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Law & Order Is Extinct

Jim Kirwan


Ashcroft began this assault upon “Justice” in the United States, and since this 'obscene beginning' everything about “LAW & ORDER” has gone straight to hell.

Before this time we still had requirements and procedures to control the Police State ­ but after 911 the rights of the all Americans began to rapidly fall apart. Among other things we lost the right to hear our Miranda Rights, upon arrest - because that made illegal arrests harder to perform. Meanwhile things have proceeded now to the point that ordinary people can simply just be “held' ­ without charges or arrest indefinitely (forever if need be), so that people can easily just disappear into the system without a trace. Even the court system itself has become just a show-trial in the tradition of the USSR courts that sentenced over 30 million people to the Gulags during and after WWII.

If you think that's just too far out-there to be believed ­ just follow this story and watch the Video inside this article.

From the homeless man.

What have they Done to Ryan Bundy?


followed by:

Breaking: Fiore Reveals Bombshell in Bundy Case (Video)

In this case, which is going to trial in early September, all levels of the U.S. government, state and local government, the city, state & federal courts and law-enforcement, at all levels, are in play against innocent American citizens that did nothing wrong ­ period. The government began this by seeking to charge over 24 people with some kind of crime ­ this by itself would seem to be clearly unprecedented: Yet this story has not been reported either locally or nationally with any real attempt to clarify anything about what's going on in either Oregon or Nevada.

Five Pre-Trial Deaths & One Bullet

This criminally-twisted series of crimes is actually far larger than it might be seen to be: Once everyone begins to realize how many Americans have been tasered, tortured, raped and murdered by the so-called 'police' in the United States since the New Millennium began.

Trump says that we must restore “law & order”, and of course he's right: but he and I have totally different views as to who and what “law-enforcement” is and does today.

Since the 1968 “Police have never treated the upper-class or the politicians in the same way they always wade into the common public ­ which is what they tried to do in Bunkerville, Nevada and in Harney County Oregon. Because of the facts in this and thousands of other cases, the entire structure of the Israeli-trained Police-State officers here, must be totally restructured according to the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES inherent, in the Constitution and the rule of law.

This is not about race, religion, or gender ­ this is about the right to life over death, for every American citizen: Because there is no statute of limitation for murder and all Americans must be judged by the same rules.

All of this is directly related to the Muslim-insanity that is sweeping over the EU & will eventually take over the world if it is not stopped.

To this end I found a sympathetic viewpoint in the words of a man from Corsica yesterday, that resonates with my own thoughts & words

from my youth in Oklahoma City,

Arnaud Seassari speaks the Corsican mind on Islamic aggression

As Americans we must have justice for the tens of thousands of us that have already been damaged, falsely arrested, tortured, beaten, tasered, raped or murdered by uniformed or plain-clothes cops - acting under the false-guise of a terrorism that was government manufactured, from the beginning in order to eliminate whatever is left of the United States Constitution...

So how will Trump address this massive corruption among the thousands in the police forces today that have become militarized beyond belief?

Cops have to be taught that American citizens are not targets to be terrorized, beaten or murdered at will ­ We are the people they are supposedly paid to protect: And when cops violate our rights they must be fired and charged with their crimes, to the fullest extent of the law. Anything less amounts to nothing more than an open and Lawless-Police-State!


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