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Listen Up America

By Jim Kirwan


Will the Siege in Waco, Texas be Repeated in Oregon?

Or will Burns Oregon become

the Beginning of the End For America's Treason's?

Pete Santilli appeared on rense last night to update the public on conditions and events in Oregon, that have been going on

since January second. Here's last night's program,

Below is a partial transcription with some comments, that was interrupted

by the arrest in Oregon of six - two shot and one murdered,,,

Jeff Rense: 'The issue in Burns has not been covered by the media.'

Pete Santilli & Jeff: 'The Waco siege is (potentially) being repeated because we are repeating history once again. The FBI is doing the same thing to the people in Burns, not just inside the 'Refuge' and to the protesters. And what the FBI is doing to the local population is getting the public in Burns conditioned for what the government wants to do to both the occupiers and the people of Burns Oregon.'

They ultimately want to kill the people” just like they did in Waco when they cut off the media and dominated the scene...

Jeff: From the Feds on down, they've upset the locals. They keep their kids out of school and they actually move families out of their homes and commander their houses and put people who are on the government payroll in there ­ for their siege mentality the public is now seeing.

The locals up there are thoroughly alienated from this entire protest. They're upset and their lives are turned upside down. They're angry and they feds are able to turn the locals against the concepts being brought to Burns by the protesters...and this gives the outlaw government an immediate advantage.'

Pete: BTW the corruption here and at the county level; invokes 'the Judge' , I call him 'Nasty', his name is Judge Grasty. We've been investigating him for about a month now; the extend of the man's corruption at so many different levels ­ cronyism to the highest order. He now has a guy that he appointed as the local sheriff, the position is that of a constitutional sheriff, which is the highest local authority in any county.

He [the judge] has actually gotten this local sheriff to surrender all of his constitutional powers to the Frankenstinian's. I call them that because this Frankenstein [of illegal federal powers] which the states have created, should have been subservient to the people and the States.'

K ­ that's part of what the U.S. Constitution makes clear

Dave Ward surrendered those constitutional powers to the federal government, and his crime has to be paid for, because those powers belonged to the people of Oregon.

Pete: 'It's taken some time,, but the local community has turned on all of them ­ as they learned about the Constitution, their true powers and the tide has now turned to the point that the Judge will soon be forced to resign [rather than retire]. I'm hoping he will do that because the government [have been] psyoping the community to this point.

K -That's the first step. What comes next is that the judge and the Sheriff must be held to account, i.e. be arrested and charged for their crimes, their dereliction of their respective duties to the people of Oregon. 'Reporting their crimes is not enough. The people of Harney County need to be compensated for the wrongs that have been done to them by these two 'officials' as well as for the harm done to them by the Prosecutor and the judge in the Hammond case who illegally tried and convicted the Hammonds', and then revised their sentences, committing double-jeopardy in the process, after illegally fining them $400,000.00 in that illegal process. This act involved the District Attorney in that case as well as the Attorney General of Oregon, and indirectly the Governor of the State, who allowed all this to transpire in her state—in direct contradiction of all the laws of the state and the nation.

Pete: 'The media has been told and document and record this, but nothing is reaching the American public because if that were true the media would have to report on would be the these are human beings on the other side they're being patriotic, they're not your radical gun-toters by any means.

Jeff: They're family men for God sakes, a lot of them, and they're there because of an issue. I don't pretend to understand all the ins and outs of the constitutionality and the corruption of BLM. I've heard enough of it over the years to know that it is BAD and this particular issue pulls in, allegedly, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium, big money and more land theft.

Pete: That's absolutely correct and this in not only conspiracy I am in possession of documentation that has been provided to us by confidential sources. I literally have documents that will: “a” Completely exonerate the Hammonds; the Hammonds are important out here because their ranch sits on  some uranium stores,, very valuable mineral rights. The Refuge itself on its face is a sanctuary, for a bunch of birds, but on the back side documentation proves that there is high level corruption and favoritism toward the corporations that want the mineral rights ­ it goes all the way to the Clinton Foundation. I found out today that $130 million was tracked back to the Clinton Foundation and it dates all the way back to Bill Clinton's presidency ­ during the Aurora Project, I don't know if you're familiar with that?

