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Malta And The Orchestrated Black African And
Trump-Allowed Third World Invasion Of America

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff ... I have been reading more about the black African hordes on Malta.    Malta is not a friendly country toward blacks and has been sending black illegals to the US, almost as soon as they land on the Island.  The Maltese hate the blacks and Trumps refuses to order them transported back to Africa.  Trump is THE REASON these often sick and infected useless eaters are being injected in the the HEART of our culture.  They WILL kills us and destroy what was the shining light to the world…America.  

You saw the story of the German feminist who has seen the light about these savages and has completely reversed her earlier liberal (stupid) views about this Third World filth.  She says she now sees clearly that they will NEVER change and will NEVER assimilate into Germany or any Western culture.  She is. actually leaving Germany and moving to Poland…which continues to stand firm and refuses to accept this Third World cancer.

 Malta has kept some of the Muslim illegals but through the US State Dept and the UN, passes its Somali and other African blacks straight into the US with Trump’s full knowledge and approval.  He is doing NOTHING to stop it. If this isn’t treason, there is no such thing.

 Malta had promised to take in some of Italy and Greece's refugees but the African blacks CONTiNUE to be sent to the US.  Trump could stop this INSTANTLY by pulling all US support for the UN ‘refugee’ program and banning it.  But he won’t and that makes him an inarguable agent of our destruction.   So, we are the dumping ground for Malta's black African illegals.  I have found data on the agreement between Malta and the US and UN back to November.

 Malta definitely will not keep refugees with medical or psycological problems (which afflicts most all the Stone Age black Africans).  Another group of Somalis will be coming to the US in two weeks.  I will be watching and reporting on the CDC flight at that time.

 Meanwhile, it is time to start tweeting Trump, Congress and anyone who will listen.  This flood of illiterate, 60 IQ, black Somalis and other Black Africans MUST END.

 WE will be overrun with Somali and black African illegals in no time.  We won't be able to afford the tax dollars to educate, clothe, and support these infected Africans.  The government must use the tax money to deport these illegals to their home country.  Let me note there that this issue is NOT a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill.  None of the Congressmen will discuss it out of abject cowardice of being called a ‘racist’.

 These Third World blacks will multiply like roaches and their extended families will deplete our natural resources.  Water, food and housing will become scarce.  Theses Africans will then do what they did in South Africa and blame whites for their problems.  They will outnumber us and call for whites to be killed in order to save on our own remaining resources.

 They got away with it in South Africa and will do the same here.  They will never thank us for allowing them into the US.  Instead, they will call for all whites to be killed as we are already hearing now.  It has started in the Universities with tenured Professors calling for whites to be eradicated.   GENOCIDE.  As the numbers of blacks increase, the call for killing will become actual killings.

 If we do not send these blacks back to Africa, we will be responsible for our own demise.

 Now is the time for Patriots to rise up and say NO MORE THIRD WORLD garbage.  They must stay in their own countries…back in Africa from whence they came.   They are NOT ‘refugees’ and you must understand that this is all being orchestrated by Soros and other extremist  bolshevik communist zionists who are unquestionably running this entire invasion.   It did NOT just ‘happen’…this is all a plan, a conspiracy, to bring millions of savages into the Western world to destroy it.  I am no ‘racist’, I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN who sees what is going on...and how we are being set up to die for zionism.