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Lawless Coalitions


By Jim Kirwan


This is part of what is awaiting a global solution

for the world, as this is about to totally change the nations of the world.

The planet before Israel had international laws, on which the world was supposedly modeled. The United States Incorporated created the international order, after WWII, in order to allow the world to be governed by sanity and a global-order based on International law: The problem came with the fact that both the U. S. and Israel refused to be bound by the international courts or international law which is what has given us the massive and global confusion that has been loosed upon the entire planet now.

This piece of “global-exceptionalism” is what has driven the global-situation throughout the EU and elsewhere: Wherever international laws are being flaunted to gain monetary control over physical and human resources from the captive peoples of the invaded nations, anywhere in the world—by ignoring all international law and the borders of any sovereign state which might interfere with the globalist-designs of those outlaw-states that are using these methods.

Just today Cameron is taking Britain's handful of fighter-jets into Syria, without an invitation from Syria, and the same is true of France. By the time these token-contributions finish littering the battlefields in Syria, with their purely political tokenism, the problems in Syria will obviously have become even more confusing...

Iraq has not requested that any country send ground troops into its territory and will regard any such move as a “hostile act,” the country’s prime minister, Haider Al-Abadi, said in view of a US decision to deploy special forces in the country.

Iraq “will consider any country sending ground combat forces a hostile act and will deal with it on this basis,” Al-Abadi said in a statement published by the prime minister’s office on Thursday, adding that “the Iraqi government is committed to not allowing the presence of any ground force on the land of Iraq.”

The Iraqi government confirms its firm and categorical rejection of any action of this kind issued by any country [that] violates our [Iraq’s] national sovereignty,”Al-Abadi also said in the statement.

Baghdad “did not request any side... to send ground forces to Iraq,” he added, thus refuting reports that the Iraqi government had called for deployment of foreign troops to help Iraqi forces fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS?ISIL).

Iraq does not need any foreign forces from any state or international coalition, it only needs weapons, ammunition and training from its partners and allies in the fight against IS, the prime minister’s statement says...”

Hostile act:’ Iraqi PM denounces US ground forces deployment on Iraq’s territory

None of the nations that we have destabilized have ever attacked the USA.

However we've overthrown Iran twice and attacked them 3 times,

Even in the rubble of Iraq we've continued to bomb that nation.

Continuously since 1991.

Yet neither Syria nor Libya has attacked us even once

In none of these cases have any of the so-called

International bodies designed to protect the world from illegal wars”

ever intervened,

To protect the people of those nations against illegal-invasions

or against either USI or Israel not even once.

When NATO or the UN is called in, they've always supported Outlaws.

Here's great explanation of the current situation

US illegal ops in Syria can lead to confrontation with Russia: Analyst

Aside from the fact that all of this global-grandstanding surrounding the fake international coalition will not lead to anything meaningful, because these token coalitions are not about solutions, they're only interested in order to get their share of the illegal-spoils, and a piece of the spotlight to show how tough they can be when it comes to standing up to Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Meanwhile they are collectively ignoring the hordes of illegal bodies that are overrunning Europe like a gargantuan tsunami that's literally screaming-out to be stopped—something which these same pretend-coalitions still haven't anything of substance to contribute toward solving.

All of this is directly linked to the currently designed “lawless world” and the spoils of illegal wars unending. So far only the nation state of Syria and Russia and now IRAQ, have chosen to publicly stand up for the legality of defending Syria, thus far: But that could change just as soon as the world finally figures out that this criminal war against Syria, is not what USI-Israel has always claimed it is.

Israel is the global-cancer that designed all of this, using USI as their attack-dog. Daesh and all its relative-groups were spawned from the USI's senseless War on Iraq in 2003, that never had anything to do with WMD's and yet even after proving that fact—the world continued to tolerate Amerika's continuance of that totally illegal war that's still not over, The same could be said of Afghanistan as well.

Incidentally, the by-product of our failures to contain Daesh and their blood-thirsty monsters can be seen in what has happened to the victims of those that have tried to totally restructure life under ISIS where all resistance is met with either convergence to Islam or death: And where women are either converts, sex-slaves or dead in every place that Islamic State has arrived.

All that bloodshed, all those trillions of dollars spent for nothing at all: Because all that's changed, is that the world has allowed the Outlaws to totally decimate the Middle-East. Now these same outlaws want to do this in and around Ukraine ­ just as they are planning to this to all of Europe and beyond: Even babies are not spared!

Children born to ISIL sex slaves are taken to be trained into murderers ­ Yazidi aid worker

The world cannot go back to the exact same 'nothingness' of wholesale global invasions, mass murder and absolute chaos that we've been living in since Israel decided that Palestine never existed in the first place.

Either the world comes together to prosecute and eliminate the massive

movements of terrorists and extremists of all stripes, or we can all get used to the idea of returning to the time before civilization began.

Ask yourself this question:

Who the hell appointed us to dictate to the entire world?

How is it that we have decided to act

As Judge, Jury and Executioner for the entire planet?

The world needs to begin to lynch these Outlaws now.


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