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Living In Infamy!

By Jim Kirwan

The Folly of the Fools

When the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor, killing roughly the same number of people that 911 murdered, Roosevelt said:

This is a day that will live in Infamy”

The Project for the American Century (PNAC) declared, before 911, that “What is needed is another Pearl Harbor!”

Today Obama made a speech, to NATO that will go down in history as “the Next Pearl Harbor” which PNAC needs

To clearly create WWIII.

We must continue to stand united against Russian aggression in Ukraine. Keep in mind that repeatedly president Putin has ignored the opportunity to resolve the crisis in Ukraine diplomatically.” Obama in Wales, addressing NATO.

The fact is that Russia has been the only major voice that has repeatedly called for diplomacy over the continuing war being waged against the people of Ukraine and Russia; by NATO and the West in Ukraine.

@12min into the video: “Today Russia announced a seven point plan which includes Militia’s to ‘Stop Military Offensives on both sides. (2) For the Ukrainian military to withdraw to areas where it is not able to shell civilians. (3) Full and objective International Ceasefire monitoring. (4) No use of combat aviation against civilians and villages. (5) For prisoner exchanges without pre-conditions. (6) For humanitarian corridors to be established so that refugees as well as humanitarian aid can find its way into the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk (7) Organize recovery and reconstruction of devastated areas and or direct access for repair crews who are putting together aid in this part of the country.”

Yesterday’s “ceasefire” was shattered overnight.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, the former “president” who failed in Ukraine”, has accused Russia of being a terrorist state and also put forward a proposal for a new “WALL” to be built along Ukraine’s border with Russia.

This Wall will be similar to the Communist Berlin Wall from the days of the USSR that died when that wall came down. The Prime Minister’s “wall” will most probably be more like the walls throughout Israel that have divided the Palestinians from their lands and their fields, which is something ‘else’ that Israel is still doing to divide and conquer what’s left of Palestine. Meanwhile the casualties of the dead and wounded in Ukraine have surpassed the numbers of Palestinians killed and wounded in the latest outrage by Israel against Gaza!

Reminiscent of things Past

We just passed the seventy-fifth anniversary of Hitler’s attack on Poland which was the false-flag beginning of WWII, in 1939. Now we have the entire contingent of “the West” in lockstep, demanding that the world accept their new ‘Pearl Harbor’ which is to happen thru Ukraine in order to use NATO to attack Russia: Everything about this continuing crime is one huge lie!

When “Memories” no longer include the “Regrets” the world has lived through—then we are doomed to repeat everything that nearly ended the world and brought us to this edge of global-oblivion.

This is what faces all of us now.

In Ukraine those speaking for continuing to shatter that place, continue to deny everything that happened from their illegal overthrow of their elected president and that nation which has brought the world to this impasse.

Just as the attack on Poland was done by the Nazi’s using Polish Prisoners dressed as Nazi’s to convince the world that the attack on Poland was “justified” ­ or the fact that Roosevelt used a false-flag to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941. This time the Neo-Nazi’s took over the protest in Maidan Square, in November 2013 and hijacked the Ukrainian public’s spontaneous anger with the politics that allowed Ukraine to be stolen from the people’s throughout Ukraine.

Ukraine’s fake government wants us to forget that the original overthrow of their elected government was driven by neo-Nazi’s.

They also do not want the world to remember what really happened in Georgia when Russians were killed by members of the American puppet regime in 2008: Russia sent in tanks and that peacefully ended that situation.

Russia’s military and financial power has surpassed the broken US-EU stranglehold on the planet—now the real terrorists of the West are terrified that the truth will finally come out.

Similarly, the West does not want anyone to remember how Clinton destroyed the power of American manufacturing and business and turned the US into a fourth-world ‘nation’ in just a very few years ­ using the “FREE-TRADE” pacts that destroyed the global balance in economics, trade and world domination, in order to deliver “Full Spectrum Dominance” over the entire planet!

Initially the FREE-TRADE laws ended in favor of an EU, without a military, which Zionists are now hell bent on totally decimating with the complicity of the UN and the illegally licensed forces of NATO - which is far beyond bankrupt already. Ironically the EU’s fake prosperity is what has led them into financial ruin at the hands of the IMF, the World Bank and others—so that now there are no longer any “states” left inside the EU—just slaves to global world disorder that’s on the way to global oblivion.

When NATO takes control then the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) will take effect which will transform the planet into private corporate states that will replace all the former independent states that EU, the UN, NATO and Israel have always sought to create—before the absolute chaos begins.

The icing on this rotten-cake will come when the borrowed money is spent to prop up the new “Permanent War Footing” that Rasmussen and Obama are demanding of the world today.

Beyond all this they do not want any of the recently independent nation-states that had been under the dictatorship of the USSR, to remember that Russia today could not be more different from the Stalin era, which NATO keeps pushing, as if the USSR was still alive and living in Moscow today.

Russia is moving ahead with new projects, the world’s longest new pipeline from China to the Western markets. Nor do they want anyone to contemplate what it means to have Russian gold, backing a new currency, or a new world bank, or any of the new associations that are springing up throughout Latin America and the Far East to counter the Western hammer-lock of the Rothschilds banks that have been illegal since their beginning days; which brought us everything since even before WWI.

What begins today is the continuum: This time NATO is attempting to hijack the entire EU, just as the Zionists hijacked the US. But this time the goal is to force a global war on Russia. The costs being discussed in Wales today, inside the Ring of Steel, refer to huge amounts of money ­ of which only 2% of the member-nations of NATO are willing to pay anything toward.

But the real crime being committed is the omission of all the facts that changed the world, since the Berlin Wall went down! Russia has become a totally reinvigorated nation that says what it means and means what it says. Russia today as the exact opposite of what the old USSR stood for. Yet NATO, Israel and the West continue to treat Russia-today, as if Stalin was still there and the gulags are still going full strength.

To just “leave-out” the massive changes in the politics of the world that led directly to the Cold War and then to abolish the safe-guards which the Cold War put in place to prevent nuclear attacks—by giving the West ‘the right’ to pre-emptively create a nuclear first strike capability, against the world, when there is no threat coming from Russia which is the current target of this new fake-war.

When fabrications can be used to force the planet to destroy itself: Then it’s time for people everywhere to demand an end to everything that NATO, Israel and the West stand for.

When the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, NATO no longer had any reason to exist: But that hasn’t stopped the megalomaniacal warhawks from reinventing the war-machines across the planet to keep those contracts coming, even if it means the total destruction of dozens of nations and the planet.

The world must come together to stop these fourth rate flunkies from dragging us all into another global war ­ anyone who cannot clearly see what’s coming might as well admit that they are already dead, because without our memories of past mistakes, there can never be a future for anyone who’s still here!

If we allow Obama to get away with committing this next


Then there is nothing left to fight for anywhere any longer!


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