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Liberals Don't Even Know About Their Infection

By Ted Twietmeyer

Liberals were at one time a good thing; an alternative to the two parties. That was LONG ago before globalist, idealistic idiots infected the liberals. Like a vicious fungus, globalist roots quickly grew deep into the liberal agenda. (Is liberal another word for doormat?) Liberals were perfect food to feed/promote the globalist control agenda, which spread like a flesh-eating disease so fast into today's liberals they don't even realize what hit them. Only uninformed liberals of the world still think they can solve society/political problems. THIS is what is quietly promoted in the media and in public schools.

Europeans - the root origin of most Americans - have let themselves be walked on by the globalists since 1993. 5 13 million people of the EU ALLOWED this dictatorship to prevent any vote to determine will is the EU president. Instead, the EU leaders decide that among themselves.

Under today's liberal, global-minded EU dictatorship no one dares to mention Hitler. Especially in Germany - one of the EU countries. It is a crime in Germany to discuss or write about Nazism. No wonder - doing so might get people thinking how their current EU dictatorship is like what happened to Europe 70 years ago at the hands of a house painter. EU came into force on 1 November 1993, EU currency came into effect January 1999.

It is sickening to see what a dismal failure the EU is for its 513 million people. At least the Brits have enough good sense to get out of it. Question is WHEN will the UK get out. The EU exit date keeps getting pushed out further and further while UK and EU leaders bicker on and on a "Brexit agreement."

Being of German decent, I'm thoroughly ashamed that Germany has allowed itself to be ruled and taxed under yet another dictatorship - all over again. Any country that joins the EU is a country run by idiots and/or a country thinking they will get free money from the EU.

Philosopher George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Patrick Henry was completely correct.