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Lawlessness Incarnate



By Jim Kirwan


The vehicle of choice in Burns Oregon, once they're painted black.

Oregon is now a lawless state governed by Outcasts & Outlaws

The current situation has gone from bad to worse because we have allowed the 'paper-plastic world' to trump the real world to the point that we have surrendered to millions of pages of gibberish designed to murder us where we stand. As this global-nightmare deepens we are about to learn that bullets and pitchforks will always take down the pastie-faced zombies that are still clinging to their paper world as if it 'matters'.

So when that cop or that banker or that political thug begins to read people the riot act, as they reach for a weapon, a phone or that buzzer that calls 'security' ­ the look upon their faces will instantly switch from supreme insolence to pure terror for the moment they'll have - before the raw power of the physical world comes crashing down on them.

That's just part of the payback that the recently declared lawlessness of our supposed 'officers' ­ who have decided to release hell, upon the reticent people of the USA.

With the 'semi-secret' no-fly zone in place, and the illegal arrest of Cliven Bundy, the mercenaries seem to believe they are in total control: As in, they can arrest anyone at will because no laws matter, but there is a proviso that is as old as time itself.

When primitive outlaws abandon all the laws of humanity the backlash is made manifest. When the thugs begin to get their faces filled with lead and their bodies torn apart - suddenly"everything is not so clearly positive” for those that paid for their services. Mercenaries or not, experienced at war or not - when human bodies are mercilessly shattered and their screams go unanswered - everything will begin to change: That is not just wishful thinking that is FACT.

It's also why that no-fly-zone is so large because they will use this to hunt for those that might be coming for them, before they reach their targets: so it's clear that these cowards in their MRAPS, are afraid that their efforts to prevent any real 'help' may prove to have holes in their coverage.

And there's one other angle of possibility. Since it's clear that there is absolutely "no law" in the failed State of Oregon that's being run by a traitor to the United States, supported by her own criminal AG and the Tarnished House itself; not to mention the communist AG of the U.S. Loretta Lynch - which simply makes clear to the other 49 states that "Oregon is Gone". This is what they've been having wet dreams about for decades - but there is a downside which these savages are choosing "NOT TO ACCEPT".

Once it finally dawns on enough people that their own city or state could be next; the inclination to pick up whatever weapons they can, and use them viciously, will finally make its appearance. When that happens and it will: There will be absolutely nowhere that these assassins will be able to hide: Of course the nation will quickly have to face the flames, but that will be the one thing that these troglodytes have always feared the most--that's why they pre-purchased all those tens of billions upon billions of hollow-point bullets: but that won't help them. once the action starts, because those bullets and the weapons they were made for will end up in the hands of the justifiably furious - but by that time their entire "global-cause" will have been ripped to shreds.

The real problem with America now is that we have allowed the weak to overbalance our minds: The only thing these cretins fear is force and death - nothing else will stop them. The "prayerful" have forgotten that God helps those that help themselves and then, only after all other efforts have been exhausted. No one can reason with liars or appeal to the humanity of primitive-savages that refuse to abide by any boundaries whatsoever. I know that because I've been fighting against their predecessors for decades and while it's true that they don't take prisoners, it is also true that they too will soon run for their lives, once the fears they came to preach to all of us are shoved back down their gluttonous throats...

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting



"THEY" have put their faith in weapons and total corruption: We must put our faith in experience, intelligence creativity and determination. They can and will be beaten back and utterly destroyed in the end: It's our job to make sure that this happens sooner rather than later ~

'Some think that Cliven Bundy knew that there was a federal warrant waiting for him' in Portland'

But I don't think so because if there had been a federal warrant he would have behaved differently. Summation: They made it all up, just like they've doing all along . There is NO LAW anymore in Oregon or in most of the USA - Everything is now illegal, and NO ONE "in power" IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING!

To my twisted way of thinking this amounts to what they see as the Perfect Storm - a pacified public being ruled over by maniacal Satanists that are reveling in Surpassing the Inquisition and what they envision as an opportunity to surpass the Russian Gulags, in record time, with far more death and dishonor intermixed with torture, rape and global plunder.

What the world is about to witness is the Birth of RAGE that will very soon be compounded by global-OUTRAGE. Welcome to the world that has survived every would-be dictator that has always overstepped their natural boundaries ­ only to go down in flames along with all their predecessors...




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