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Living The Impossible Lies

By Jim Kirwan

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of D-Day during WWII.

From this military turning point, 70 years ago, the international-problem of keeping the ownership of all Americans secret, from hundreds of nations around the planet, became ‘The Impossible Dream’ of global corporate parasites the world over.

So, while international celebrations and re-enactments go forward in France in 2014; the reality of Fourth Reich NAZI tanks that have just arrived in Ukraine to unleash the same horror on the people of Ukraine, in Europe today, that D-Day is celebrating the end of back during WWII. The scheduled total obliteration of the people in rebellious regional cities in Ukraine is slated to be completed by Saturday, when the new Oligarch takes over.

Throughout the ‘celebrations of June 6, 1944’, being celebrated today, no mention is being made of the fact that the nation-states of the world in 1944 are all dead now. The nations that fought in that war have been murdered by private corporate interests the world over: To obliterate national political movements in favor of global corporate control over all humanity. It’s called achieving ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. Here’s how this began inside the old USA in 1913.

The Federal Reserve Explained in 7 minutes

It’s one thing for any country to fight for its own point of view along with their own political agenda’s. But it’s an entirely ‘other matter’ when local and national politics just serve to hide the fact that so many nations are now totally owned and controlled by the same private corporations that were once part of the 190 nations of the world.

When people think they actually have a voice in what their governments do or do not do: Then there is a reason to try to work within the supposedly legal systems that are supposed to work for us. But when it becomes clear that everything which this government supposedly stands for is nothing but lies; then the pubic must reassess the ways in which each of us chooses to deal with the traitors that now own our countries and our lives.

What this means is that no longer are there any official badges, offices or departments of the so-called government. In reality, the corporations have taken over all “legitimate governments”. That means that police are just rent-a-thugs and all government agencies are just appointed corporate divisions that were created to run our lives without our permission and in total secrecy! The documents related to the Republic or the Constitution, are just documents of historical-interest that have been officially ignored throughout the 70 years it has taken to get the world to this point.

While the above is absolutely true, perhaps the most difficult idea for all Americans to wrap their minds around is the fact that we have not had real politicians during the entire period of time from 1944 until now.

That’s because we have all been owned outright by traitors who serve the corporations secretly, around the world. We do not have a president. That office contains the corporate CEO of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED and nothing more. The Congress is composed of corporate appointee’s who are selected by rigged elections that haven’t been real for decades.

There are NO Political Parties!

There are NO Politicians, there are only charlatans who pretend to represent the prisoners who supposedly elected them, when the only clients they have ever actually represented have been the GLOBAL CORPRATIONS and the Global Bankers that have stolen, not just everything we had, but everything we will ever have, unless they are overthrown and destroyed.

The Supreme Court is now just an LBGT fan club who came together on 12-12- 2000, to award the “presidency’ to the AWOL traitor George W. Bush. That court should have been publicly hanged for High Treason, but instead, the public took no notice of what happened ­ which is how we entered the New Millennium, on the wings of a national tyranny led by traitors, bandits and murderers such as the world has seldom seen before—because of all that SECRECY which is still in charge of everything today.

The Ballot-Box in America has become a placebo to keep the public subdued and docile when we should have responded with Rage and Outrage.

Rage & Outrage are Waiting


This new circumstance is inherent in the colossus that has always threatened history, but until now it was not possible for the tentacles of corruption to actually dominate the planet, in the ways that it has begun to take total control over all our lives.

The Journey Part One ­ kirwan © 1973

Created in the same year that the Trilateral Commission first met.

The corporations are the creatures on the shoulder and arms (above) that are desperately trying to ‘own’ the unseen force which is typified by the colossus that rises in the midst of what used to be thought of as “civilization”. In the end the corporations will all be lost in the chaos they’ve been working to create for centuries…

The spying on the people of the world, while hideous, was not really the point in everything that’s been going on since 911 was committed, against the sanity of the world. Because we’ve been conditioned to consider only ‘our own lives’ and to ignore the lives of everyone else, we have remained asleep to the rise of this colossus, that, if it remains unchecked will lay waste to everything that even having a civilization was meant to prevent.

Americans must stop using the fake titles of imposters sitting in government offices. There is no “President” there’s only the puppet CEO. There are no SENATORS; they are all just Servants of the Global Oligarchs”. There are no “representatives of the people” they’re just corporate traitors, occupying a seat that was meant to be held by Americans and not by foreign traitors from Israel.

The official public-media should all be fired. Barring that, the public must turn them off and instead invest at least an hour a day in keeping up with what is really happening in the world beyond our doorsteps. “Elections” must be boycotted and those who still try to run for political offices, the same offices that are now all owned by corporations, should be publically vilified not listened to!

Above all, every real American must become more than familiar with the word “NO”. “NO” should be used often and with clarity, until the government goes the way of the dying New York Times and the ridiculous Washington Post who are nothing but paid shills for the public enemies of every man woman and child still living in this place.

There is one more glaring fact that keeps being overlooked: Most of the corporate wars in Europe today have a lot to do with energy. What the world needs to do is to develop the Free Energy which the planet should have been enjoying since at least the end of WWII.

Regime Change over political consensus or real solutions has been the choice of the global-corporations since the end of the war in Europe. But since that war is being started all over again, this time by the same people who claimed victory over the Nazi’s in Europe in 1945 ­ it seems odd that those same “victors” are now backing the Fourth Reich Nazi’s who are bombing Europeans, in Ukraine, as we speak.

Somehow just keeping the illicit profits flowing for the global corporations hardly seems like anything worth doing; especially since we’ve now come full circle with the same villains, except that now they’ve changed sides. Instead of defending people and personal freedom—in today’s world—yesterday’s victors have become today’s Barbarians! The world must wake up to this reality before it is too late to stop these global-crimes from killing us all.

In “America” today there really is no longer any future. The question we must all answer for is: Will whatever remains of humanity be strong enough to stop these continuing crimes in the name of corporate profits, or will we simply disappear from history along with everything that brought this Colossus into all our lives?

The irony is that today is the day of celebration for what was done to free the world, 70 years ago today. And today, June 6, 2014: The world is standing on the edge of global-slavery again because everything we thought we had once achieved is now being used against us!

It’s time for Rage & Outrage

To finally enter the global-arena and put an end this nightmare,

Before it kills us all!


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