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Maine Heritage Denies Sam Iserbyt Right To Speak

By Charlotte Iserbyt

Yes, it is the same policeman (Sean Hurley) who is heard on tape:  "If he had moved, I would have popped him (Sam) in the head." This took place two years ago, about one month before Hurley attempted to "pop Sam in the head".  The Police Dept. gave him a major award for his kindness to the addict; he received all kinds of press coverage.  I didn't know ABC had picked it up.  Thanks for sending.

The sergeant who gave Sam first aid (applied tourniquet to stop bleeding which definitely, along with great job done by surgeon and MMC staff,  was responsible for Sam still being alive) and got truth out of Sam about who shot him, never got any press coverage.

Maybe the award Hurley got and all the press coverage was an incentive for Hurley to carry out orders from on high to attempt to take Sam out one month later.  

I'd like to forward this one to my big list, identifying who this great "humanitarian" policeman is.

Too bad Sam can't get that kind of ABC coverage!  All we have left is our email lists now.  ALL media (local, state and national is controlled).

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To: Charllott Iserbyt <>
Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2017 2:25 PM
Subject: Sexual harassment policy in Congress designed to 'protect the harasser': Congresswoman - ABC News

Is this the Hurley who was involved to take Sam out? What was his roll?

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From: Charlotte Iserbyt <>
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Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2017 12:11 PM
Subject: Fw: Maine Heritage denies Sam Iserbyt right to speak at luncheon, spring 2017

Please listen carefully to audio below and/or read transcript which follows audio. Or do both.

Is what you hear (a lie out of Portland, Maine Mayor Ethan Strimling's mouth ) the new norm for elected officials in the USA?

Is what you hear (coverup out of the mouth of Matt Gagnon, age 37, the head of Maine's Heritage Foundation, so-called conservative think tank affiliated with Washington, D.C. Heritage Foundation) the new norm  for leaders of Trotskyite neoconservative organizations?

Both Mayor Strimling and Matt Gagnon, and tragically enough, the luncheon attendees themselves, except for one brave soul, are obviously a product of our dumbed down education system which no longer teaches the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights.


Transcription of audio covering Maine Heritage luncheon, spring, 2017, Portland, Maine, at which Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling, guest speaker, lied to Sam Iserbyt  and luncheon attendees.   Matt Gagnon, Chairman, Maine Heritage, denied Sam Iserbyt,  victim of two murder attempts by Portland Police Dept.,  opportunity to speak to audience, and audience, curiously enough, agreed with Gagnon’s gag on Iserbyt.   [Brackets for clarification purposes].  

Steve Schran (Maine taxpayer):   My name is Steve Schran.  I grew up in the city so I understand a lot of concerns here.  But I have one major concern.  I have all these  [backgrounder sheets related  to coverup of both murder attempts].  Each and every one of you can have a copy of this.  Why don't you, as elected mayor of Portland, Maine, and unelected City Manager, Jon Jennings, do anything about the "pop Sam in the head" audio which indicates that the Portland Police Dept. planned to take out Samuel Iserbyt in October of 2015. .. this gentleman right here, a former Maine combat veteran  in the first Iraq War.   One of officers says (on tape) "It's not federal NOW,” and “Grant's talking to him on the phone."  You and the City Manager both listened to tape given to you by Sam Iserbyt.  Was this tape ever made available to members of the Portland City Council and, if not, why not?  As a Maine taxpayer I want to know who exactly gave officers Hurley and Ryder, whose voices are heard on the tape, orders to "pop Sam in the head".  You ought to read this entire sheet.  You think your city is safe?  I don't think so.  I live in New Gloucester; it's safe there.  We don’t even have a Police Dept.  (Audience laughs: "ha, ha".)
Mayor Ethan Strimling response: “ I don’t really have a response.  I don’t really recall the issue. “
Sam Iserbyt: “I think you do.  We spoke privately on the phone.  There were several private emails.  I sent you the recording and you disappeared.  I went to Jon Jennings and I told him about our conversations.  He said “I run this city.”  I don’t know where you stand on that, Ethan.  I would like to know who shut you up because I think somebody told you to be quiet and you were on the Notice of  Tort Claim  for a lawsuit, probably the largest lawsuit the City has ever seen, as you know.  And you have read it because I took it to your office and I took it to District Attorney Anderson; the Chief is in it.  End of the day, Chief, instead of using his officers [as he had done during October 2015 “pop in head” incident] had a hit man come to my house [Memorial Day 2016) and shoot me.  Odd part is after all surgeries I have been through [due to gunshot wound through  my femoral artery] nothing has bled; and it is mysterious today, in this room, that this started (blood) coming out of my leg.  (Luncheon attendees whistle, wow, etc.)  Does anyone want to see the wound?  The Chief sent one of his officers [October, 2015 “pop in head” incident] And, if anyone wants to hear it [audio], I will play it for you.  It is short and Ethan’s heard it.”
Matt Gagnon:  “I am sorry.  I know you have suffered for it.  Well I...”
 Someone in audience [brave soul who understands U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights]  says:  “We should hear this man”.
Matt Gagnon:   "I think right now is NOT the time for this.  We can have a private conversation after.”
Steve Schran:  "I think everyone needs to hear it.”
Audience:  “No, No.  Sit down.  Others agree “Sit down.”
Sam Iserbyt:  “Sit down?”  “Sit down”?
Audience:  YES.
Sam Iserbyt:  Do you want to see injuries?
Steve Schran:  “Let’s go; they don’t care.”
Sam Iserbyt’s last comment as luncheon attendees leave restaurant:  “There was an eye witness who watched whole thing [Memorial Day murder attempt] happen.”

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