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Madness & Insanity Incorporated

By Jim Kirwan

The world has lost whatever is left of its collective ‘mind’.


The balances that were created with the imposition of International Laws, after WWII, have been ignored. The Apathy which surrounds this act has created the global-madness which now rules this planet. Humanity stands naked and alone at the finite edge of oblivion, with nuclear destruction in the balance between madness and insanity. Too many have chosen not to act against the global-crimes that we have all participated in. Whether by choosing or failing to choose we are all involved in this nightmare, and we are running out of time.

After WWII we allowed the UN to break the natural laws that governed the creation of all the other nation-states, so that a cancer could be created, in Palestine, which must be undone. This was the fore-runner that preceded the end of Nation-States themselves, in order to “create” a ‘new-world-order’. However, Israel did not succeed in what this travesty was allowed to attempt, to do to the rights of the people in Palestine, and throughout a once-sane global-world.

ISRAEL & the Madness of Netanyahu

Netanyahu reflects Israeli fascism. He's hardline, unstable, unscrupulous and dangerous. He prioritizes conflict and instability.”

…“In January, (Netanyahu) accused Iran of planning another holocaust. It wants Israel destroyed, he said. He lied. He turned truth on its head. He hyped a nonexistent threat. Israel has none except ones it invents.

"And the world's apathy toward this hatred remains the same. The indecision of the enlightened countries regarding whether to act against extreme regimes that threaten us and the peace of the world is also something that has not changed."
All that's changed "is our ability and determination to act to defend ourselves and prevent another Holocaust."
No threat whatever exists. Netanyahu regurgitates the Big Lie. He does so for political advantage. He does it perhaps as prelude for planned war.

A mass Israeli, American, and global awakening is needed. Netanyahu and Obama are major threats to world peace. Confronting them responsibly is urgently needed. Failure to do so means all bets are off.

On June 14, the House passed HR 1960: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014. It includes an amendment assuring "all necessary steps" to ensure Israel's able to "remove existential threats" at a time it has none. It states: "It is the Sense of the Congress that air refueling tankers and advanced bunker-buster munitions should immediately be transferred to Israel to ensure our democratic ally has an independent capability to remove any existential threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program and defend its vital national interests."

k) The congress of the United States was NOT created to serve the government of Israel. Congress has no authority to order safety and security for any other nation over the safety and security of the United States of America. Even after Israel attacked America in the 1967 War by attempting to sink the USS Liberty, and by killing 241 US Marines in Beirut Lebanon: Israel continued to expand their hatred of us by attacking America again on 911. Why has congress continued to defend Israel, rather than to prosecute them for these and their other crimes against America and Americans? Now Americans are expected to drop our national interests, to again protect the barbaric crimes of Israel, while Israel and the Outlaws of USI move toward starting WWIII.

…“It triples funding (to nearly $300 million) for so-called joint US/Israeli missile defense programs intended mainly for offense. It requires Obama to submit reports to Congress confirming all necessary steps on behalf of Israel were taken. The amendment is similar to a non-binding May Senate resolution. It urged Obama to provide Israel with "diplomatic, military and economic support" should it be "compelled" to strike Iran's nuclear facilities.” (1)

This is insanity in action: Coming as it does during a time when America no longer has freedom, democracy or the Constitution that was created to protect our own citizens from this rogue government and from the treasonous actions of the current Israeli regime.

Netanyahu is a creature of Israel. Israel is responsible for his continued existence. The US is responsible for our cowardice in failing to act to reign in these international-pirates. They continue to blackmail this government, bankrupt our people and extort our courts, congress and the presidency. Meanwhile we continue to kiss the ass of Netanyahu and jump to every order given by the Outlaws-in-Israel.

The psychotic-paranoia of the insanity that rules Israel has to be dealt with. That would be best accomplished from within Israel. They created him, it’s up to them to remove and prosecute him immediately. The same can be said of our failure to prosecute Bush or Obama. These criminals played their part in hundreds of global-crimes that are threatening to end the world. These criminals need to be removed from human-society.

Throughout the ugly global-history of the Money-changers there were many missteps on all sides. In the end Jews were evicted from virtually every country they infected from Ancient Carthage to today, with the exception being America. The day of reckoning is overdue.

It is worth mentioning that throughout the Diaspora of the Jews there was only one country that took them in and befriended them as individuals: That country was Palestine. Jews were accepted and intermarried with the Palestinian people. They were able to lead productive lives in Palestine as a very small minority within that state—until the Zionists engineered the Belfour Agreement and invaded Palestine from the inside as well as from outside.

