blog details how any CCTV system can be hijacked with an online hack though a port. Not only could an electronic intrusion capture a video camera, the entire recording and replay system can be remotely controlled for substitution of video clips, as happened during the supposed “lone-gunman” escape from Parkland School.

In article titled “Video delays misled cops at Stoneman Douglas shooting”, reporters with the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel explained: “The Broward School District's security cameras did not provide real-time video for police during the (day of the) shooting, and an outdated radio system provided further confusion. . . . Police thought they were seeing (the fleeing suspect) live on security cameras, still in the building. They were actually seeing images tape-delayed (by at least 30 minutes).” Or perhaps the inserted video scenes were prerecorded at a staged rehearsal.

The county school superintendent was baffled by the technically impossible error in constant real-time video: “There would be no point in having a video system in the school with a delay. Why would anybody have that?”

A security-studies professor who heads a national active-shooter program at Texas State University was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel as responding: “I’ve never heard of that before.”

In addition, police officers told the reporters that their radio scanner reception was blocked by “some sort of feedback”. The Sun-Sentinel disclosed that similar radio breakdowns hampered police response to the mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood Airport a year ago January. That airport shooting “overwhelmed the county’s antiquated radio system, disrupting communications. Some policemen could hear but not talk as they were trying to determine if there was a second shooter.”

The young Jimmy Olsen reporters need some correcting from an old-timer like me: “Out of date” Motorola radio sets are far more reliable than today’s flimsy digital phones. In a low-rise area as flat as Broward County, radio reception should be crystal clear. The police scanner was deliberated jammed.

So what’s the odds for two separate communications breakdowns, one based in the district school board and the other located in the sheriff’s office, at exactly the same time? Also, for triple risk-management add on the likelihood for NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, MD, being disrupted by a car break-in earlier that day, diverting away national-security attention?

In a tribute to Israeli electronics genius, allow me to repeat a quote from an IDF Cyber-Command officer reported by the Arutz Sheva 7 newspaper, in its Feb. 23, 2016 edition: "We are ahead of the rest of the world in digital capabilities by at least 15 years. We've integrated operational Internet capabilities which enable any commander to do anything in any place.” Anything anywhere and any time includes a commando strike against Parkland school on St. Valentine’s day.

The Hogg Factor in A Joint Ops

The electronic warfare used for the exfiltration phase of Operation Parkland had to be precisely coordinated with the movements of three assailants, and their forward observer, who must have used a different frequency with communications to their headquarters. Not surprising, the former Navy flyer aboard a carrier, Kevin Ralph Hogg is employed at Cubic Simulations Systems in nearby Pompano Beach, which develops programs and graphics for military training and operations. Under DOD contracts, Cubic divides its various ops-planning sections into different regions of the country.

Cubic’s Pompano staff, where the father of Parkland student David Hogg works, focuses on joint-services commando operations such a hostage rescue or strikes on terrorist homes, using cyber tech developed by the IDF cyberwar division. For example, this is DOD procurement order for the Cubic regional office in Orlando: Cubic Simulation Systems Inc., Orlando, Fla., is being awarded a $19,930,555 modification (P00002), to a previously award firm-fixed-price, foreign-military-sales (FMS) contract (W900KK-13-C-0010), for the procurement of Israeli Defense Forces Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 Plus Systems and related services.

Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that: Far from being a victim, David Hogg was one of the forward observers of the joint Israeli-CIA death squad sent to Parkland, ensuring that sufficient numbers of his classmates were killed. The faker should arrested and put under extreme interrogation, along with his father, to confess to their assigned roles in the Soros-style psyop called March for Our Lives. Both father and son suffer degenerative nerve disorders associated with electromagnetic warfare, so never think there isn’t divine justice.

The grandfather of David Hogg was an FBI agent who became CEO of Mastercard, but was later forced out of the company by the board of directors under a cloud of suspicion, related to his authorization of illegal diversions to a powerful cabal, possibly the same secret society behind the FBI Russiagate affair. Of course, the Hogg clandestine role is all in keeping with the eye in pyramid of the Federal Reserve Bank, just like former FBI boss Robert Mueller, a grandmaster of that subversion (Alexander) Hamiltonian secret society.

In the Closet

Don’t get me wrong since I do tend to moralize due to an overly religious upbringing: I like money nearly as much as anyone does, musically speaking, that is. For example, that bouncy ABBA tune: “Money, money, money in a rich man’s world.”

The best lyrics about moolah come not from Pharell but from that ancient though immortal band of “Louie-Louie” fame, The Kingsmen: “You know the best things in life are free, but you can give ‘em to the birds and the bees, cause I want money, yeah, that’s what I want, I want your money . . . muuh. . .uh. . . uh . . . nee, that ‘s what I want!” Honesty like that is a rare commodity nowadays.

The difference between then and now is: In the Vietnam War era the young GIs and student protesters alike weren’t paid crap to risk their lives, whereas the Parkland snowflakes who hid in the closet got millions of dollars through Go Fund Me. What do these losers deserve for failing to attempt a rescue of the wounded or gang-tackle the assailants? A whipping behind the tool shed is what.

