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Long Island Mumps Outbreak Grows To 36 Cases

From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - The outbreak in Long Island is still spreading.  Most of the cases are in fully vaccinated people.


Long Island mumps outbreak grows to 36 cases

An outbreak of mumps in a Long Island, New York, beach community has grown to include 36 patients, most of them young adults.

The outbreak has doubled in size since Aug. 1, when the Nassau County Department of Health (DOH) first announced an investigation into the increase in mumps cases in the seaside town of Long Beach and the surrounding area.

Because the incubation period for mumps is between 12 to 25 days, Mary Ellen Laurain, a DOH spokeswoman, said health officials anticipated the increase. But it was unclear if the outbreak would grow further as the end of summer approaches.

“It’s not something we can predict,” Laurain told Infectious Disease News. “The community isn’t as populated after summer, but it’s really hard to tell.”

According to Laurain, the average age of patients in the outbreak is 25 years. She described them as a “highly vaccinated” group and said the outbreak may be part of a nationwide increase in cases.

According to the CDC, 40 states have reported cases of mumps this year involving around 1,800 patients — the most number of infections in 6 years.

Mumps is spread through saliva or mucus. Laurain said the DOH has posted signs throughout the community in places such as bars, restaurants and beach clubs warning residents not to share utensils, cups, lipstick, cigarettes or anything that could put them at risk for infection.

The DOH previously recommended that patients stay home for a minimum of 5 days after the onset of symptoms of mumps, and that contacts of patients who either have one dose of mumps vaccine or no history of vaccination receive an additional dose. Receiving two doses of vaccine is 88% effective at preventing mumps, according to the CDC. ­ by Gerard Gallagher

Disclosure: Laurain is a spokeswoman for the Nassau County (N.Y.) Department of Health.



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