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"Mad As Hell?"



ARE YOU “Mad as Hell and You’re Not Going to Take this Anymore”

That was in the film “Network” in 1976

37 years ago.

There’s something you can do about it this week!

Demand that congress takes that vote they promised us.


Regardless of whatever else Nero does

Because that bastard lies with every breath he takes.

We have to force the Congress

To put themselves on Trial in their own chambers

For even considering the idea

Of committing a war-crime just to please Nero!


To try an provide a base for the bigger-lie they want to set-up, if the polling numbers remain at or near 91% Against the War in Syria there will be no mystery about how congress must vote. So NBC has suddenly found that 38% of those polled have now decided to approve of Nero’s War crimes. - By claiming that public-opinion has magically changed: When the numbers were as one-sided as they were just one day ago, there is no way that the vote can be faked. But if the media can earn their bonuses and create a fake voter-base, then the media could maybe get away with stuffing the vote into a political black hole, whereupon it can exit on the other side where Nero will suddenly have a totally unexpected victory?

By a 59%-39% margin, Americans don’t want Congress to pass the resolution to authorize a strike in Syria.”

Kirwan: Where the hell did NBC manage to get a 30% increase in those favoring Nero’s position? This allowed the tarnished house to go from a 9% (91 to 9) approval rating to a 39% approval in just one day? To do the Crime this time they first have to lie to make it believable ­ and that lie, by itself needs to be investigated.

Just 29% of independents and 36% of Republicans want Congress to pass the resolution, while 56% of Democrats do; 55% say they’d be against air strikes even if Congress approves; 71% would be against Obama acting if Congress votes against it. All this even though 82% of Americans say the Syrian government likely or certainly used chemical weapons against its own people. Why? That could be explained in 69% saying that the U.S. does not have a national interest in Syria.” (1)

If NBC gets caught doing these lies; then they can be charged with lying in order to take the country into war-illegally ­ which is a crime under international law. The provisions of the law having to do with the media were enacted during the Nierenberg trials. What the media did in Washington was done directly during the Nazi regime’s prosecution of WWII, and became part of their war-crimes trials afterward: This time should be no different, because the only difference between Nero’s administration and the Nazi’s of WWII are the uniforms ~

Here’s what Nero has done over the last ten days.

Nero is a congenital liar. No one can believe anything he says - because he always changes his mind, almost immediately. Look at how much he has changed already in the run-up to this strike on Syria.

First Syria was to be a limited, no boots on the ground; a strictly confined and surgical-gesture ­ just a gesture. Now he wants 60 days of heavy bombing with missiles reining down to make his gesture. By the end of this week he'll be demanding adding Damascus, Tehran, and Beirut to Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki - as the only way to ‘really insure’ the protection of his new world order, and the extension of Israel's Greater State of Israel... (2)

What happened to gesture? It turned into Tomahawk missiles by the hundreds, just to begin with and B-2’s and B-52 heavy bombardments. By the end of this there won’t be a Syria to have any debates over ­ we’ll just have a second version of Libya that will be contaminated for thousands of years to come.

This hardly sounds like anything that can be prevented

by the Russians taking control over Syria's chemical weapons -

just the opposite!

kirwan: We must put a price on the heads of those that are committing us all to slaughter unending - just to appease the blood-sucking bastards in Israel & USI!

Nero’s televised pitch for today ­ 2min 42 sec

Nero: “Almost three weeks ago in Syria, more than a thousand innocent people, including hundreds of children were murdered in the worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st Century.”

k) Apparently whatever happened throughout Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan didn’t count ­ because that was supposed to just be part of Pox America versus the world.

The United States has presented a powerful case to the world, that the Syrian government was responsible for this horrific attack upon its own people.”

k) There was no proof of any kind offered to anyone from the administration, however, there is a huge amount of evidence from other countries and officials that the specific attacks were the work of the mercenary forces that oppose Assad. The attacks were not done by Assad’s forces. Nero kept his DRONE activities around the planet conveniently out of the limelight, so as not to confuse people because we’ve murdered one hell of a lot of women & children with those damned drones, in many other countries.

This was not only a direct attack on human dignity ­ it’s a serious threat to our ‘National Security.’ There’s a reason that government’s representing 98% of the world’s people have agreed to ban the use of chemical weapons.”

k) There is also a reason that 91% of all Americans are opposed to your proposed attack on Syria ­ and that’s because it would be an international war-crime to do so!

