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A Logical Question With No Answer

By Ted Twietmeyer

Flames rise.

 So how did the fire get from up here.....

 Down to here?


 This fire happened without help from a hidden incendiary device BEFORE the building collapsed? Yet no rubble in the street is burning.

 We must believe smart kerosene (jet fuel) sprayed from a ruptured fuel very smart fuel...

 1. It found its way from the fireball area (?) without igniting to the elevator shaft. Probably elevator doors were either closed or blown into the elevator shaft. Down the shaft it went

 2. While not burning, this smart fuel dropped  1,000 feet down the elevator shaft - still without evaporating.

 3. Non-burning smart fuel then passed straight through the car ceiling and floor in the elevator shaft, still without evaporating or burning.

 4. Then the smart, non-evaporating, non-burning jet fuel magically passed through yet another set of elevator doors near the ground floor - doors which are closed most of the time in any building.

 5. After the smart fuel made its way through all these obstacles, twists and turns though double layer steel doors out into the lobby, only then did it ignite itself.

 Upper floor elevator door(s) were probably destroyed by the aircraft impact. But there is always a door on the elevator car itself, and still another door at each floor. Only one door on each floor is ever open at a time. Since the original WTC had 110 floors, this equates to the ground floor elevator door being open less than 1% of the time.

 What about sprinklers?

 No wonder these people are staring at the fire....perhaps in disbelief.

 Next time you light a charcoal fire, be careful...that lighter fluid might be smarter than you think!

 - Ted Twietmeyer

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