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Losers Never Win!

By Jim Kirwan

Amerika is a Loser Nation

That gambled on theft & lies and lost!

The general staff of the U.S. military are losers, because they execute illegal orders every day. The Politicians and the corporate leadership are all losers because everything they do is a lie. The entire political structure of the government is made up of losers because they break every law we ever had to keep them honest.

The lawyers, the cops, the judges are all losers, because they’re nothing but brute force hiding behind fake offices in a place that has no law at all for the common people.

The soldiers are all losers because they carry out illegal orders without even a whimper. Every man or woman in uniform that carries out the acts of treason that they are ordered to commit every day, only reinforce the lies that are killing the world.

The rank and file of the US military are losers, because they never question anything. Their generals with their chests’ full of fake-medals were never victorious and are therefore part of the living lie, every time they put on that uniform which does NOT represent America any longer.

The people of this place are mostly losers because too many don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

Too many worship greed and debauchery.

The people that work for this tyranny that calls itself the government are losers because they are the front line of criminality: Just to keep their fake jobs they remain losers rather than challenge everything which most of them know is wrong!

Most parents are losers because they refuse to protect their families: From DHS the TSA, or from fake doctors as well as the fake educational system that only represents the Stazi State. Journalists are losers too, because they support everything this criminal government does by the silence they continue to maintain, toward the crimes they know are everyday events.

From top to bottom this place is made up of nothing but lying deceitful losers!

Every cop, every so-called government security mercenary has been guilty of drinking the corrupted Kool-Aid and are therefore nothing but human extensions of the lies on which this cesspool runs both day and night.

This country will never become too big to fail. In fact the exact opposite is true. This loser nation is simply waiting for the day when the whole thing implodes from the inside: Because everything here is nothing but a lie.

Every symbol of this place is a lie!

Every action taken by any government office or by any officer in that office is a lie. The taxes represent lies, the rules represent nothing but official lies and must be challenged each and every day. The professional people are liars first of all, and only then are their official “duties” even considered.

Every official in office needs to be arrested and have his or her file reviewed right down to the very last comma for criminal-tendencies and illegal actions.

This note should have been written ten years ago when it first became crystal-clear that this place is made of nothing but losers who are addicted to their own lies.

If there are any Americans left in this ruin, then it’s way past time for them to stand up for what they know they should have done, because no nation can survive on a steady diet of lies and illegal wars, 24-7 and 365 days of every year.

For those who disagree with this version of events: I suggest you reserve your wrath for those who continue to commit the crimes that have put this nation into the dust-bin of history…

History has proven the fact over and over and over again: “Loser’s Never Win”. And since this place has made a temple to losing every real challenge in this world, it won’t be long now before the walls of his place will crumble into dust because too many of us have failed to use our bodies to defend the words we seldom say and almost never act upon.


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