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Making War On Reality


By Jim Kirwan


Whenever any government makes war, anywhere on the earth, they have a responsibility to show ‘just cause’ for their actions when the results of those wars are compared with what existed before these illegal cabals ventured forth in the first place.

Case in Point from active duty Lt. Col. John Nagl @ 25min 29sec.

… “The long term presence of American troops for ‘decades’, not for one decade, [but] for multiple decades is going to be necessary… The US has kept US troops stationed in foreign countries in Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea for multiple generations. The American people are fine with those policy decisions; those troops have helped enable the long term security of the globe and the greatest period of economic expansion and growth the world has ever seen.” (Really)?

Americans have to die on battlefield to destroy ISIS - US military strategistv

kirwan: The question is never asked: “According to who or according to what “mandate” has any of this ever answered to”?

As far as the world is concerned today the planet has never been in worse shape. “The globe” of which the Colonel speaks has never been poorer or deeper in debt than it is today: And there has never been a time when there were more wars going on all over the planet than there are today—yet no one has bothered to clearly assess the “Before & After” of every war that we have paid for and prosecuted over the entire time which began after the end of WWII.

In the case of Iraq, that country under Saddam was a technological leader that surpassed the US in cutting edge technology and their civilian population was light years ahead of most of the nations in the world, before we attacked Iraq the first time in 1991. Bagdad was a virtual garden, just as Tripoli was under Kaddafi, before the US declared that the leadership of both nations were supposedly being led by ruthless dictators that required “regime change” in order to bring about “freedom & democracy.”

The US has always charged other nations with having “Weapons of Mass Destruction”: Yet the U.S. has always had them and we’ve been using them across the planet for decades ­ but Amerikans don’t seems to care.

Looking back at every war that we have waged just since the new millennium began: All we have succeeded in “creating” has been nothing but carnage and scorched earth policies where before many civilization’s had thrived. Kaddafi created a man-made river beneath the desert sands that was set to create a garden throughout North Africa, and Libyan’s were some of the best educated and most civilized people on the planet, before we decided to slaughter Libya and erase it along with many other nations from the map of the world.

Here’s a “look-back” at what has happened, versus what was promised, dealing with Islamic State in Libya. The current “Islamic State” in Libya was not something that the West promised to create when they murdered Kaddafi—in fact the West promised “freedom & democracy” but that turned into the Chaos Inc. that reigns in place of what was the Libya of yesterday.

@ 11min 29sec into RT today:

The volume of lies that has become what the world is being fed, 24-7 each and every day, has reached the end of credibility virtually everywhere upon the earth today.

The current situation cannot be sustained any longer which is part of what has been responsible for whatever is currently going on with several of the intersecting actions that are about to collide upon the global stage.

The collapse of the US Dollar that was slated to happen last October, but has been moved up by Obama to this month, without explanation.

Obama Closes Ports:

At the same time, we have a secretive and major attack upon the food supply by the multinational corporations who are blocking the delivery of goods and food-stuffs from the American West Coast ports.

The Dirtiest Deal You’ve Never Heard Of:

And finally yesterday came news of a 300 year annual event that could spell real trouble for the East Coast of America, if that event happens as predicted.

It seems that this ‘potential event’ has Northcom in a panic. Why one has to wonder, is our national defense apparatus getting so upset? If the impending Tsunami happens what else could cause the American Defense apparatus to worry enough about what the result might be from such an event: Or is their real fear based more on what could happen if the dollar collapses—which could easily happen if the heretofore deaf dumb and blind public finally gets the picture: When the public can no longer buy the foods they’ve become accustomed to at the stores that we have always looked to fulfill our every need?

Global Alert: John Moore - Mega-Tsunami from the Canary Islands!

All in all the remainder of this month will bring much of the above much closer into the lives of every American: Whether it turns out to be the failure of the dollar, the threat of a Mega-Tsunami, or a major disruption in the food supply that is being triggered by the owners of the global-shipping lines that since the ninth of February have been withholding the delivery of goods and shipping to the West Coast Ports of the United States.

All in all, this is just part of the proof that the global-ambitions of the old world order, masquerading as the New World Order, has finally passed its’ “use-by-date” ­ Hang on America because this ride is about to get a whole lot more dangerous, no matter where you are today.


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