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The Lawless Nation Re-emerges

By Jim Kirwan


In the 1870's William Randolph Hearst began to follow the gold in and around what was then the lawless town of Deadwood, which became the starting point for the sell-out of America that began in the 1770's.

The Real Deadwood

45min 56sec VIDEO


By the time we got to Harry S. Truman, before the end of WWII; an entirely new set of 'laws' took over just like the lawlessness in Deadwood, but on an international scale. Truman used the same voter-fraud, the buying & selling of votes, to lie about who was really “in-charge” of the United States, as we began the final push, that brought us all to the selection of 2016.

Everyone can now see that with just over half of the 27% of registered voters, only 14% actually voted Trump into office in 2016. This fact produced the lawless-farce of this two-headed-government that's driving this nation toward total collapse.

Each day now brings us closer to both the War on White people and the War on the barbaric rapists and murderers that have been imported by the White House; under every president since Ronald Reagan in the 1980's.

1400 shocking years of Islam in 5 minutes - Muslims are scared of this!!!

18min 23sec

At the end of WWII, Truman brought us the CIA, Israel, and the god-damned UN, which had been a clandestine fact since it's inception. In News footage about the War in the forties, our forces were called “United Nations Forces”, even though that designation had not yet been officially created, in San Francisco in 1945. Everything since the signing of the UN Charter has been criminal—which has led the world down this lawless path that we must now stop dead in its tracks, if the planet is to have a future.

There are laws on the books now that Trump could simply enforce; that would put everyone working in the Black House, just two miles from the White House in Federal prison: There are also laws on the books that would end this unconstitutional invasion, instantly - Yet Trump refuses to act!

But given that Trump is a wholly owned token puppet of Israel, he has chosen not to act like a US president. Instead he has chosen to do everything possible to trigger potential wars with Russia & Iran, Ukraine, North Korea, Turkey and possibly China: While he continues to import illegals, that undermine the viability of all Americans that have lived and worked here for generations.

Under Obama & Trump the obscene growth of Mosques is out of control, just as the invasion of these followers of Sharia Law, are set to dominate over all Americans. Both “presidents” remain silent about the outcome of their joint policy to import these savages by the hundreds of thousands, that are being added to the millions that are already here.

If the public had known that U.S. policy is being dictated now by just 14% of the voters in this place, then what we are suffering with today and tomorrow would not be happening.

The problem is that this blatant lie about voting has been 'in place' since Truman, when the congress began to vote themselves money; as they opened the door to Dual-Israeli citizens that have taken over this government from the ground up ­ with a lot of help from illegal Jewish organizations. Under Trump, Israel has now taken over the entire government of the USA, which includes Trumps' family as well.

Trump is the Swamp

The hideous truth behind everything that's happened has opened American-doors to Sharia Law and the wholesale slaughter of Americans, women in particular, who will be subjected to Female Genital Mutilation, routine rape and torture, along with being categorized as permanently less than human: Not to mention that White people everywhere are being targeted for total elimination. The coming Apartheid is spreading across the world ­ with Israel's help. to insure its' success

What will become of Americans if laws are changed to eliminate white males and white females? 75% of the invaders are being brought here to do just that.

Moreover how many have even thought about how our lives will be permanently changed, because we just let 14% of registered voters determine the future for not just this nation but for the entire world!

This made a total farce of any 'democracy' because the RESULT was too low to qualify as a legitimate election to anything ­ even congress needs to meet certain qualifications for any legislation to become law ­ and important laws need a two thirds majority to pass ­ so how is it that the election for president can be acceptable with less than even a quarter of the registered voter participation?

That election should have been ruled a failure,

which would have necessitated a new vote, that included a clear majority of registered voters ­ at least 51% of registered voters should have voted!