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'Law' No Longer Exists

 By Jim Kirwan

The Injustice System ­ FACEBOOK

The origin of this unreality comes directly from the one law that was thought to be absolute and enduring. That ‘LAW’ is the loyalty-oath that every member of government and the military swore an oath to, upon entering “the system”.

To preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic”

This sworn oath is taken by all members of the administration, the congress and the US Supreme Court, as well as to all members of the U.S. Military: The oath has been savagely broken and abused since the day this nation began the entirely illegal government of George W. Bush on 12-12-2000 with the intervention by the “supreme-court” ruling, that appointed Bush Jr. to the White House, which bound all Americans to an illegal contract which has continued to this moment.

Every person in the U.S. military has always and only had one “duty” and that duty is and was to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America ­ and by extension to protect the rights of every American, from any actions, by this illegal-government!

In addition to having lost every “war” that ‘the failed-military’ has been involved in since Bush stole the office—our Israeli-directed-military has remained complicit in the now violent overthrow of the constitutional-republic of the United States in the military and at home. This was done by blatantly-failing to protect our laws, our national-honor, or the real security of this nation which has always been with the viability of our people, and the universal-organic-laws wherever they still exist! These are the laws that were meant to help free-people to stay free ~

Especially in times of war”!

The subject of this article is about the unimaginable growth of the Fascist Police-State that is attempting to take over the rotting-corpse of this nation. This is about what these-traitors have planned to finish doing to us all in 2014.

[This] would require an encyclopedia to cover all of the injustices, scandals, and brutality that took place in 2013. This list is designed to illustrate certain trends and significant stories from the past year. If Americans don’t fix their apathy and disengagement toward causes that matter, we can expect these trends to continue toward their logical conclusions: an increasingly repressive police state dominating the lives people inside these borders and beyond.”

The article is huge and comprehensive, far too vast to even begin to quote from here. Take a look at it “TODAY” for yourself. (1)

In 2005, Eight Years ago, there was a substantive-preview of some of what was to come. That too was ignored and the result is contained in first link. (2)

What’s going on now, very publicly, according to the view of those reporting in The Police State in Review is childishly meant to intimidate 90 million armed Americans. Real Americans are the targeted audience for the mockingly-idiotic-drills such as the video of what was “held” in downtown L.A. That’s in the 7min 59sec VIDEO within the article: “The Los Angeles California Urban-Warfare /Terror-Drill, June 6, 2013.”

Couple this criminal-act of attempting to portray America’s vulnerability to “ghost-terrorists” that simply do NOT exist ­ which is compounded by the massive give-away of trillions in military equipment to city, state and private security forces, to “PROTECT” the public from the only real threat that all Americans directly-face which consists of every official and uniformed thug currently in black from head to toe with ski-masks to hide any personal identity as they continue the invasion of the country under various forms of the false-flag tyrannies required by the total absence of actual and enforceable real laws!

Iraq is about the size of California. Iran is about the size of Texas. We could not win in Iraq after twenty years of belligerent and overwhelmingly one-sided military domination. We will not win against Iran which is armed to the teeth and will defend herself together with allies that Iraq did not have.

There is simply no-way that this bunch of psychopaths and thugs can win here, regardless of the armaments, most of which they’ll lose from almost day-one. The reason is simple. In every other war we fought in ‘enclosed-spaces’. An internal war in the USA would make any attack obscenely dangerous for the traitors; because they’ll be surrounded, regardless of wherever they chose to try to attack us!

Many are terming this the beginning of a civil-war, but that’s just not true either. This is a public-resistance to this government’s rebellion against the public that this government was supposed “to both protect & serve.”

Many tend to worry about the implementation of “Martial Law”.

Here’s a news-flash for you: The United States has been in a state of Federal-Martial-Law since the Civil War, and formerly so since 1933 when it was clearly implemented, but that ‘condition’ was never revoked. (3)

The confusing-consequence of this has allowed the traitors and government to pretend they “need” reasons to begin their physical take-down of this rebellious-nation.

But they have all the Martial-Law and all the Draconian Fascist-regulations needed now, to do whatever they ever wanted to do today: Nothing further is required. They are Outlaws, Rogue elements of an illegal-state and the only thing preventing them from ACTING to physically create their form of “Martial-Law” is their own lack of testosterone to formally begin such a failed-enterprise ­ for real!

Basically: ‘They Haven’t Got the Balls to do Anything!’

Yet they keep threatening every man woman and child in America, with total annihilation or abject slavery. If they try to do this, they will very quickly discover that America is not Afghanistan nor is it Iraq we are a huge landmass and we’re armed to the teeth.

So while the cowards in this treason continue to “wait”, sincerely hoping that we will lose-control of ourselves and attack them directly: The general-public has begun to see the truth that’s at long last getting up off its knees. If this latest revelation is acted on by loyal forces inside this country, then the nightmare could be killed without starting WWIII, to rid the world of about 5,000 traitors that are desperately in need of public-executions! (4)

Think about it. Would you ACT, as one people, against five or six thousand publicly declared traitors, to save 315 million people and the sanity of the world in the bargain—because that is what is actually on-the-line today!

We failed to ACT eight years ago in 2005. Now everything is hundreds of thousands of times worse. We’re completely broke and this nation is in ruins—can we afford to refuse to act again, now that everything that anyone might ever care about is clearly in the crosshairs of the enemies of this place?

They’ve been planning this attack on the 99% for centuries—it’s way past time that we define the shape of “NO” and spell it out, so that it can never be misunderstood again!

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