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Lock & Load
American Youth Under Attack

By Jim Kirwan


If you thought that American's are about to be eliminated by A.I.

And robotics: You might be looking in the wrong direction.

Because Political Correctness has already begun

To terminate any current and traditional Male-Female associations permanently.

The Frankfort School capitalized upon the existing crime of segregated education, the routine separation of boys & girls, in many nations back in the 1930's and long before that because “women” were seldom if ever “formerly-educated”. Public schools where both boys and girls were educated together, brought a new naturalness to the lives that the students have upon leaving school, with the exception of Muslim

Isolationism, most Americans live with both men and women participating in the full spectrum dominance of everyday life. That was until the Frankfort School began their now over 80 years of barbaric-sabotage of Western Society.

The Frankfort School and Political Correctness

Most have paid little notice to what's been going on, right in front of the world, and especially in what used to be the United States of America.

From pre-school all the way through college, “education” has been totally taken over by 'Political Correctness' ­ the now extremely effective “Counter-Renaissance” that is killing the people of the world.

Now everyday interactions and all forms of communal life have been formally CRIMINALIZED, at every level of what used to be our society.

With this key component of human adjustment having been literally shattered, there is almost no chance that any of the people coming through the system today will ever be able to even form any healthy relationships, between our feminized and fearful men and the twisted gender-insecure women, that are what passes now for the coming generations.

Listen to this intelligent and clearly described report on the current state of affairs in “education” today. Then take a look at how this is affecting the youth in the workforce and the world in general: Given all the pre-conditions that most of them have been radically exposed to; without allowing any parental interference between what is taught in schools and what is thereby allowed to continue at home.

When parents try to interfere the children can be taken away by the state. The same is true with medical questions. The parents cannot overrule the “medical professionals”, when it comes to vaccinations or treatments for their children. The 'children' are also being encouraged to report the thoughts of their parents, or other adults, which might not be in favor of the federal, state or city: Not to mention the dictates they endure in the schools, often without the parents knowledge.

The Climate of Fear ­ TFF Episode 38

Virtually everything is supposedly 'taught' now. Sex education, the new interpretation of the relationship of parents with infant children, sexually. The multiple choices of the number of 'the various sexes' that are now flourishing in the schools; according to what each child might think they are on any given day.

Everything can be 'scored' by rules and regulations, as the video outlines, so that the slightest ordinary actions of just attending classes with boys and girls together, has become this mine-field of dangers and possible opportunities to punish for the slightest imagined slight. And every infraction will follow the student as 'a CONVICTION' as these students move on out of school and into what they will then see then, as the totally hostile 'outside world' - to them:

The world does not contain “safe-spaces” where the shy and fragile can go to avoid confrontations. And in the world “out there now” the number of protections being furnished in schools simply do not exist. So since these 'infant-people' have no experience in dealing with everyday problems that are normal to most adults: They will probably become unhinged with no one to even talk to about their by-then ingrained fears. And that is of course the point behind the entire facade of the PC world, to cut off every person on the planet from every other person in the world ­ thereby making the enslaving of individuals ever so easy, for the New World Disorder.

Think of the world where no one is ever allowed to criticize or complain, not even in the most modest forms: Where instead everyone MUST GO-ALONG OR DIE, with everything that Big-Brother dictates three times a day and twice on Sundays?

It's become a “Brave New World” out there but it's also a world that is only fit for robots to inhabit. So Lock & Load ladies and gentlemen because when this shit finally hits the fan, and it will: We'll all find ourselves under full out attack from these criminally obscene creatures that were never human in the first place.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with any of these troglodytes?

Don't waste your time - Have a “NICE” day people?


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