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Listen Up!

By Jim Kirwan


You’re Threatening the Wrong People

The thugs in uniform, in America, that think they’re on the ‘right side’ of this War on Terror have no idea of what the realities are. At the moment they’re riding high on the left-overs of the global war-machine. Heavy weapons, tanks, MRAPS, machine-guns, drones, hollow-point bullets by the billions and battle armor from head to toe: But they’ve been lied-to, in much the same way as have the people that they’re assaulting, torturing and slaughtering every day in America.

“Listen Up!” You are no different now than were the G.I.’s that were sent into battle over and over again, for the last 14 years, supposedly to defend this nation from a false-flag-terrorism that never actually existed.

You need to do your homework about what has happened to those who signed up and went abroad ‘to serve’ this country that has been lying to everyone who wears a U.S. Uniform, since even before 911.

Ask around, check it all out and you’ll find that the government has stripped those returning G.I.’s of any and all benefits, which they promised, in order to get them to enlist in the first place. They came back to no housing, no medical and no “benefits”, even when they’ve been badly damaged: Because now they are no longer of any use to the military or the fake nation which they went overseas to supposedly defend. Millions of Americans have been deserted by the government that promised to ‘take care of them’ both on and off the battlefields they were sent to die upon.

What will happen to you after you’ve supposedly done away with the demonstrations and the demonstrators?

Take a long look at yourselves and at your physical position in the grand scheme of things as things stand today. Of what use then will the three hundred plus pounds of beef be, to any of the ‘sponsoring-powers’, who’ve been paying for their existence: If the threat of societal shutdown should be diminished, if that should become much more of a reality than it is today?

Once we’re gone, you’ll all be next: Count on it!

How many of you actually realize just how dangerous it is to be ‘you’ today? You will be treated the same way as are those people that you’ve been assigned to arrest, torture and murder today.

You only exist today because your sponsors “need you now”. As soon as the hostile-public is no longer a threat, then you’ll become the next-threat that will have to be eliminated, totally. That’s what happened to ‘the Brown-Shirts’ under Hitler. He created that organization, called the SA, to do to the public of Germany exactly what you’re doing to the American public today. Like you the SA operated under the color of false authority while they served their dictator. Once they accomplished their “mission” he brought them all together ‘supposedly to honor them’ but instead he had them machine gunned to death. The Brown Shirts in Hitler’s Day had been pointing their weapons at the wrong people too and they paid for that mistake with their lives: Exactly as you will, unless you realize that you are just another version of those you were hired and trained to eliminate. None of you who today are threatening millions of Americans in every city in the USA, have a future, because as soon as you’re no longer needed you’ll be dead!

The same thing is being used inside Ukraine today

There’s a contemporary film available that spells out some of this, which you ought to watch. It’s called ‘The Battle of Seattle” which is a recreation of actual events, that shows many more sides of what took place, in 1999, than most people are aware of, even today.

The Battle in Seattle 2 minutes plus Trailer

Many have become frustrated with what appears to be the lack of any possible solutions for what America is having to stare directly into today. But what has not been carefully considered are the ‘actual conditions’ that the people of this nation are facing now: What these conditions have so far ignored is that too many have accepted the government’s description about who the real enemies of this nation actually are and always have been for at least the last one hundred and one years.

So take a page from contemporary history and start thinking about pointing your weapons at those creatures that have caused all this hate and murder that’s sweeping across this nation and the world today!


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