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Lord Of The Flies Goes Global

By Jim Kirwan

As this is being written it’s around 1pm on Thursday, the 26th of June. This means that it’s nearing 11PM on the same day in Ukraine. That’s important because Kerry has promised serious repercussions will begin in Ukraine on Friday, which is just an hour away, right now.

On Friday supposedly Porky will end “his fake cease-fire” and begin the slaughter of a third of Ukraine, using 10,000 mercenaries that have been in the staging process since he first mentioned his non-existent “Cease-Fire”.

This was written on the 24th of June!

Washington knows that time is on Russia's side. So in 2-3 days a false flag is planned that would radically change the Ukrainian crisis and force Russia to invade.

Poroshenko was instructed to increase pro-peace rhetoric, while Russian-speaking mercenaries of the private form Academi deployed to Hungary (cities Debrechen and Mishkolc) are combat ready. Since June 20, the highest activity is observed in Mishkolc: arms and equipment are loaded onto military and civilian trucks. At any moment there are 60 to 80 trucks being loaded. A railway train is also being loaded. All this to transfer some 10 thousand well-equipped soldiers, not counting their command and support troops, to S.E. Ukraine. They were issued Ukrainian uniforms (possibly Russian, too).

My sources received the text of instructions for Academi personnel: start a large-scale ethnic cleansing of Russian-speakers in Ukraine. Details below: I don't lightly use terms like fascist, genocide and ethnic cleansing.
In order to sow doubts and cause disorientation, the campaign will start with brainwashing Europeans that mass murders are being committed by separatists with Russia's support.

The operation is planned so that Western media, not being well-versed in Ukrainian events from the beginning, would not understand who kills whom. In turn, Russian reporters would be impressed that Ukrainian forces do the killing. Vigorous military draft in W. Ukraine serves to camouflage the planned false flag.

I repeat: the goal is to cause a wave of outrage in Russia at "Ukrainian crimes", forcing Moscow to invade. Then, it would be announced that Russia has provoked the events to justify invasion.

Intensity and duration of the carnage should assure such an outrage among Russians that any appeal for int'l orgs to send investigators to S.E. Ukraine would be taken as Kreml's weakness if not treason. Majority of Academi mercenaries speak Russian in varying degree of fluency. Practically there is no time left. Actions:

1. On the routes of trucks and trains carrying mercenaries from Debrechen and Mishkolc to Donetsk and Lugansk, people must take and disseminate pictures and videos, starting right away.

2. If collection of evidence does not suffice to stop the US genocidal operation against Russian-speakers in Ukraine, then Donetsk and Lugansk republics' self-defense must be persuaded to leave their posts and re-deploy to protect civilians.

All institutions for children, elderly and sick as well as women unable to bear arms, but particularly hospitals and clinics -- must be evacuated despite the complications involved. The mercenary instructions emphasize seizure of hospitals and killing of all patients.

Should assembly of evidence for an int'l tribunal fail, it would be very difficult to prevent a tragedy. Donetsk nor Lugansk republics don't have sufficient manpower to stop the onslaught of 10 thousand well-trained and -armed thugs with combat experience. The thugs would not target road-blocks and other insurgent posts, but civilians at large, and the most defenseless ones, too.

I will keep contact with my sources and will pass on any new info as it comes.”

This element of this war is being provided by USI & NATO with oversight by the UN & the Zionists, just as what they did when they openly massacred Libya, along with what they tried to do to Syria but failed totally, during the last three years…

NATO Killers Ready to Cleanse Russians in Ukraine?

The Lord of the Flies is a tale of what happens when children are left to themselves without any stabilizing forces. The children came from a British private school, whose plane crashed on a deserted island: They reverted almost immediately to a totally lawless state and a completely lawless society. This is what the planet is in danger of reverting to, unless the people of the planet can come together as one, to crush these barbarians before they finish what they’re planning: Inside both Ukraine and the several nations that we’re about to allow unchecked airstrikes to ruin for centuries to come.

Kerry said this about the circumstances in general, yesterday.

In recent days Kerry’s been on tour for USI’s War Department, backed up by mouthings from the CEO of US Inc. The thrust of their mutterings is that America had nothing to do with the Invasion of Iraq or Syria (As preposterous as that sounds).

