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None Of The Mail 'Bombs' Have Been Described Or
Announced To Have Been Operable - False Flags
Sent For Purely Political Reasons Before MidTerms

By Gary Holland
Exclusive To

First, there are the 'spontaneous' caravans - now two of them - set in motion to reach the US Border in time for the MidTerms. Who organized them? Who is feeding 15,000 people along the way? Who was shown in video making cash payments to countless women in these 'caravans'? The answer is grimly obvious. And now we have a flurry of false flag 'mail bombs' sent to key Democrat and Socialist politicians, clearly designed to give the MSM lots of anti-conservative hysteria to peddle.

Ask yourself, what was the point of sending inoperable duds? How could devices sent to multiple locations all malfunction? Devices that were sent to Obama and Hilary were intercepted before being delivered...why not the other 'devices'? If the 'explosive device' planted at Soros house was hand-delivered, why were the other devices not hand-delivered?

These questions and many more will obviously never be answered satisfactorily. They would at least be asked...IF we had a genuine free and neutral press.

This whole, lame, transparent false flag is just another dumb attempt at an 'October Surprise' this case to incite emotions against conservatives and the GOP.