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'Mutual Assured Destruction'

By Jim Kirwan

A reader sent me this 23 minute video that I sent out

In February of 2012.

Millions have seen it, yet if anything

We are now even worse off than we were then.

There is however one glaring difference from what is presented in the video and the current state of the global military of US Inc.

The difference is that when this was made back in 2010, USI did indeed have the military weaponry and power depicted in the video. In the world of today USI has already given away that global-military might just since the formal military withdrawal from Iraq in 2011.

What still remains true is: ‘The Decline & Ruin’ as mentioned!

We’ve got seven more days during which the world can indeed


Instead of what they’ve planned for all of us!

Predatory Capitalism must die,

And we must:

Let Our Lives Be the Friction that will Stop this Machine’

After watching this again this morning I remembered an artifact from my youth that might help shed some light on what we can do to become involved in ending this nightmare now.

In the year after graduation from highschool 57-58, the top one hundred outlaws (most of which were the sons of the elites in Oklahoma City) were killed within that first year after graduation.

That happened for two reasons. The bullies, the sons of the excessively wealthy had largely been criminals for most of their lives. They had been comfortably protected by the system until they graduated. Their targets during all those years of school, once freed from the restrictions of the Petrie Dish of highschool struck back and ended what had been a built-in curse for all those years. For the perpetrators it was a quiet but efficient cleansing of a time that needed to be confronted once and for all.

I did not learn about this retaliation until the mid 1980’s when I went to visit the other person on the edge of that group, who had also been in the military at the time.

Which brings me to now: When thinking about payback and the destruction of the machine that now owns us all it occurred to me that it just might be useful if everyone began to make a mental list of the particular people that must be eliminated, if the machine is to be stopped.

All the proof is out there in massive volumes about all their crimes. All that’s needed is for enough people to begin to think seriously about “the future” of each one of their top one-hundred traitors. You need not tell anyone about what you’re doing, just ask it as a question?

What If a half dozen of the bastards were indicted?”

What would life be like without Feinstein or Obama!”

Because if the top one-hundred traitors could actually be arrested or eliminated, then the entire House of Cards would collapse overnight: And everybody already knows that! Just imagine America without the top one-hundred who are clearly guilty of high treason as well as crimes against humanity? Hell the list is already approaching the thousands, so just thinking about a hundred would not be a problem…

Doing something like this would be like mentally targeting the exact same gears that allow this traitorous machine to function. Just as those highschool kids in the fifties chose to free themselves from life-long tormentors, after they had ended that cycle which marked their entry into real life for themselves ­ Americans need to do the same thing in order to free ourselves and save the planet by ending the FED and all the traitors that we’ve been feeding for more than the last hundred years!

The truth is even if a dozen of the most prominent names went down: the shock wave alone would destroy the entire Piñata that has become the feral government of United States Incorporated.

If enough people begin to think about this, then there will soon be enough of those who can do something about this.

Those people will be the people who will begin to “Make it So”!


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