Their words are not directly stated, but the conclusion that any audience has to come away with, is that neither the Brits nor the American’s had anything to do with the wars that have destabilized the entire Middle-East.

The sound bites fly unchecked from creatures that are supposed to echo American policies. But when you watch their antics its clear that their supposed “policies” rarely last more than 24 hours each. The world is now clear on who we are and what we are not. USI lies about everything and that’s no longer a secret!

This is what making foreign policy on the Half-Shell actually looks like. The result is obvious to anyone that’s paid even the slightest attention to what we’ve been doing in USI for the last fourteen years!

The primary reason that this has become so important lately is that the West is trying to paint all our problems as an international clash between the US & Russia. ‘Their conclusion” is that Russia and or China is behind everything evil and criminal in the world today. While the West and all its co-conspirators are the good-guys and always have been?

But the truth is that USI has no partners when it comes to business of any kind. The West believes only in NO-BID CONTRACTS, where there is never allowable competition and where all ‘contracts’ can be modified every other day or so; if that would mean even greater profits to these global-pirates.

The U.S. has no partners because we have only willing victims that we continually blackmail, extort and threaten, as just part of ‘business at any cost; including the massive death of people in any country—whether they were ever formally targeted or not!

Russia in the meantime does have legitimate business partners that are respected. Contracts are signed that both sides work to realize the reasons those contracts were created. Russia, China and their partners are working toward a viable world, where growth and health as well as profits can lead to cooperation and prosperity. That’s enough for USI & all their criminal co-conspirators to threaten the next several global wars. And since most here will not pay any attention that just might work: Despite the insanity that Russia’s efforts have been working around the clock to prevent.

The world knows that the only thing USI demands is unending no-bid military contracts for never ending wars that will fill their coffers a million times over… no matter if that costs the lives of over 95% of the global population. And all of this is about to be tested as we approach the reset of global finance scheduled for July first.

About the only thing that could stop this nightmare would be to delegitimize the global corporations by pulling their charters around the planet. Which because of the trillions in losses that would cause, will never happen, But we could seize the FED and prosecute its private owners in a nano-second and that alone would begin to unravel the choke hold the corporations have on the bulk of the human race…

The survival of the United States has always been a major risk, but with all the additional saber-rattling worldwide, it seems as if the only way these thugs think they can survive is by demanding ‘war, war and lots more war’—everywhere—as both Cheney and Rumsfeld promised in the beginning of the attack on Iraq.

In Egypt a new dictator has just been appointed (Sisi). And already his administration has murdered over 10,000 Egyptian civilians have been murdered, just to keep him in office. The same ’policies’ are being practiced throughout Africa, on their way to global-domination of the entire African continent. In Libya they are working on their sixth government after the scorched earth policy we used to destroy Libya: And their latest “leader” is already on his way out as well, because there is nothing left to steal from that ruin any more.

Is it really possible that the world of today is actually having to face returning to the Eleventh Century and to ‘societies’ that are nothing but predatory slave states based on “religions” in which no one who is not a “priest” has any rights at all? Children are being ‘drafted’ into ISIS, beginning at 04min 10 sec: just like the Lord of the Flies, except with modern weapons… ends @ 05min 03sec,

That result would doom the entire planet to suicide and yet it’s not even discussed in Amerika at all. This will directly threaten every man woman and child on the planet: Yet Amerikans ‘don’t have the time’ to even consider the very real possibilities. It’s not just our lives that are at stake, it’s all the children and the future of the planet that will be exterminated if we allow this to continue. Neither ‘inaction’ nor ignorance of what is about to be will suffice, because ‘consequences’ are on the way: What’s still at stake is how devastating our personal responsibilities’ will turn out to be, if we do not act to stop this now.

The choices are clear, either we force out these criminals

And their mercenary thugs or we’ll have to revert to living

Like the children in Lord of the Flies

Give children Ak-47’s and heavy weapons

And there’s no difference between the barbarians

That are attacking the world right now and the Lord of the Flies

Hit ‘Google Images’ and see for yourself…


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