What followed is perhaps the longest genocide in modern-history: Against the only people who had openly been friendly and welcoming to the Jews, when the rest of the world had cast them out without a second glance. The Zionists repaid their saviors with genocide, mass slaughter, banishment, butchery, rape, the theft of the traditional lands of Palestine: All that in the name of what the Zionists call “self-defense”. The rest of the planet sees what was done to the Palestinians as a massive-crime against humanity.

Israel claims to be ‘a democracy’. It is in fact an Apartheid-Police-State that has evicted Christians, Muslims, traditional Jews, and all others that are not of the Zionist persuasion. It is a savage and barbaric place run by an international gang of thugs that specialized in running the global drug-and illicit-arms-trade. Israel leads the world in the illegal-trafficking of human body parts, pornography, pedophilia, and crimes against humanity along with genocide-unending. This is the place that is demanding that the world respect their right to exist.

At the same time Israel does not recognize the rights of any other nation to have any right to protect themselves from either Israel or USI. This absolute right of Israel to take over the world and murder everyone else in that process cannot continue to go unanswered! (2)

A retired Israeli Military General told the Israeli Army Radio on his 100th birthday that the Israeli Army destroyed and depopulated hundreds of Arab villages in order to establish the State of Israel in 1948, and added that “he feels good about it.” (3)

For our part in all of this; there is now proof about what we really did to Iraq during the over twenty years of war against Iraq.

America’s Gulf War, intermittent bombings in the 1990s, the 2003 war, and aftermath left a toxic legacy.

Children born with two heads reflect it. Some had only one eye. Missing sockets look like the inside of an oyster. They’re milky and shapeless.

Some children had tails like a skinned lamb. One or more had a monkey’s face. Girls had their legs grown together. They were half fish, half human.

Miscarriages are frequent. Hundreds of newborns have cleft pallets, elongated heads, overgrown or short limbs, and other malformed body parts. Some are too gruesome to view.

Deformed Iraqi newborns are commonplace. So are virtually every known illness and disease. They’re inordinately frequent. They range from severe headaches, muscle pain and debilitating fatigue, to serious infections, cardiovascular disease, brain tumors and numerous type cancers.

They include leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and multiple myeloma. Others affect the bile ducts, bones, brain, breasts, colon, prostate, esophagus, gall bladder, liver, lungs, pancreas, pharynx, ovaries, salivary glands, small intestine, stomach, thyroid, urinary tract, and pelvis.” (4)

In Iran our actions have been forgotten during the same time period, while we were bombing Iraq back to the stoneage.

The truth is we attacked Iran and overthrew their legally elected and popular leader in 1953. We then installed the Shah of Iran, for a second time, and created the hated SAVAK, which the CIA trained and installed. There was an 8 year long war using Saddam to kill millions of Iranians, to insure that Iran could not remain without wars to fight. When Iran returned to a religiously run state and seized the US embassy in Tehran, that led to the current hostility that still remains—despite the fact that Bush Senior & Ronnie sold arms in exchange for the American-hostages. Later we continued to sell arms to Iran, while we provided arms to the Death Squads and imported illegal drugs into the US. All of it ILLEGAL and as corrupt as it gets!

The “US Role” in the history of Iran is many-layered, and yet Iran has never attacked the United States or any other country during that time. It is the US and Israel who maintain that Iran can’t wait to develop a nuclear weapon to attack the shittiest country on earth. Before we allow this to go forward, the world needs to re-evaluate the entire situation in the Middle-East that both we and Israel have been brutally using for our private thefts of everything Middle-Eastern.

There are hundreds of crimes within what used to be called the United States that need to be stopped. Our leadership consists of traitors and TREASON on every side. If we want to ever be able to have a life again, we must begin with the single largest component of all the crimes we are currently eyeball deep in. That means we must cut off Israel, and if necessary occupy that place from top to bottom until the real threats to the USA and the world are erased, so that “wars-unending” are outlawed internationally.

Now that Russia and the BRIC nations are beginning to stand up to the global-tyranny that has gone unchecked since 1948—there might yet be a chance for the human race to begin to act like the kind of people we once were—by resisting the true-terrorists in US and Israeli uniforms worldwide. This would lead to ending the totally criminal hammerlock of the international Money-Changers, the Federal Reserve and the IRS, not to mention wholesale trials against all the hyphenated-Israeli’s inside and outside the government who have stolen this country outright from all the rest of us…

We could begin with silencing Israel ­ forever!

1) Netanyahu Falsely Says Iran Plans Another Holocaust

2) SILENCE the conceit beneath it all

3) IDF General­“We Destroyed Arab Villages To Create Our State”

4) Epidemic of Birth Defects and Cancer in Iraq: America’s Toxic Legacy





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