Not only because they cause death and destruction in the most inhumane way possible, but they can also fall into the hands of terrorist groups who wish to do us harm.”

k) Basically Nero, you have only yourself, Bush senior & Bush Junior to blame: For all our wars in Iraq that poppy began in 1991 and Junior continued - but which you ended by running away in 2011.

In over 20 years of war I would imagine we managed to make millions of enemies because we have murdered over 3 million people in Iraq alone…

That’s why last weekend I announced that as Commander-in-Chief I decided that the United States should take military action against the Syrian regime. It was not a decision I made lightly.

Deciding to use Military Force is the most solemn decision we can make as a nation.”

k) Ah but Nero, you are not qualified to be Commander in Chief of anything. You’re nothing but a lightweight. And because there was no “WE” involved in this decision of YOURS to go to war, that’s precisely why you are about to be tried and convicted for treason, I will love to watch you hang!

As the leader of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy, I also know that our country will be stronger if we act together: And our actions will be more effective.”

k) The world’s oldest constitutional democracy? Didn’t you mean the world’s oldest Republic with a constitutional government? Oh well, I guess Mr. Ayers & Co in your early manifesto years of training, might have forgotten to mention some of our ways of playing at government?

That’s why I asked members of congress to debate this issue and vote on authorizing the use of force. What we’re not talking about is an open-ended intervention. This would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan; there would be NO American boots on the ground.”

k) Congress will debate this or they will be jailed for failing to stop a dictator. Oh yes, and would this be like Libya, or Yemen or Somalia, where the boots didn’t make it to the ground but our bombs and missiles turn those places into mini-hells all the same?

Any action we take would be limited, within time and scope: Designed to deter the Syrian government from gassing its own people again and ­ and to degrade its ability to do so.”

k) It didn’t take all that long to wipe out Dresden to teach Germany a lesson about starting a meaningless war (so we massacred a whole city just to show them that they shouldn’t kill innocent people).

And as for Japan and teaching lessons - well we began by eliminating their capital city, in a firebombing that remains unequaled in modern history- and finished that off with not one but two atomic bombs. According to your descriptions there is room in Syria for anything we’ve already done to previous enemies and still not exceed what you describe as limited…

I know that the American people are weary after a decade of war. Even as the war in Iraq has ended, and war in Afghanistan is winding down.

k) neither of which were ever necessary ­ AT ALL

And as for being weary, that’s not something that you could ever speak to as you’ve never really known any work - in your life.

That’s why we’re not putting our troops in the middle of somebody else’s war. But we are the United States of America. We cannot turn a blind-eye to images like the ones we’ve seen out of Syria.”

k) The media was ordered to block images from the public in our other wars to conceal the horrors and violence we introduced into Iraq, Afghanistan, Fallujah and dozens of other slaughters. This is exactly the opposite of what you just did in Syria, by choosing to publicize that which you censor everywhere else we go.

Failing to respond to this outrageous attack would increase the risk that chemical weapons could be used again.

They would fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us”

k) That’s about as likely as being struck by a cross-county luxury-bus while hiking off-road in the middle of Death Valley.

And it would send a horrible signal to other nations that there would be no consequences for their use of these weapons. All of which would cause a serious threat to our national security. That’s why we can’t ignore chemical weapons attacks like this one, even if they happened half-way around the world…”

k) There is no nation in this world that is not already more than aware of the lawless nature of the planet that now lives in abject terror of USI under your puppet-ship Nero: Because between you and Netanyahu, there are no more savage or inhumane places on the earth, than the USI & Israel. The entire world has known that for decades ­ so this trick of yours is nothing new. The only truly bizarre thing about it is that you continue to act as if we are somehow innocent of having started this war 2 and half years ago, and it has been our sponsorship that has paid for the chemical weapons which our mercenaries used against the civilian population in Syria.

And that’s why I call on members of congress, from both parties to come together and stand up for the kind of world we want to live in. The kind of world we want to leave our children and future generations.”(3)

k) Wow and you’re still trying to sell us on the long dead past. There is only one party Nero, yours! They are the party in power and they’re all for sale to the highest bidder—that is what really counts in your world. There will not be a future if you and your predecessors continue to have anything to say about anything.

How dare you talk about our children, never mind any future generations ­ you’re a coward and a traitor thru and thru, and you will pay for that!

1) Obama Agenda Prime Time

2) 'No Boots On the Ground'

3) Obama launches final push to win Congressional Strike on Syria



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