It’s admirable that one ROTC student died holding open a door for others, but three or more acting in unison could have teamed up to pounce on a gunman instead of everyone cringing in loneliness and fear. As Ben Franklin put it about being frightened during the unrelenting bloodbath during the Revolution: Either we must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately. Cowardice deserves no pity.

Go Fake Me

GoFundMe pages, most of them posted by fraudsters, are proliferating like pythons in the Everglades. The Miami Herald had to kill its appeals due to the uncertainty of the identities of actual recipients. There were so many fake “victims” that the GoFundMe site decided to limit the fundraising to Broward Education Foundation. Not before pages had been set up by families of 22 shooting victims (Yes, I am aware there were only 17 dead, but some of these are for the wounded, although not all the wounded).

Maybe I’ve suffered from excessive depression at the loss of family members and best friends, so I’ve never set up a lemonade stand at a funeral. By the way, if anyone who is considering an online appeal, the State of Florida covers the cost of the victim’s funerals, therefore the dozens of claimants asking for funds to bury dead students are either totally uninformed or fake. See you at the trial, and I sure do hope Judge Judy hangs you.

The Kaskys Little Coffins

The bodies weren’t even cold yet before high-school junior Cameron Kasky posted his plea for donations to support the partisan Democrat protest planned for March 24 aka March for Our Lives. This nasty drama student was the one who dissed Sen. Marco Rubio for showing up at a townhall meeting to show his sympathy and hear community opinion. Young Cameron showed zero intention to persuade Rubio but spoke out only to polarize the distraught crowd. I do not appreciate Rubio’s voting record either, but the week of mourning is not the time to play politics. Now that it’s started, Cameron is getting what’s coming to him.

The art of hustle runs in the Kaskowitz family bloodstream. On the issue of children’s welfare, it should be noted that Cameron’s grandfather and his father Jeffrey A. Kasky, Jr. are attorneys who serve as president and vice president of the profit-making surrogacy program called One World Adoptions. The OWA slogan for impoverished young women of child-bearing age is: “Make a Pregnancy Statement.” That’s a new brand of feminism.

Dad Jeffrey is co-author of “The ABA Guide to Assisted Reproduction”, something that George Clooney might be interested in volunteering for. The Florida branch is linked by one of its board members to a Georgia adoption group that goes by the same name, which specializes in procuring children for adoption from the Clinton happy hunting ground of Haiti, a reminder of the murder of child-rights researcher Monica Petersen (which was part of the Pizzagate scandal). If any of you Kaskys have information on her last days in Haiti, be sure to convey the details to us at

How’s that for women’s rights, Oprah? Maybe you should volunteer to be a surrogate, too, to help wealthy infertile couples and pedophile pimps in the Kingdom of Wakanda. One of the earlier cash respondents, indeed, was Oprah Winfrey in an act of solidarity with the planned MFOL protest in Washington D.C., which of course has absolutely nothing to do with her ambitions to be the first Wakandan president of the USA. Her butting-in the debate is reason enough for the NRA to beef up the citizen self-defense program, to keep that FAB out of the Oval Office. FAB stands for not what you’re thinking but for “fuel-air bomb”, since she’s got such explosive talent. So hold your breath.

Child Exploitation in Our Lives

Other Hollywood heavyweights fell into line after The Don, George Clooney, made his grandiose gesture. They included Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Obama groupie and former Disney executive whose main product line was sexualized and emotionally whacked kids like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, rolling out of his Mickey Mouse Club treadmill.

Then there’s Stephen Spielberg who hates firearms so much that he produced war-glorifying movies like “Saving Private Ryan” and “War Horse” and gun-slinging thrillers “Minority Report” and “Raider’s of the Lost Ark.” The “H” in Hollywood stands for either “hypocrisy” or “heroin”, take your pick, kids, since you’re soon going to be in wonderful company to be picked off by the D.C. pedophiles. Just wait till they drop you off at Jimmy Cosmic’s Ping Pong pizza parlor. Don’t call 911 for a rescue because Sheriff Israel won’t be around to save you on time.

Long-Planned False Flag

The rapidity of political polarization out of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school during the mourning period, along with the immediate claim from the sneaks at the Anti-Defamation League about the Jewish-born suspect Nikolas Cruz belonging to a white supremacist group, indicate that the Parkland school shooting was another long-planned false-flag attack, similar to the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school assault in Newtown, Connecticut.

The pieces of the jigsaw are by now, more or less, in place following this fourth part of the investigative series. I hope a fifth is not required unless it’s single malt.

For those readers wanting to connect more dots, Nikolas Cruz’s child psychology clinic run by Dr. David Lubin is just 3 blocks down the road from the office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Sawgrass Parkway in Sunrise township, Broward Country. It’s a small world after all, inhabited by enterprising young “survivors”, manipulative parents, dirty cops, gun-toting religious fanatics, corrupt politicians, would-be tyrants and so-called crazed killers. It’s just life and death in a fishbowl.