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Make No Mistake!
Decoding Nero’s Lies

By Jim Kirwan

This morning after the false-flag shutdown of the feral government, Obama came forth to “explain” his extortionate scheme to the public.

I was reminded of bloody demonstrations that used to be held in very poor nations where automobile tires were filled with gasoline and set ablaze. The burning tires were then tossed around the necks of captured demonstrators: The burning tires were called “necklaces” and they were deadly!

This is what Nero has done to the public that has never had a national health-care plan that was ever affordable. Congress & their puppet-leaders have totally free health-care which we pay for. But for the rest of us, Nero is trying to force us to accept this necklace of burning lies that he calls “affordable”!

Nothing has been said about the literally 30,000 pages of riders that have been added to “the Bill”. No legislation should exceed a hundred pages, because legislation is only as useful to ordinary people as it is possible for the public to easily understand: This nightmare is not only totally mis-configured—it cannot be understood by 99% of the people that will supposedly need it. Nero-Care is a giant wealth-transfer from the poorest people in this place to the wealthiest Zionista owners on this land.

There’s also a primary consideration included in this piece of garbage. The first priority of every single bill which is passed into law has in it a rider that directs a portion of the cost of the bill to go directly to the Tennessee Valley Authority. Do you know what that is?


The Tennessee Valley Authority

This is the government funded energy corporation that manufactures plutonium for nuclear-weapons. If we were serious about disarmament we could eliminate this secret and totally outdated dinosaur. The money-sucking monster of TVA is not publicly known, just dig into it online. Follow its progress from the New Deal to G W Bush & his sponsorship of this nearly invisible beast which sucks money from every taxpayer each and every time you allow another piece of government-garbage to be added to your debts. We just can’t go without keeping the nukes coming while we preach peace!

Incidentally if Nero’s health-care-extortion could function at-all, which is not possible, then why does it require 30,000 pages to explain its true costs? Simple; because this hijacking is not about health-care it’s a massive give away to insurance companies, the entire health-care industry, big-pharma and DHS because it will enable deeper controls on every man woman and child in this country.

Obama’s Soylent-Green

Nero-Care will bankrupt the poor that will still need affordable health-care, even if he gets this implemented. Those who cannot or do not want this plan will be forced to sign-up, pay huge fines or go to jail. Does that sound like something that “people” need to be involved in? This is just a heavily-added-to form of the D.O.A. “health plan” that Hillary tried so hard to sell the public: Until the true costs and failures were revealed as to the totally-bogus nature of the entire plan.

Recently I applied for VA membership, so that VA medical services could be used, if the need arises, to deflect the new feral-requirement to have Obama-Care. Though this process I discovered that Nero wants to force the VETS to have Nero-Care by cutting VA care as a workable medical benefit in the US. You might want to look into that if you’re currently depending on the VA for your health-care. In this fantastically twisted world nothing is what it’s being advertised as…

Here is one more of Nero’s lies for today:

This Republican shut down did not have to happen, but I want every American to understand why it did happen. Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to fund the government unless we defunded or dismantled the Affordable Care Act.

They've shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans. In other words, they demanded ransom just for doing their job.” (1)

It is the job of congress to prevent bad legislation from being passed. This national-extortion is a massive-threat to the viability of the nation. The monetary costs alone will end anything that might still be there for people in this place—it is NOT AFFORDABLE, it does not involve “health” it is NOT INSURANCE, IT’S just another criminal EXTORTION” against the people who need it most, and it never will be a solution to anything!

In countries that do not have our system of flawed government; when something like this happens the government “fails”. Then elections are held to replace the failed politicians with others. The new government has to fix what the old government failed to do. But this government keeps all the same people at all levels that brought on whatever the problems were. Only the people suffer from the government’s FAILURE to do its only job, which is to maintain the health of the nation physically medically and socially. Congress always plays with failing to pay our bills on time!

If you or I tried to pay our bills, using their deceptive-forms of borrowing, delaying or just lying, we would be charged with failure to pay, or to honor our legal-commitments. Our business lives would come to a permanent halt. Remember the congressional-thieves don’t work more than 72 days in the entire year and their health-care is free. They don’t participate in Social Security and a huge number of these creatures are millionaires! How this can be accomplished on a government salary defies imagination ­ but it happens! That’s why we can’t ever seem to rid ourselves of any of them by election or even term-limits. They will need to be dragged out into the streets and hung from the nearest light-pole ­ they have been that corrupt for that long! Watch The Destabilization Template ­ explained. (2)

As for those supposedly sacred-political-party affiliations: The political-parties should all be terminated and investigated thoroughly for public fraud, theft, and the lies that enabled these traitors to commit treason almost on a daily basis. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the so-called “parties” and there hasn’t been since Dirty Harry Truman stained the Oval Office by forcing Zionism on every American. It is this that is now killing the whole damned world…

This brings us to the latest expose of all the supposedly terrorizing threats that are loose in the world today: Viewable in this one short clip for your convenience called: “False-Flag the Movie” (3)

The reason we are NOT currently having the promised bank-closure is because these cowards are afraid of us. They still can’t bring themselves to implement all the phony presidential executive-orders that Nero has spent months writing because they just might be about to experience some public-executions of the elites in something like the fashion which is mentioned in ‘The Crucifixion Czar’. (4)

The world got lazy. We forgot that every generation has to make their own images, their own worlds’ in their own words and live it in their own ways.

In Amerika we got very, very lazy. We thought that the world we inherited came with “givens”. “Our futures were assured”, the promise of our tomorrows could only be better than the world we were born into. Having to actually “work” for anything any longer became passé because our generation was the golden one. We would mark the end of all that old stuff and “we” would inherit all the wonders of the computer age. And because we forgot to even read the Constitution, we of course took all our “FREEEDOMS” for granted. The last four-generations could not have been more wrong!’

We have a chance to upend this cowardice and end the continuing nightmare but we have to use what garbage-politics has given to us all. It’s a small window, but if we force it we can turn that tiny window into a whole new opening into a world without the lies and the traitors from that “CHANGE” that Nero ran on, time after time, while he took us into the Quadrillions of his puppet-ownership that has now become the norm…

My memories of the times when governments just dealt in millions has faded. That was replaced by BILLIONS, which seems like

a page from the Saturday Evening Post of Americana days gone by.

Then, with CALIGULA came TRILLIONS along with a massive smudging of the clarity of vision. Today we're standing on the precipice of QUADRILLIONS-FOREVER!

It is about to be so bad that we can throw-way the billfolds, and

even the wheel-barrows - HELL it's time to get your own 18 wheeler

for just a loaf of bread, coming by the end of the month? For those of us accustomed to living-small this too will just be another massive readjustment. But for those who are still buying luxury-cars and the millionaire bullet-proofing that comes with the territory: This down-turn might easily become a personal-avalanche.

For the “CHOSEN PEOPLE” there are all those very special stocks

that are being made of nothing but carefully, no longer disguised, excrement! They need to get out there and Buy, Buy, & Buy some more!

But hey it’s Tuesday people! Let's all watch "FALSE-FLAG" the MOVIE and have a really GREAT DAY!

1) Full Transcript: President Obama’s October 1 Remarks

2) Treasonous Israeli Citizens Control Us ­ 2min 33 sec VIDEO

3) False-Flag The Movie 3min 8sec VIDEO

4) The Crucifixion Czar





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