K - Currently, there is an addendum to this about a deal that was supposedly recently brokered by the Clinton's, in today's world, to sell the Hammond Ranch to the Russian's for their Uranium One corporation.

Pete: This Aurora Project ­ what I'm trying to do is to date this all the way back to the Bill Clinton Presidency. Hillary Clinton herself as of 2012 when she was Secretary of State ­ she stuck her fingers into the pot, that's when the Hammonds were basically railroaded and they wanted the Hammonds

off of that land ­ they did everything possible to run the Hammond family off of that Hammond Ranch including declaring them to be “terrorists”. Hillary Clinton was directly responsible for doing that...

...the documentation that is in my possession right now shows that these investment companies have been working secretly behind the scenes with the BLM, with the Fish & Wildlife: I'll give you an example there's a guy named Chad Cargus who worked at the Refuge: His wife is the head of the BLM. The Judge, Judge-Grasty out here is also involved in this corruption and this is cronyism to the highest order - it's for the profit of these elite, behind the scenes and we nailed em Jeff. I'm telling you we have them 'hook, line and sinker' with so much documentation ­ it should have them all thrown in jail, including the U.S. Attorney, who: Right now we have evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, and we should be able to have him in cuffs ­ if somebody is willing to prosecute.

Jeff: Wow - I don't know where you'd take it but good luck on that. The issue of the protest and Waco is particularly alarming to me and to all of our listeners, all good Americans. That was an Execution...a genocide...a horror that this country will never live down. Just like the rape and destruction of Iraq, for example, but on a micro scale.

K - Now who called for the execution at Waco? A woman named Hillary Clinton. When Janet Reno caved in, Hillary said “Do it”, and they did it.

Pete: That's correct Hillary is the one that made the ultimate-call it is documented this is what we learned unfortunately, after the bodies were cleaned up after the investigation came about and after congressional testimony. What we learned about Waco through congressional testimony are all of the details as to how the FBI takes care of their adversaries.

WACO -A New Revelation

When you have a group of patriots at a refuge, that are sitting there right now we see the patterns that are being established with the psyop of the local population to get them conditioned for ultimately their murder ­ eventually. We see the propagandization, in their media campaign: We see the psyoping going on in the local community ­ it is almost and directly parallel in Waco except there's a difference today. Because we have the independent media now, who is, I'm telling you right now we are like a pit-bull on top of them. I actually held protests out in front of the FBI compound, and I told them “You harm one individual on the inside of that compound, these are good God fearing, God loving, patriotic Americans: If you harm one of them it;s “ON like you know what”... I think they're back on their heels right now. I don't think that they can get away with a Waco this time around: We're exposing them, they're concerned about it and the only thing they have is some sophisticated electronics to skew the minds of the local public.

Jeff: This is very interesting to hear. The idea that the American public has been deprived of its god given right to know what's going on out there really bothers all professionals and all Americans of good conscience. What do the protester's themselves feel? They have to know that this story has been quashed to a very large degree, so far even though we do have an independent media. But how do they feel about it?

Pete: Well they know with their campaign it's gonna take more time because the mainstream media puts out three minutes of nothing ­ at best...

K -This might, in part , be what's behind the recent attempt to pass Martial Law in the Senate: because if that is finally passed then things like this will have no trouble in taking everything they want, without objection...

All that stands between us and unconditional surrender to this criminal government are people like those standing behind the direct confrontations like the one going on in Burns Oregon …

There is more to this interview with Jeff and Pete, covering the additional 200 vehicles that have just arrived in Burns filled with government agents. I'll try to finish this forty-five minute interview ­ time permitting...



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