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Memorial Day…Lest We Forget

By Charlotte Iserbyt

Lest we forget...

My father-in law,  Gerard Iserbyt, a Belgian doctor, was in World War I, Flanders, and also lived under the German occupation of Belgium during World War II.

A wonderful man, who evidently saw unbelievable misery/tragedy during the slaughter in Flanders, and during World War II,  carried with him in his wallet until he died in 1971, a clipping from the local Flemish paper which gave slightly skewed statistics  for military deaths during World War I (1914-1918), when compared against  more recent (updated) statistics (below).

I keep his picture and that faded newspaper clipping  in order that  my family will never forget to pray for those young men who sacrificed their lives in response to the call of their respective nations.  

Casualties And WW1 Facts

Here are statistics for U.S. involvement in more recent wars.

America's Wars - US Casualties And Veterans


From Harry Cooper
President - Sharkhunters

We do not wish anyone a "Happy Memorial Day" because this special day was not meant to be a vacation with a long week-end at the beach, picnics and barbecue or fun at the ball park.
This day is to remember all who served and with special memories to those wounded in battle and the most holy memories of those who fell in battle.  God bless them all...
The World's ONLY International Source of U-Boat History


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