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Liberia Shuts Red Cross Amid Ebola Funds Theft


By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - Here we go, now a local Liberian Red Cross is shuttered as an investigation into misuse of funds, $1.8 MILLION  in question.

No wonder hospitals cannot afford to put $3.98 of screening on broken windows
Too much graft and corruption.

The Europeans and America gave billions for this last Ebola outbreak in 2014.  What did the North Americans and Europeans get in return from the Africans and the Muslims?  All we get is wishes for our genocide.

Maybe it is time for President Trump.  He is interested in making the US profitable again and returning jobs to America. Frankly, I do not care if he has a foreign policy. All that happens when these tin horn dictators come to the White House or our President goes to their seat of power, is we give more money.  It is also time to stop all foreign aid especially to Egypt and Israel.

I do know that the only foreign leader Trump mentioned working with is President Putin.


Liberia Closes Local Red Cross Amid Graft Investigation Into Ebola Funds

By Kayla Ruble
March 12, 2016

Billions of dollars in aid were donated to West Africa over the last two years as the world's deadliest Ebola outbreak gripped Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, killing more than 11,000 people. In the epidemic's aftermath, authorities have begun to scrutinize how that money has been spent and allocated.

Concerns over potentially misappropriated funds boiled over in Liberia this week when the government shut down the local chapter of the Red Cross on Thursday. The humanitarian organization played a critical role in the fight against Ebola, and was directly involved in the effort of managing extremely contagious corpses and burial needs. But it was also engulfed by scandal, as its general secretary and head of programs were accused misusing some $1.8 million in funds meant for the Ebola response. Both were suspended in November.

Though an investigation into graft allegations is still underway, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dissolved the chapter's national board on Tuesday. The board argued that Sirleaf had overstepped her authority. When senior managers convened for a meeting on Thursday, police soon arrived to close the offices.


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