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It’s The Little People!

By Jim Kirwan

The Citadel of Broken Dreams © kirwan 1973

In this case this depicts what the Lilliputians did to Gulliver

Who is face down beneath the empty castle.

In an interview with Mike Harris yesterday I had an ah-ha, after the fact. Mike asked me “what we could do to solve the current problem.”

The problem” is and always has been about what the public can do to free ourselves from this prison that we’re still living in today.

I opened my email and discovered the answer that was provided by a reader, who was responding to what can be done when we already know all the names, of all the creatures at the top, that have committed all the global and national crimes which we cannot seem to stop. That’s because we have overlooked “the little people” that have always made everything possible!

This isn’t just about the visible creatures on the top, sitting behind their desks, creating memo’s that will eventually be leaked ‘At the appropriate time’. No, this is about the actual humans that work throughout all the bureaucracies, the humans that live next door to all of us and go to work at these hypocritical positions. They are ones that can open flood gates and drain reservoirs, force farmers off their land, kill livestock with impunity in the deserts, create laboratories for Dr. Frankenstein; all so some other ‘fellow human’, all the while protected by the legal administration, can go to their cushy Wall Street offices and profit immensely, from the programmed, controlled, planned, complete decimation of the very essentials every living creature on this planet needs to survive.”

We have been hamstrung because of the multi-layered mercenary protections that prevent us from arresting the high-profile traitors everywhere—the names of them are now known worldwide.

But guess what? “The little people” are the ones that open the dykes, drain the reservoirs, man the roadblocks, dictate who can work and who will starve, they install the cameras, they monitor the “DATA” those who actually add the fluoride to the water and those who bury our complaints in the bureaucracy while skimming off the cream for themselves---they have no protection at all from us!

These are the traitors that we have failed to see.

The mechanics that keep the Chemtrail-fleets of aircraft flying, along with the radar operators that failed to tell the public what actually happened on 911 and everything else that’s still being done in every airborne nightmare that has been planned for us to suffer through. These are the creatures that we live among who must be made to pay for what they continue to do to all of us.

It’s happened before, in Vietnam, in particular. It’s what actually brought the Vietnam War to an untimely end. In Vietnam it was called

Fragging” and it meant that low ranking officers and high ranking non-coms ended up with bullets in the back of their heads. Once this practice became serious enough, the war ended. It was never mentioned publicly, but as soon as military discipline fell apart the Pentagon knew it was over.

What made that event so important was that in the case of the little-people then, the draftees that were in the trenches, finally rebelled against their commanders, after too many of the little-people were sent into certain death.

That must begin to happen everywhere now where there are US troops. Every military order given since 911 has been totally illegal. The US no longer has a Commander in Chief because that title can only apply to any war that has been declared by the US congress and that has not happened since WWII. Hence the existing military chain of command is a lie. That makes every order given a treachery and a lie as well. So when soldiers are ordered to massacre unarmed civilians—that’s a war-crime. Our “forces” have been committing thousands of these atrocities since 2001, yet no one has been held responsible—at any level.

In actuality the troops could turn their weapons on their own commanders instead of doing what there were illegally ordered to do.

But the best solution to all of this is to just bring all the troops home, where they are needed to defend those that they love, from the same government that has ordered millions upon millions of Americans to slaughter people who are just trying to defend their loved ones and their own countries from the outlaws that have invaded the countries that were theirs. The Outlaws here call them “Insurgents”.

The definition of that term means ‘someone who is defending their own country from foreign invaders” and that term is being applied to every man woman and child in this country today, who resists the traitors that are about to unleash Armageddon on America, just as soon as they think they can finally get away with that invasion.

Insurgents ‘R’ Us

The corollary for that lie has always been “Enemy Combatants” which is another term without a definition. That is used to lock people up under both the Patriot Act and the NDAA “until the war on terror is over”—which in reality is slated to never end”. We can stop this once Americans realize that everything that the fake-administration has been doing since 12-12-2000 has been a lie. That’s the lie that has contributed to the highest of treasons, across the board, but which now must be challenged by leaning on “the little people” that have always made every illegal act possible…


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