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Comment - Male-Dominant Illegals
Threaten Euro Gender Equality


From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - In reading the article, I think the experts are missing the actual reason for the assaults on women in Europe.  It is nothing to do with more males than females and nothing to do with boys being boys which is indicated.

This happens throughout AFRICA and the Middle East.  Muslims feel it is OK to RAPE, BEAT and DEGRADE degrade women if they are at war.  This IS war on Europe. Period.  The Quran states that Muslims can take the infidel women and consider them sex slaves.  Perfectly OK by the Prophet. They can have as many wives and sex slaves as they can afford. Many of the so called refugees are ISIS.  When the Russians went into Syria and kicked butt the ISIS moved the war over to Europe.

The disruption of European society is their purpose and the conversion of Europe to Islam is the purpose. Also, Africans from many African nations use rape.  They do not respect their women and rape, gang rape is all but too common in Africa. The Congo, and other nations rape is a part of normal life.  Until women stand up and stop rape by arming themselves it will continue.  I think since we are doomed to get these Muslim criminals in our society thanks to the Shiite Sh_t in the Whit House our women should be signing up at local gun clubs  and applying for pistol permits.

Also, Martial Arts courses and Archery courses will save a women from rape.

So, now  not only will we and Europe be over run by Muslims flooding in but we will also have the half breeds thanks to rape.  Muslim and non whites will over run the Christian White population in the West in no time at all.

The mixed race children born to white Christians will be very hostile and will probably grow up hating the whites.  IF the Muslim invader armies are not sent back now I see no hope for the West.  

We should have young people with hope and learning how to travel to other planets entering the 21st century and beyond  but instead we are moving toward the 6th century.

Instead of moving toward visiting the other planets we are watching beheadings sharia law which cuts off the limbs of a thief.  Women will be doomed to a life without education and rape.  Instead of moving forward we are moving quickly back to the dark ages.  This is what Islam brings to the table.

The age of enlightenment is over and Islam is in its place.

Boys may be boys but make no mistake what is going on in Europe is all out war against White Christians.  Rape is part of the war on Europe.  Europe will become Africa in no time. Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims have no business living in a society where people are cultured and educated.



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