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Looking For Lies

By Jim Kirwan



Last Wednesday I was talking with Mike Harris on Rense-radio about the condition that Americans find themselves in today—visa-vi the lies that Amerikan-media are reporting as truths.

Mike Harris: “The FCC is required to respond to citizen complaints against the news media—so why don’t the listeners out there start complaining about the lack of truthfulness in our news media?

They could get their broadcast licenses revoked…

96% of all that we are exposed to is now owned

by six corporations!”

The point of having the FCC was to ensure that there would be fair competition for honest and legitimate ownership of the news media in the United States. The current situation is clear proof that competition for control over broadcasting the news no longer exists. Throughout the FCC’s stated goals and objectives, there is nothing that indicates a requirement that news-organizations must not knowingly lie, in broadcast content. Six corporations have taken control over what every American can know anything about, and journalistic professional-ethics has no part today in what the FCC regulates or ignores.

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Societies principals and standards of practice.”

Nowhere on the FCC’s website is there any mention of any legal-requirements regarding core-content. Nor is there any mention of having an FCC license revoked for lying to the public in ways that could dramatically affect public awareness of events from local - all the way to national and international subjects.

I’m writing this open letter of complaint to the FCC because this complaint will not fit into the several paragraphs they allow the public to use to formally lodge a complaint. The FCC has failed the public and the nation in protecting the public’s right to know, according to the U.S. Constitution. How did this become possible?

The problem which causes this issue, regarding the continual lying of the media to the public to arise, is many fold. I’ll mention just a few of them for brevity.

Here’s a 43 min 54 sec video interview with Amber Lyon explaining the details in the lies being created by CNN and then passed off as objective global news on CNN international (which aired on American airwaves), paid for American taxpayers. This is from September 29, 2012 because the most recent videos have been removed. This is an additional crime against the public, which has the right to know what is happening. Because of CNN’s censorship and lies in ongoing stories, being covered by that news organization, the public is being willfully misled and this is treason. (2)

A “news-story” from 1996 is the subject of a new film which rips away the lies regarding the downing of TWA Flt. 800 off Long Island NY.

A similarly implausible excuse was used to explain the 1996 explosion of TWA flight 800 off Long Island, New York, and the US public has thus far either swallowed the story whole or ignored the matter.

If you watch Kristina Borjesson's new film, TWA Flight 800, you'll see a highly-persuasive case that this passenger jet full of passengers was brought down by missiles, killing all on board.

A CIA propaganda video aired by US television networks fits with none of the known facts, makes the claim that there were no missiles, and offers no theory as to what then did cause the explosion(s) and crash into the sea.

A cover-up by the FBI and the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) was blatant and extensive, involving intimidation of witnesses and investigators, tampering with evidence, false testimony before Congress, censoring reports, and numerous violations of normal protocols. Some of the government's own official investigators concluded that the explosion(s) occurred outside the airplane. They were not permitted to write analyses in their reports, as in every other investigation. Their reports were censored. They were forbidden to testify. Some 200 eyewitnesses -- people on the ground and in other planes, at least many of whom described seeing one or more missiles rising from the ground to the airplane -- were censored as well. Not a single witness was permitted to testify at the public hearing.”

Everything; from the reporting of events on 911 all the way to the very latest in today’s news is subject to analysis for truth in content. Since we now know that the US MEDIA lies to its viewers and readers in nearly every story they have written or reported on ­ yet no mention is ever made that those organizations have any obligation to insure that what they report upon is not just another set of lies a full review of the FCC is required. In the Colorado theater slaughter, Sandy-Hook, the Boston Massacre, all the way to the latest government lie about the RED Alert in 22 nations around the planet, there are huge instances of government lies that were reported as truth.

TRUTH” is supposed to be the common denominator whenever any so-called “news story” is released. However, TRUTH has always been the first casualty of every story released by this government and covered by US media. The FCC is responsible for the veracity of the content, especially-so whenever the story may be pivotal as to whether the world will erupt in the flames of a third world war, or not!

It is fascinating that the Federal Communications Commission fails to mention their most particularly important and constitutional-duty to the people of the United States—in any of their lengthy self-justifications for their own existence. No doubt that has always been because of those they must answer to in the White House and the totally defunct Congress—the public must take charge of that farce and end it.

These three people: Commissioner Ajit Pai, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and Acting Chair-Woman Mignon Clyburn are in charge of the FCC and as such must explain to the public why CNN & all other sources which print or broadcast these lies still have FCC licenses to print or broadcast? File a complaint of your own and ask them for an explanation or send them your comment on their web site:

The truth is beginning to seep out. Is it not time that these political hacks face charges for their compliant-collusion in the massive lies which have been used to take-over the United States, from within our borders? Arrest all of them in that mini-chain-of-command and control ­ and hang the leaders for treason.

1) Society of Professional Journalists

2) CNN Caught! Exposed Caught Producing “State Sponsored News”

3) Press TV: Missiles that brought down TWA Flight 800



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