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Lord of the Flies

By Jim Kirwan


The 1954 novel, “Lord of the Flies” was a fictional-story about 30 privileged boys whose plane crashed on a deserted island. In the story they regressed back to an ever more savage state of brutal violence. That regression has continued with the global-leaders of today, in their sexual perversions and blood sacrifices that are held annually at Bohemian Grove in California. It's against these sexual & political perversions that the world is still fighting for our very survival today.

Herein there are three apparently different scenarios being shown in order to connect the continuing erosion of Western Society with their own evil roots that have been present in the world since the Fifth Century.

The war against Muslim perversions, that if unchecked, will clearly desecrate the nations of the EU & the West, is just a fact. These false-alters upon which all of this is being carried out is predicated on primitive child-marriages, slavery and blood sacrifices around the world. This pedophilia is the key to understanding the total disconnect between the archaic practices of the Muslim World, in lock-step with Sharia Law, which cannot be allowed to invade the West in any country, to which these barbaric practices are totally foreign, under all the laws of the twenty-first century.

The way that this managed to make its way into the Twenty-First Century was simple—given the facts. In the book, the children were cut off from the outside world, by accident. The plane crash and the deserted island created an artificial background, in a fictitious story that was was meant to illustrate a primitive society in miniature, without the necessary checks & balances of the then wider world.

In life we have now literally created a world wide-situation because we have almost totally erased the literal history upon which the Western societies were once built: And because too many now have no memory of the recent past the public has no memory of freedom or morals of any kind. They have consequently been seduced into believing that this Fifth-Century antiquated Horror has some merit to some twisted individuals, who have decided that they can behead any and all who refuse to swear allegiance to their Fifth Century Islamic practices, that are now seeking to take over what was once 'the world'.

Of course there is no real comparison possible between 30 privileged boys in a story written in 1954—with what is going on today. Nevertheless; unfortunately since the rise to prominence of the Bohemian Grove and the thousands of 'protected-leaders' that have attended the real blood-sacrifices and their dark codes of secrecy that came from cults such as Skull & Bones, which the entire Bush family has always participated-in: We have an intolerable situation in the making.

The public in 2016 is now facing a total take-down of the civilized world, to subordinate us all into their dark-world of Evil, that can never be allowed to dominate over the rest of the planet.

This thought came to mind in the discussion today on CROSSTALK, and a discussion on RT about the allowance of “child-marriage” which Western Civilization considers to be pedophilia and obscene.

Bullhorns Out Gate!



Begin @ 5min 34sec:

Concluding @ 8min 24 sec.

This is happening because of the ongoing global-convolutions discussed in “Bullhorns” above. But together it seems to indicate that there may be an artificial-resurgence of everything inherent in the basic perversions and blood sacrifices of the Bohemian Grove when coupled with Fifth Century Muslim practices: If the world of 2016 does not rise to this occasion and wipe these twisted Muslim-practices off the global-map forever, then humanity as we have known it is doomed.


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