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"Made In The USA"
Not Anymore!

By Jim Kirwan


Copyright Kirwan 1994 & 1999

There’s a beautiful video that describes what happened to

The “Made in America” label

Which is no longer legal to use.

3min 52 sec.

What we're up against now is a government that has already made it ILLEGAL to label anything as "MADE IN AMERICA". Even the products that carry that label now are stretching it, by using the other America's: Canada, Mexico, Central & South America are also "AMERICA"! Just in case they missed anything in this illegal edict, "your-government" prohibits the use of "MADE IN THE USA" in California as well.

The U.S. Constitution requires this nation to make everything that American's need or want; to be made here. Everything that was made here was protected from foreign-competition so that American's would directly profit from this constitutionally protected arrangement: Thus making whatever we need here in America, made in America by Americans…

Congress passed a series of criminal-actions that effectively outlawed the ability of Americans to control or manufacture products here inside the United States.

When Clinton began to drain America of all our real jobs, (approved of by Congress) at the same time making American's inferior: To every other country in the world, when it came to jobs: Not just by allowing outsourcing, labor and R&D (without insurance, health-care, or product liability protections): But by taking it further and prohibiting Americans from competing with foreign nations for those same jobs here at home.

Be sure to thank Ronald Reagan for the 50 million illegals that have stolen what few jobs were still here: That would be those jobs that cannot be outsourced. What is not considered is that every president after Reagan continued to expand this criminal-process of illegally outsourcing jobs.

An experience I had between 1994 & 1999 can explain this outsourcing problem more fully. The project was the kirwan-deck.

I wanted to make certain this deck of flash-cards would carry the label “MADE IN THE USA”.

The project began with tarot-cards because images shown in that way were familiar to most people. I spent twenty-years studying every deck in use at the time and that included earlier decks going back to the 15th century that had remained hidden. Because at the time of their release, the Inquisition had begun—so their existence had to be disguised.

When Joseph Campbell released his “Power of Myth” on PBS with Bill Moyers, I had just finished the first of three decks. I wrote to Campbell’s television editor, Betty Sue Flowers in Texas for advice, because most of my work was graphically identical to most of what Campbell was talking about in his series. Betty Sue got back to me to say that I didn’t need to follow in Campbell’s footsteps directly because in her opinion my work, with a few slight alterations, would stand on its own.

I took her advice and began to develop the deck for use in a PBS program based on “Psychology Today” - a one hour weekly program that had recently been canceled. I contacted prominent psychologists in the field, the top five of which had moved since their program ended. I wanted to know if they would be interested in a one-hour weekly show that would be devoted to “Questions of the Week” from a psychological point of view.

The idea was to use the work of several artists, and various decks of images - to add graphics to the discussion of current topics in the news each week. The cards in this deck can be animated so that instead of featuring just talking heads, the discussions could have featured active images while the discussions were going on.

At the time of the cancellation Psychology Today the program had about a million and half viewers per week ­ which wasn’t enough for PBS, probably because the events of the day were beginning to reflect poorly on the profession of psychology. Had I been able to get this-variation started, it could have been an ideal vehicle for people to participate-nationally-in on a weekly-basis. The program could have focused on questions of the week, from the point of view of the people in this country who had almost no voice in anything that was going on, even that far back.

PBS policy at the time offered its audience the option to buy spinoffs from their programs: Thus giving the deck a national-venue that could begin with roughly a million viewers just to open. By contract, a sizable portion of the profits from sales of the deck could have been used by PBS to partially fund PBS—who was still on the side of people in global-politics, as they had not yet been co-opted as they have been today.

That was what I was trying to pin down. To do that I needed to have a fully finished deck to complete the idea for presentation. This leads to the reasons as to how this is connected to the topic of this article.

When I asked for bids to print the deck in America the numbers were outrageous. I spent months requesting bids. From Shanghai to Taiwan and throughout the world bids came in that were fully two-thirds lower than any American company would compete with.

Three offshore companies offered to print the full deck and send me the proofs for changes, no charge, once a contract was signed. There were only two companies in the states that would even consider doing the job. Because from the point of view of any U.S. printer - it contained so many problems in collating, color-printing, the cutting and packaging of each deck ­ it was not something that most printing-houses would want to do without major guarantees as to volume and growth, in future runs of the deck itself.

That would of course have depended upon public exposure which I believed would happen because of PBS. That did not happen. And since I altered the purpose from tarot to flash-cards for everyday life ­ the tarot publishers weren’t interested at all. It was too Americanized. They were certain that this deck had no chance of gaining the interest of the tarot-public, especially since it was not directly competitive as a tarot deck, despite rave reviews by major tarot advocates in the field.

Forgetting the difficulties I continued to smash head-on into: What I learned first hand was clear - no American publisher would be competitive with the lower costs of offshore printers who were willing and able to meet every need for a third of the cost of any possible American printing house. That situation has continued from that day to this. Without that finalized first printing (where all the real costs are) ­ there was no way to assess any future-sales-possibilities. That project formally ended when I could not sign a printer.

A follow-up project of mine which entailed the commercially successful Black Lizard Book Project was international and hugely successful. I was ready to begin production of posters and prints of the book covers, when Random House bought Black Lizard Books outright and dumped me as the illustrator. That ended that project for me because that takeover killed my involvement in the original images for any further commercial use.

What makes this point relevant is that when Random House bought Black-Lizard Books they were no longer an American Publishing House. Many American-publishing houses had already been purchased by a German Company, Bertelsmann, that has since spread ownership to various countries outside the United States. (1)

I’m sure there have been many other people directly affected by the policies of this government over the last 33 years during which this illegal-situation has continued - unabated.

This is NOT over! This battle has been going on since we left the caves. Some creative-people will no doubt survive, because if that doesn’t happen then the world will not be worth living in. I’m not young but I’m still here, just as all those “others” are as well.

The ability of Americans to produce products that are actually “Made in the United States” must be reclaimed! The Outlaws who created this outrage must be jailed. If enough Americans are willing to force this issue and take back America - we can indeed come back from the edge of oblivion. But we will have to fight them every step of the way to make that happen!

1) German Conglomerate snaps up Random House



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