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LYNCH, The Attorney General


By Jim Kirwan


The screw up's within the FBI & the Oregon State Police are about to be sent up the chain of command, to be 'investigated' by the AG: The problems in the crimes committed were created by the AG, so to give the problem to her, would NOT be the way to go now because all of this originated with the Attorney General herself.

The Attorney's Generals have each previously dropped the ball,each and every time the fake-government has gone rogue and people continue to die at the hands of agencies that have appointed themselves as Judge, Jury & Executioner's since Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, and Waco, Texas: Which featured Hillary Clinton who is now running for President again. She should be in jail. This is insane!

Hillary Ordered the Final Massacre at Waco

If we had ever prosecuted any of those previous A.G.'s & the 'president's they protected, this would not be happening again. The slaughter of LaVoy Finicum was engineered by the appointed Governor of Oregon in collusion with Loretta Lynch, it was filthy from the get-go, and here's the proof in the dialogue ­ finally!

LaVoy Finicum traffic stop and shooting - Shawna Cox video

In reference to the image above, the FBI has been nothing but a political-tool that was used by the cross-dressing head of the FBI since it's inception, J. Edgar Hoover built a massive spy network throughout the government: He had trash on everyone in Washington and beyond, Nixon was literally terrified of Hoover, as were most of the previous presidents going all the way back to the beginning of the so-called FBI. That damned building in Washington should never have been named for that freak, his entirely bizarre life should have been exposed and any remaining collaborators should have spent the rest of their lives in prison.

Instead the outlaws just continued as if J. Edgar Hoover was a real person, dedicated to law enforcement, when all he ever was, was a self-interested pervert who wore women's underwear, beneath the suit's in his office - to control every politician in this place. When I first began back in 1964, everyone knew the truth then and everyone was afraid to challenge him—but after he died, something should have been done.

J. Edgar got his start at the same time as the mob. Both began to grow within the illegality of 'Prohibition' that was responsible for linking the crime families to reach 'coast to coast. What also went unnoticed was that the FBI also got it's big breaks at the same time with 'prohibition' while they were supposedly chasing the mob.

After Hoover's death the FBI continued to be used and abused massively, up to and including throughout 911 all the way to this obscenity in both 2014 Nevada and in 2016 Oregon.

American's seem to have real trouble understanding who and what they are, as Americans. More specifically as legally-armed Americans. The link below is part of why the FBI & their death-squad buddies are actually worried about the rest of us.

Gun Control in America is not an option

Apparently American's don't understand that their lives depend directly on their ability to protect themselves from both the filthy-government and from whichever mob of roving criminals will come to take whatever they can from the every America ­ that's why you have weapons!

The fact that you're too timid to use them might just get you killed, but it hardly seems to matter whether you're defending yourself from a totally rogue government, or a swarm of ANTI-HUMAN-fanatics; and while each of these threats brings a slightly different promise of real damage to you, your loved ones and possibly to your ability to stay alive” You must begin to 'get-it' sooner rather than later...


In the meantime we must do something about all the criminals

in Nevada, Oregon and especially D.C.


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