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Living The Lies

By Jim Kirwan


There is no longer a 'Constitution', no longer any place where American's have any right to speak, think, or act to protect themselves from the Lawless-Police-State that has stolen this nation.

Martial Law is in effect, in every form except for the formal practice thereof. Look at the show trials in Oregon ­ at the travesty of Justice and the blatant and lawless flaunting of all the rights that were supposedly in place, under the U.S. Constitution—that are all being violated.

'This Land Is Our Land' Update': The Defense Begins Its Case

Society has failed to protect anyone from tyranny or treason inside the U.S.,

much less so from the global tyranny of private-corporations or from any of the lawless policies that the state was constitutionally responsible to protect the people from. That included the enforcement of immigration policies on the borders of the United States, to protect American's from illegal-invasions, that have now been expanded to allow Killary & Obama to import illegals by the millions in chartered-private American-aircraft from the middle-east. The social destruction of our way of life which is at the top of this constantly increasing sewer that is hell-bent on killing the white race entirely, along with our social and sexual norms, as well as the outright destruction of all religions ­ leaving only a one-world sect that worships hate, rape and global theft by dragging the entire world back to the 6th Century.

None of this managed to break into that First Debate between Trump & Killary: Along with any of her 35 year career in politics, which she has steadfastly refused to discuss with the public that she's on record for hating, openly ­ regardless of color, or nationality. As I watched that faux debate I thought that I would be alone in my assessment of what I was seeing, until I listened to Terrible Tim Rifat ­'Because he and I as it turned out - agree 1000 per cent - almost word for word'. For the record Tim and I have never met.

This is in the first half of this tape of the interview with Jeff & Tim.

The second half deals with what's really going on

within the occult world of Hollywood

and beyond.

Listen - Terrible Tim - On US Politics & Satanic Celebs

The Price of Prosperity 1966

What is now happening to the criminal political-parties that are determined to end this country by openly turning every citizen of this nation into empty corporate slaves: Prisoners that now have no-choice in the passage of any of lawless fiats from the gay-Muslim Communist that's taken over from the 535 club of the congress, that until yesterday was totally owned by Israel & the Vatican.

But now everything has begun to change, which should short-circuit the pending government shutdown of the US Government - while at the same time giving new life to the real changes that have been blocked for over fifteen years ­ going all the way back to the end of WWII.

RT News ­ September 29, 2016 (12::00 MSK)

This long overdue backlash from the wholly compromised U.S. congress put an exclamation point to the last seven and a half years of docility from the broken congress that had been at the mercy of the USI and private mercenaries, in lock-step with the U.S. war-machine, that were all being super-excessively paid for by US taxpayers, with additionally stolen loot from black-ops and the Department of Homeland Insecurity ­ based upon the fraudulently created LIES that brought us 911 and the now more than ten thousand that have died directly from those lies.

All of this came directly from everything created by the foreign-global-banking network who designed the FED to create and run the money-supply for the wider world. This left millions of people adrift, at the mercy of the criminal-state's that are now crushing the global society, worldwide.

Since 1913, the people of the world have been under siege, in their persons, in their private thoughts and in their non-existant choices: Their lives have become one endless chain gang, in lawless societies everywhere, without options or futures.

The only option now is to refuse to comply with the criminally dominant police-state, who's pushing the public into that place where these thugs will be met and overrun by the population that has had enough of these soulless bastards.

The World Has Changed!

And to live in this 'FUTURE', the survivors will need to carve out a totally new nation to deal with all these changes that's we've ignored for most of the years since the U.S. Constitution was penned.

The responsibilities we have refused to accept have brought us to the bottom of this submerged-sewer, and that fact can no longer escape global-notice.

Those Who Want to Live Will Have to Fight


Each of us needs to see the world anew with all our senses' fully open, to everything that surrounds us, and we must begin to sense what our intuitions have been telling us all along: We must change those parts of life that can be changed ­ because Chaos is about to breach all the unlocked doors. We have to do this now. This action will take everything we have, to even begin to alter everything, as we continue to watch the sinking of the USSA-Titanic, that's still adrift in the ocean's that we've already murdered...




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