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Living In The Lawless State

By Jim Kirwan


In the 1960's an unquestioned two tiered system arose in the Justice Department under Ronnie & Ed Meese that sparked this duality.

... the troika of advisers who served the President during his first term, Meese was the most outspoken on issues but nonetheless was rather colorless--certainly no media attraction compared to Chief of Staff James A. Baker III, the daily nuts-and-bolts man, or Deputy Chief of Staff Michael K. Deaver, the Nancy Reagan confidant.

Nevertheless, statement by statement, controversy by controversy, Edwin Meese III began to emerge in the public perception--even before he became attorney general in 1985 after a rancorous year of debate over his nomination--as a one-man scourge of traditional liberal thinking and as the Administration's ideological point man...

...Meese invoked the slain civil-rights leader's name in attacking affirmative action. King, said Meese, would have opposed affirmative action as a violation of his ideal "colorblind" society...

...But far more alarming to many lawyers, judges and legal scholars was the attorney general's frontal assault on decades of established constitutional doctrine. He sparked a profound constitutional debate by arguing that Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Bill of Rights had violated the intent of the Founding Fathers. He attacked the high court's long-accepted Miranda rulings on the rights of criminal suspects. He sought to roll back the so-called exclusionary rule, which bars the courtroom use of evidence obtained without "reasonable cause." And, in an unusual move by an attorney general, he publicly called on the Supreme Court to reverse its landmark 1973 decision legalizing abortion.

Many who have known the attorney general since his days as a deputy district attorney in Alameda County (k- one of which was me) in the early 1960s are puzzled by what they detect as a growing vehemence in Meese's policy decisions and his pronouncements. They don't quite recognize their old friend and colleague, whom they remember as pragmatic and mild-mannered. Is Meese a changed man, some wonder, or was he always the gladiator he seems to be now? After years of working in the wings of Reagan administrations in Sacramento and Washington, had he simply been waiting for the right moment to unsheathe his ideological weaponry?”

The Roots of Ed Meese : Reagan's Polemical Attorney General Has Prompted a Major Constitutional Debate, Surprising Those Who Knew Him in His Pragmatic Early Days, in the Quiet Hills of Oakland and During the Turbulent '60s

Ed Meese was involved in providing the Reagan administration with the first use of plastic zip-ties that have since become famous

in all mass arrests in the United States.

This break with one-law for every American, by Reagan & Meese is what sparked this latest version of the communist fascist state

in Orlando Florida.

When the Dead Don't Die

Some disagreed with what I said in yesterday's comment:

There are many reasons for no 'crime photos'… why would they show bloody cadavers? They NEVER do. Not here. They show dead Iraqis, no problem…but never Americans. This isn't Sandy Hook. THAT was a total false flag. This is radical Islam and we have a huge problem. The false flaggers are either govt assets or idiots. SOMEONE held the doors closed preventing many of those trapped from getting out.”

k ­ That's true but that is only because of Political-Correctness that photos of the dead or murdered are not shown. That 'practice' was also behind the Bush policy of keeping the deaths of all U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan a secret. Crime photos abound when it suits the illegal government, but when there are any questions from the public ­ there are never any photos shown.

The 'holding of the doors closed' is a perfect case in point ­ especially if as has been alleged, that people died because of that action. The irony is that without crime-scene photo's of the area behind the doors, there is no proof of anything that has been alleged.

THAT is the number one question not being discussed. Is EVERYTHING a false flag now? I don't think so. Radical Islam is the real deal. The guy was gay and a club patron for YEARS.

The cops are trying desperately to coverup the fact they killed a lot of hostages with their maniacal gunfire. I understand the overlay but when we see 'Jim Stone' at work, we know there is deflection going on to give the Muslim lunatics a free pass by confusing people with 'false flag' this and that.”

k - 'Jim Stone' is definitely a problem because his coverage always comes with strings. The entire reason for needing 'real evidence' in every potential crime is precisely because when there is evidence then the public can KNOW what probably happened, versus the kinds of guessing-games, which these government black-ops operations always produce.

Orlando Florida is not Fallujh in Iraq. We might have to guess on foreign soil, but in America where government is supposedly in control there are many facts which the government has total control over: Like the declaration of the time of death and the action that caused the deaths. All of the official actions or reactions of all the government forces, after they occurred, must be available to the public to confidently know: So that 'FF” is clearly defined or denied by the literal facts in the case. This is also the reason that crime scene photos must be taken and made available to prosecutors, if not the public, until decisions are made about what the hell really did happen. Those missing facts were what led directly to the total crime committed in Sandy Hook,

Someone held the doors shut. Someone decided to wait three hours and then go in and fire off hundreds of rounds. The band lead singer is dead. Or, was he just another 'crisis actor' paid to give up his career and vanish. I could go on for pages. Even if crime photos were released, the FF gang would term them 'staged' with 'fake blood'. Lose-Lose.

Radical Islam is not Adam Lanza...”

k - All true my friend, but if the American public is to ever KNOW what happened in Orlando, then the public must be treated as adults: All the facts must be given to the public and the world, so that those who failed in their jobs can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all the settled-laws that were in place before Reagan and Meese decided to rearrange the facts on the ground to favor lawless government.

This lawless government has never had the right to withhold factual-evidence from the public ­ especially NOT when releasing that information could clearly show the world what probably happened during those purposely covered up hours, in which so many people supposedly died.

Those apparently involved would include the CIA and the doctors who signed “confidentiality agreements', the mainstream media who are only reporting one narrative, as they always have because it suits US Inc.'s gun-confiscation-agenda: Plus all the shadow-government games which this event could in some way promote.

My thanks to the dissenting points of view ­ for without dissent in any questionable event, the public would never know the truth behind whatever takes place in front of the guns of the government, as well as the weapons of the criminals that chose to kill people for their own purposes.


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