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Life In 2017

By Jim Kiran


In ancient times the world was able to navigate over the oceans and through the deserts because of something the size of a pocket-watch.

It used star-maps and it was called an Astrolabe.

In those ancient times the four elements, Fire, Earth, Water and Air were clearly understood as the basic components in the life of those times.

I spent over thirty years trying to outline this.

Go to the link. Scroll down to The MINOR ARCANA and note the definitions at the top of each of the four categories that deal with the four elements

both past and present.

The relevance of these four parts, as they were applied throughout daily life in the old world, is clearly absent in the world of 2017—because too many people still have no awareness of the importance of Fire, Water, Earth & Air, of today.

This flaw is basic to virtually everything in the headlines of October 2017, wherein we find massive attacks upon the public that have just intensified this war by the introduction of Directed Energy Weapons that could easily prove to be far more dangerous than the 'weapons' which the public has been used to.

January 11, 2006

E-Weapons: Directed Energy Warfare In The 21st Century

July 06, 2010

Lightsaber Laser Can Blind People, Cause Fires

These are some of the weapons that were used in the massive California Fires that Google has discontinued coverage for, even though these six fires still cover over a hundred miles in width and are still burning. And the number of people that were obviously vaporized in those fires is still not mentioned.

The two systems mentioned above denote their beginnings, from 2006 but with the additional funds they have obviously obtained by 2017 ­ anyone can easily imagine what they can do to us now—without our knowledge or any public awareness of the current WAR upon the people of the earth.

But what is so deadly to life in 2017 is the number of people that obviously have no knowledge of the importance of the elements “Fire, Earth, Water and Air” as to their role in our lives which cannot be replaced.

Another aspect of this crime against nature, that's kept in place by the ignorance of the global-population—without this required knowledge the world of 'now' is very quickly committing global suicide.

Another stark example that has also forced its way into what used to be our world, is this obscenity.

AlphaGo Zero: Discovering new knowledge

2min 40 sec VIDEO

And This Additional Video

Google's artificial intelligence computer

'no longer constrained by limits of human knowledge'

I replied:

A.I. is not "human". The real world is far more complex than any of the "GAMES" we have used to entertain ourselves for centuries. A.I. has been proven to be free of anything like human considerations, or the necessary human requirements for living in this or any other world - However WITHOUT the current protections of the once-human world, this artificial parasite cannot exist - something which the mindless so-called scientists have chosen to ignore...

The disconnect between A.I. in the laboratory or on 21st century battlefields could not be more clear, if these fake-people (who call themselves scientists) can ever begin to understand the real complexities that have created and supported mankind and our progress down through all the ages- something which no machine, especially not-A. I. can ever replicate - especially "not on its own accord: Then and only then will it be possible to engage ourselves in the natural and integrated interactions that are called "LIFE".

These FEAR-DRIVEN INTRODUCTIONS, of these children that dream of an entirely new and artificial world of conquest-driven machines, totally free of the real people that made this endeavor possible - is about to be CHALLENGED and defeated, for the lack of viability in the world of men & women, once we take back our world from the real HORROR of the artificially-protected planet of the "POLITICALLY-CORRECT" ROBOTS THAT ARE KILLING HUMANITY WORLDWIDE...


Upon further reflection I remembered that Leonardo DaVinci single-handedly CREATED 17 distinctly different fields of endeavor (without A.I.). And there have been many other serious inventions, that all added to the human condition that did not come from anything like A.I. What the Renaissance added was made possible once the Arts and Science began to work together to improve life, dignity and humanity.

A few months back A.I. announced that people are no longer needed and that A.I. was about to alter the Human Genome “to fix” what the scientists' are convinced ­ should become part of the human genome, in order to add computers into the brains and the DNA of all people “to improve on what nature has provided.

We have to destroy these labs, fire and then imprison the creatures that want to redesign the entire human-race, to make us all more receptive to computers while we become totally compliant to their computers and to A.I.

The coming wars have already added Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and total Annihilation through global war, to the list of “must have's” to accompany Fire, Earth, Water and Air ­ and if we cannot stop them now - then we shall deserve everything that's coming in the very near future...