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'Living in the Echoes’

By Jim Kirwan

Artist Unknown


The criminal disconnections between people, their so-called nations and the shadow creatures that have been running the world since before the beginning of WWI: Must finally be addressed.

Politics, Propaganda & Lies

The coming U.S. Selection-Election will supposedly be between a Third Bush Family member and the Zionist-collaborator Hilary Clinton; the woman who has held every position on all sides of every issue since she took control from Janet Reno and ordered U.S. Tanks and the FBI in, to burn the Branch Davidian Compound to the ground in Waco Texas. And we’ve already had two Bush presidents both of whom turned out to be traitors, war-criminals, mass murders, and generally creatures that can never be believed about anything they ever said, on any topic. Both are descended from Prescott Bush a convicted Nazi war collaborated during WWII. Consequently the “American political parties” cannot be trusted to put forward real candidates any longer: That is why the entire electoral system in the United States has been totally broken now for decades.

Elections are supposed to be about “electing” the candidate that will do the most for the nation and its people. What we do instead is exactly what just happened in Ukraine, where only 30% of the people just “selected” a new parliament, because in reality there were no real choices offered: Something the USA has been doing since JFK was murdered. It helps that USI has been doing this for decades!

Oligarch’s Rule!

Take a look at the track record of the United States in all of its invasions of other nations where we promised: “Democracy & Freedom” to nation after nation. However when you look at the literal affects of our murderous invasions the picture is a 2014 version of the Fourth Reich in action and reaction around the world today.

What were the results of our invasions in Haiti and Iraq (three different times and counting, with the 4th war beginning in Iraq again).

What did we bequeath to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Libya or Syria? All of those former nations failed to get any of what was promised, before the Americans and their Zionist colonial dictates arrived.

Ask yourself these questions: Where is the “prosperity”, what has happened to the “Freedom & Democracy”! The Nazi’s that are now running the world via the leadership of USI & Israel around the planet are alive and thriving as the Fourth Generation Nazi -Vampires that they’ve always been. Just look at any “nation” that we’re in the process of “aiding” around the planet.

These newly minted Oligarchic governments are a continuation of the attempt to take the world back to the end of World War One. The Oligarchics of today have been attempting to return to the triumph of the Communists and the Nazi’s that took over from the feudal war lords, the Kings and Monarchs that predated WWI. They’re doing all this to supposedly control the changes, while they redraw the maps of the world as they rape pillage and plunder their way back to killing the future, for the world.

Do you really think that America will fare any better once the USrael police-state throws away their velvet gloves and begins to slaughter Americans at will, in a coast to coast Free-Fire-Zone, that is meant to end any shred of the Republic that’s been very dead for many, many years already?

The current selection-election must be shut down until the “candidates” can be vetted by the public. Until now we’ve left everything to the politicians the media and the lobbyists and they’ve screwed the public royally each and every time.

What we need to do is to use the new police-state tactics on every candidate.

The police no longer need any crimes to be committed; before punishing, assaulting or dragging innocent people to jail. The same is true of IRS: They can now just steal your money from your bank account, without filing any charges whatsoever. And whatever they happen to get, they will keep part of your money, because they are the government. (Which is a lie because the IRS is not part of the government: It’s a privately owned collection agency ­ and nothing more).

To fight their attacks on you it will cost about $20,000 in legal fees and you will probably lose: yet no one is doing anything about this newly created freedom to steal by the government for private enterprise.

Consequently in the coming election all candidates must PROVE to the world that they are innocent of the crimes they have been accused of, before they can be allowed to run for election—anywhere inside the U.S.

If this policy is good enough to brutalize rape and kill Americans at will, then it should be a “MUST” for every politician seeking to represent these same people?

Each community must form a citizen’s review board and hold public hearings to test the legitimacy of every candidate running for any major position in federal, state or city government nationwide. In America people were thought to be innocent until their guilt could be proven, in a court of law.

Every commercial will be reviewed for authenticity and facts, before it can be aired. Any false advertising by either the candidate or any supporting committee will be punished for the lies they routinely tell in every commercial. Since the American public owns the airwaves: Violations of the Loyalty Oath when committed in commercials should result in the end of the commercial license for the offending stations or publications.

The same goes for print journalism as well, in the public domain.

The courts no longer charge government officials with their crimes, when or if that ever happens, because crooked judges along with Attorney’s General conspire to throw out the cases before any charges can be heard. To stop this cold; everyone running for any major office must first PROVE that they are what they claim to be—and everyone already under suspicion must prove beyond doubt that they are innocent of the charges: And the false-flags of national-security will not be allowed to protect the offenders in any way.

These tests will consist of proving that the politicians or appointees have not violated the loyalty oath that each took to get the jobs they’ve held, as any official acting for the people against the overreaching US government or any foreign governmental command. This must all be done under oath, in public and the results of the investigation must be published in every paper of record in the nation.

Those failing to pass such a test should not only be disqualified, from the elections process, but they should go directly from taking the tests, strait to jail, to await public sentencing. The trials will take place within 30 days, to guarantee their rights to a speedy trial. Lawyers will not be needed as the government has disallowed lawyers or family visitors, for many of those they’ve chosen to incarcerate torture or murder around the world.

All the major crimes against humanity, genocide, mass murder, war crimes, will head the list but smaller crimes against the public will also qualify if the individual has violated the Loyalty Oath that they swore to, upon taking office in this country.

Let’s see how well the filthy cops the crooked judges and the mercenary thugs together with every politician that’s swimming in illegal profits and war crimes by the dozens, fare, when they have to PROVE that they’re not criminals!

In Europe people are demonstrating in the hundreds of thousands against their criminal governments. What’s wrong with America that we can’t seem to get enough people to even call it ‘a crowd’ while we are about to be shot down in the streets without charges ,just for daring to question any of the new Israeli laws that we must respond to?

Maybe this is no longer America? Maybe we’re just an Echo of something that we thought was real? Whatever we decide to do or not do: It looks like we shall all be bound by our individual decisions…


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